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Chapter 170 - Set (4)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 170: Set (4)

    “Yes, sir. I saw you were 2nd.”

    Yeon-woo thought of the hall of fame he had seen on the 21st floor. The name that was second, Nayu, was the Martial King’s actual name.

    Right now, he was focusing on his brother, who was 4th place, but if he went higher than that, he would meet ‘monster.’

    And of course, he wasn’t planning on losing.

    He couldn’t imagine a younger version of the Martial King climbing the 21st floor.

    “Are you confident?”

    “Do I have to be confident?”

    “What? You scaredy…..”

    “Of course I’ll win.”

    “Huh? Look at you.”

    One of his eyebrows twitched at the confident answer to his joking question.

    “Don’t you know that you’ll disappear just like that being arrogant?”

    “I’m sure you know. I’m not good at jokes. I was speaking from a strategic point after examining all my skills.”

    “You’ll only wake up when you get beat up by my shadow, huh?”

    “Speaking of, I was planning on asking. I’m planning on beating up your shadow, is that alright? Even though it’s a trial, it’s still an alter ego of my teacher, so it feels disrespectful.”


    “Or should I just attack one sidedly? I think it’s possible.”

    The Martial King and Yeon-woo momentarily had a tense battle of wits.

    Phante clenched his fists after learning that there was a legal way to beat his father up, and Edora rubbed her temples like the whole situation was ridiculous.

    “Neither of you are children, so please stop. And father, didn’t you say there was something you have to do?”

    “I can do that la…..”

    “The Head Elder was looking for you earlier, what should I do?”

    “Alright, alright. I’ll go. Do you know how bad his nagging is these days? Don’t you go nagging either.”

    The Martial King sighed at the thought of the angry Head Elder chasing after him, and turned his body back towards the village.

    Before he left, he didn’t forget about saying a word to Yeon-woo.

    “Win, while you’re at it. Even the 1st place.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Good. You should be this confident if you’re gonna be my disciple. Hehehe! But daughter, where did I say I was going earlier?”

    The Martial King winked at Yeon-woo and continued bothering his daughter while he left.

    Watching him leave, Yeon-woo repeated the Martial King’s words to himself inside his head.

    To win even the 1st place while he was at it. That meant that the Martial King from back then hadn’t been able to defeat the 1st place either.

    Bivasbat. He was more well-known by another name.


    The wall of the 77th floor.

    Since it was a shadow that he had left there, Yeon-woo really wanted to battle him. Even if he lost, he would know how much father he had to go.

    Yeon-woo clenched his fist subconsciously.

    Meanwhile, Edora returned with a big sigh. She was pressing her temples at the immaturity of the Martial King again. She glared at Phante, who seemed to be excited at the thought of the 21st floor, and turned to look at Yeon-woo, sighing again.

    “I hope you don’t come to resemble the two, Oraboni. It seems like you’re becoming similar to them these days…..”

    She spoke like she was sick of it.

    But Yeon-woo lightly laughed in response. You couldn’t see it because his eyes were covered by the mask, but his eyes were smiling as well.

    Edora sighed again. She felt like she was getting older by the day.

    “Anyway, I heard that you’re gonna climb the Tower again tonight.”

    Yeon-woo sneakily changed the topic. Edora glared at Yeon-woo for doing that, but she nodded her head. She thought they would catch up on things, but the first thing he spoke about was the Tower. It was so Yeon-woo-like.

    “After taking the Griffin to the territory of the Abyss Turtle first. I think it’ll go smoothly since he was already acknowledged by the system. And we have to start moving as well. We’ve stayed here for too long.”

    “Then I’ll meet you on the 23rd floor.”

    “The 23rd floor?”

    “Because I think I’ll stay there for some time.”

    Edora understood what he was saying. To play together like in the beginner’s section. A smile escaped her lips before she knew it.

    “Okay. Then I’ll see you there.”


    Yeon-woo saw Edora and Phante back to the Tower, and he moved towards the outer sections of the Tower.

    The two asked why he didn’t go with them, but Yeon-woo shook his head and cut him off.

    -I have something to prepare.

    The 21st floor was where numerous alter egos of several monsters were. And it was where people he had to beat, like Allforone, was.

    Yeon-woo would have to fight full power, and he was planning on re-equipping himself as well.

    ‘And I have to apologize too.’

    The place Yeon-woo went was Henova’s smithy.

    The only person who could deal with the Abyss Turtle’s shell pieces and shedding was Henova. And he had to retrieve Han-ryeong and Shanon’s weapons that he asked for half a year ago.

    ‘But how should I apologize?’

    Yeon-woo thought Henova might throw his hammer at him the moment he saw him.

    A lot of time had passed since their promised date, and Edora had said he even went to the One-horned tribe. He had probably been extremely worried.

    The reason why Henova did that was understandable, though. Since he had gone off the grid without much notice.

    For someone who knew the pain of losing someone, he had done something horrible.

    So Yeon-woo worried about how to apologize to Henova. Joking probably wouldn’t work this time.

    But because he couldn’t think of any good ideas, he was frustrated at being bad at relationships with people.

    And when he arrived in front of the smithy.

    “Selling my stock! Items are a sword breaker and 9 swords! I’ll show you them all so name the price, you fools!”

    “Ack! Henova’s doing crazy things again!”

    “50,000 points!”

    “Are you crazy! You’re calling that price at something Henova made? 100,000 points! Give it to me!”


    Henova was shaking the swords around on a podium with his stubby arms.

