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Chapter 172 - Set (6)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 172: Set (6)

    Clang, clang. Clang-

    For several hours, Henova had been silently hammering the metal.

    The Gyes’s Eyes was next to his, disassembled, and the shell pieces and shedding were just lazily tossed next to them.

    The first thing that Henova had chosen to create was the abdomen section.

    That was because it was the center of defense armors. There were a lot of attacking styles that attacked the stomach area, so it was the place that took the most work.

    Henova was planning on making a gauntlet, belt, pants, boots, and a mask, with the abdomen at the center, into a set.

    The additional effects that came with a set artifact was pretty outstanding as well.

    And he happened to have a good set. The magic series. He was thinking of putting that all into this.


    He bitterly smiled at the sudden thought when he was hammering.

    The magic series. He didn’t think the day would come when he finished it with his own hands. The first item of the set, the Magic Bayonet, was supposed to go to someone else.

    But it hadn’t been able to get to its original owner. However, it seemed like the new owner was using it well.

    So Henova sometimes thought.

    Was the Magic Bayonet not fated to go to its original owner? Did it find another destiny, and adjust to its new fate?

    After touching metal for a long time, he firmly believed that metal had its fate too.

    It was only an object when it was a material, but when vestige entered it after use, he thought that they started to have their own minds.

    And from what Henova saw, the Magic Bayonet hadn’t been able to get to its original owner, but it was happy next to its new owner.

    So Henova wanted to make friends for the Magic Bayonet.

    Friends who could walk on its thorny path with it.

    “This isn’t just adjusting it, but creating a completely new item. That rude bastard. Using an oldie like this.”

    A moment later, Henova stretched, and complained to himself. But there was a smile on his lips.

    Actually, he hadn’t decided exactly how to adjust, no, change, Gyes’s Eyes.

    At first, he thought about whether to just add things onto it, but he thought that wouldn’t be enough.


    His forehead wrinkled.

    Then he waved his hand in the air and a hologram window popped up.

    [Player Information]

    *Body Information

    Name: ???

    Planet Origin: ???

    Tendency: Neutral (Evil 61%)

    Height: 182 cm

    Weight: 89 kg

    Traits: Cold Blooded, ???, ???, Trainer

    Titles: Monster Hunter, Blessed by Magic Power, Legendary Beasts’ Successor, One Who Leads Death, Descendant of the Monkey King

    *Body Abilities

    Strength: 812 (+90)

    Dexterity: 851 (+101)

    Health: 778 (+88)

    Magic Power: 1,052 (+152)


    ???(51.2%), Extrasensory Perception(15.9%), Foresight(2.0%), Time Difference(8.9%), Bathory’s Vampiric Sword(42.8%), Holy Fire(10.8%), Shunpo(68.9%), Magic Circuit(70.1%), Heaven Wing Mana Control(48.6%), Eight Extreme Fists(80.2), Blessing of the Blue Spirit(18.0%), Fire Rain(5.5%), Open Speaking(15.6%), 72 Bian(1.2%)


    Fire: 102 (+201)

    Water: 35 (+30)


    Darkness: 88 (+65)

    Evil: 30 (+100)


    It was Yeon-woo’s status window.

    Henova had tried to guess Yeon-woo’s weight and body type, but Yeon-woo just left him with all the information.

    He didn’t know if he trusted people easily, or if it meant that that was how much he trusted him.

    It was probably the latter, since he was a pretty smart guy, but Henova was flabbergasted because he didn’t expect Yeon-woo to give his status window over just like that.

    Of course, all the important things were marked as ???, but it wasn’t hard to guess what it might be.

    But with this, Henova was able to quickly discover what path Yeon-woo’s items needed to take.

    Since it was a lot easier with the information the system provided. But it was also harder in a way as well.

    It wasn’t hard to get materials or supplies.

    Yeon-woo provided a lot, and he could buy whatever he needed with money.

    However, it was ‘how’ he made it.

    His status was overall focused on magic power, and his dexterity was pretty high as well.

    That meant he could go with the armor he was thinking about. It might be good to decrease the weight even more.

    But if the weight was lowered, the defense would also decrease as well.