    Like it was an auction, people were crowded around.

    But the sword was familiar to Yeon-woo for some reason. Shanon realized what it was and shouted.

    [Hey! Go stop him! That’s my sword!]

    Yeon-woo bitterly smiled when he realized what Henova was trying to do.

    ‘He’s planning on selling it away.’

    Looking at it would only make him angry, so he probably wanted to get rid of it. And he had gotten angrier hearing that Yeon-woo returned and decided to sell it.

    ‘He’s fiery personality doesn’t go anywhere.’

    He smiled to himself and heard Shanon’s frustrated voice.

    [Master! Stop smiling and go! Dwarf! That guy’s gonna sell it to weird people! Ahhhh! It’s about to be sold! Run!]

    Shanon had been the most excited when Henova was making his sword.

    Henova was one of the top 5 artisans in the tower. Because his name was related to Arthia, he was in that position, but there were still people who wanted to try to use his weapons.

    And the same went for Hanryeong. The weapons he had before all had the names of gods, but whatever Henova made wouldn’t be any less than those.

    So he wanted to use the 9 swords that Henova made, but seeing him trying to sell them off like that made him scream.

    Eventually Yeon-woo used his Shunpo to arrive in front of the smithy at their urgency.

    The auction was heating up.



    “These crazy bastards. 30,000!”

    Since a weapon made by a master was right in front of them, the players were trying to get it at any price, even if they had to use their life savings.

    For people in the outer sections, getting such an item was impossible. But as the price was increasing.


    The atmosphere quickly cooled down.

    Everyone looked at the voice.

    50,000 points was enough to keep a small clan running. They wondered what kind of crazy bastard was trying to disturb them.

    And they were all surprised seeing Yeon-woo’s mask.

    “H, Hoarder!’

    “Why is that person here..…?”

    “Did you forget? The Hoarder is close to Henova.”

    “S, shit. What can we do when a snake appears where only caterpillars are?”

    The players started to move away at the astronomical amount.

    Thanks to that, Henova’s face was filled with annoyance.

    He glared at Yeon-woo, and Yeon-woo smiled at him.


    While Henova was grinding his teeth, a player shot his hand up in the air.

    “6, 60,000!”

    “Gasp! D, Do you have the money?”

    “How is he going to…..”

    The person who had called that price was confident that no one could ask for a higher amount.




    Everyone paled at the amount that Yeon-woo had nonchalantly called out.

    Yeon-woo crossed his name and arrogantly looked around him.

    “You don’t have any more, right? Then I’ll take it as sold.”



    Henova ground his teeth again, and took out another sword. It was a sword that Hanryeong had asked for.

    “Then this…..!”



    Yeon-woo called out 1,000,000 points before Henova finished speaking.

    The players turned even more pale.

    After that, Yeon-woo continued to call out the ridiculous amount again and again.

    The players asked if that was possible.

    But Yeon-woo just pulled out some jewels from Intrenina.

    Since it was a subspace storage that Red Dragon cherished, it was filled with precious things.

    Of course, it didn’t mean that that much money was easily produced.

    It was ⅔ of the total wealth in Intrenian.

    But Yeon-woo knew.

    That Henova would return what he received with 10 times more.

    No, it was okay even if he didn’t return it.

    The thankful Yeon-woo felt towards Henova wasn’t something that could be priced.

    He was someone that was a friend and a father to his little brother. So he could easily give all of Intrenian to him without any hesitation if he asked for it.

    So Yeon-woo called out prices without trying to save any of it, and Henova ground his teeth because things weren’t going his way.

    “You fucking bastard.”

    “Thank you for the compliment.”

    “Take it away, you fucking bastard!”

    Henova threw all the swords he was holding at Yeon-woo.

    He wanted to have Yeon-woo pick up all the swords on the ground, but Yeon-woo crushed his hopes this time as well.

    Yeon-woo extended his hand to wrap magic power around the swords. Then, the sword breaker and the swords slowly moved into Yeon-woo’s arms.

    After he realized his consciousness, he was able to easily lift light items.


    Henova kicked the ground when things didn’t go his way and whipped around to go back into the smithy again.

    The crowd looked at Yeon-woo regretfully.

    Not caring about them, he pulled out the sword breaker from its sheath.


    He felt a nice touch on his hand.

    It was shining like the moon and sharp like the tooth of a beast.


    “How can someone make that…..!”

    People exclaimed in astonishment seeing it.

    They couldn’t close their mouths.

    Even from what Yeon-woo, someone who had only just started the sword, saw, it was an amazing item.

    When he looked at it with his Draconic Eyes, there were almost no flaws.

    [No way…..even if he’s a dwarf, a dwarf… that possible? You can make that in a day? It looks easily over S rank.]

    Shanon screamed in shock. He looked like someone who had seen a miracle.

    [Henova’s Smooth and Twisted Sword]

    Category: Both-handed long sword

    Rank: S~SS

    Summary: A sword that Henova spent nights making.

    It’s smooth blade can easily push back opponents, and the weight of the sharp edge was created to rip through defensive armor.

    *Smoothly Flowing Wind

    With the blessing of the wind, the right blade speeds up with speed. It’s attacking power increases with its speed.

    The opponent’s attacking power will decrease.

    *Twisted Wind

    With the curse of the wind, it shifts heavy wind. It can create 12 tornadoes consecutively, and the chances of the opponent’s armor being ruined increases.

    [Ahhhhh! You crazy fool! What were you doing leaving this here!]