    Also, the shell pieces of the Abyss Turtle were pretty heavy. Even if he cast lightning magic on it, the material was so tough, that it would decrease movement.

    And he couldn’t make an armor out of cloth.

    “Hmmm. Who would think that this is a player on the lower floor?”

    He would probably be able to easily defeat most rankers. And that also meant he was going to grow before he reached the 50th floor.

    Henova’s name was on the line. He had to make something he wouldn’t be embarrassed about.

    And Henova’s deliberations continued.

    His eyes were fixed somewhere. On the name and planet origin that were marked with question marks.


    Crack. Crack.

    Everytime he moved, he could feel his bones moving against each other.

    Yeon-woo breathed out after feeling more relieved.

    Unlike Henova who was used to the smithy, he wasn’t used to sitting still like this when he wasn’t meditating, so he had to stretch sometimes.

    Doing so after intense concentration made him feel good. The night air felt fresh as well.

    Yeon-woo confirmed that there wasn’t anyone near him with his Extrasensory Perception.

    It was the perfect place for him to train.

    Thankfully, there was no one around. But he didn’t know if someone might show up, so he commanded Boo through the Black Bracelet.

    ‘Boo, defense.’

    [Obeying. Your. Orders.]

    With Boo’s answer, a bluish air spread along the territory of the Extrasensory Perception, and a sturdy wall was built.

    The defense magic was magic that needed a considerable amount of knowledge. However, Boo was showing rapid growth, being able to do that kind of magic easily.

    He was a perfect Lich. Or the rune magic fit Boo better than he thought.

    Yeon-woo spoke up while thinking those thoughts.

    “Nemesis. Nike.”

    He felt something leaving the Philosopher’s Stone from his heart.

    And in front of him appeared the giant Nemesis and a Nike that came up to his chest.

    ‘I still can’t get used to it.’

    Yeon-woo felt the unfamiliar names on his tongue. Krrng and Chirpy were nice and affectionate.

    But seeing the two with confident faces after receiving the new names, he couldn’t bring himself to bring that up.

    [It would be best if you don’t have any thoughts about changing our names. Or our contract will really be broken.]

    [But why did you call us, Master?]

    The strong Nemesis, and Nike, who had his head cutely titled. Even though they were both Legendary Beasts, their personalities were the complete opposite.

    “You guys seem to have changed a lot. So I wanted to check.”

    [Like check our skills? Good mindset.]

    [Hehehe. Master, you’ll be really really surprised when you see how much I’ve gotten stronger!]

    Nike covered his beak with his mouth and giggled. His eyes were curved backwards like he was amused by something.

    “Then should we start with Nike?”

    [No. Start with Nemesis. The main character is supposed to be last!]

    Where did he hear something like that? Yeon-woo laughed.

    Nemesis stepped up without saying much. It was like he was Nike’s older brother. Mature, and taking care of him behind his back.

    “Did the Philosopher’s Stone help?”

    Nemesis nodded his big head.

    [Of course. It was enough to change my ‘level.’]

    Yeon-woo’s gaze changed.

    “It was that much?”

    [Yeah. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken to fix my strength. It might’ve taken tens of years, and I would’ve forgotten things.]

    He thought that Nemesis had been sleeping in the Philosopher’s Stone, but he realized that he was healing himself.

    He had spent time in the egg, but that wasn’t enough.

    But there was nothing he could do about that.

    Since he had the powers from when he was a Mythical Beast, the new properties he learned when he was in the dimension, and the powers of the Legendary Beasts from Yeon-woo.

    The Philosopher’s Stone wasn’t just somewhere for him to rest.

    But he still didn’t know exactly what the Philosopher’s Stone did.

    In the duration while Nemesis was in the stone, his growth didn’t pause at all.

    [Where did you get this mysterious stone?]

    And Nemesis became curious. There wasn’t a magic organ that could be as powerful as the Dragon Heart.

    But Yeon-woo didn’t properly answer him.

    If Nemesis heard how the stone was made, he would be disgusted. And the same went for Nike.

    So Yeon-woo decided to block off information about the stone for some while. It was a relief they could only read some information about it.

    “Let’s check it first.”


    Nemesis lifted his head to look at the sky.

    [Do you know about the skills I had?]