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Chapter 173 - Set (7)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 173: Set (7)


    The skills that Nemesis had when he was Mirne could be separated into two categories.

    “‘Empty Dream’ and ‘Dragon’s Pillar.”

    A Legendary Beast could resist magic attacks from the outside, and Mirne was similar in that way. Empty Dream had the power to lessen the magic power within the area, and Dragon’s Pillar could create a storm to blow away things in its path.

    Because of that, people used to say that in a place where Heaven Wing was, it was impossible to attack with magic.

    He even had the title, ‘Magic Massacre.’

    Nemesis seemed to be proud of his past.

    [Right. And what I have now isn’t too different. The only difference is…wait, it’ll be easier if you see it with your eyes.]

    Nemesis suddenly closed his eyes.

    [Dream…fades away.]

    When he said the activating phrase, Nemesis had black spots all over him like he was covered in soot. Nemesis began to fade away, and darkness spread around him.

    Like they were on the 20th floor, everything disappeared. The entire world turned black and it was silent.

    Emptiness came.

    Like someone had roamed around in nothingness and was emanating that power. Anyone would be confused if they were caught in this.

    For some reason, Yeon-woo thought he saw Nemesis pleased with himself far away. He shook his head, and asked.

    “It’s all good. But isn’t the activating phrase something that a middle schooler would come up with?”

    He could tell why the dragon had liked the name Nemesis.

    [A middle schooler! What are you talking about! Look at the skill! It needs an appropriate phrase that can describe it well and…..]

    Nemesis burst out shouting at what Yeon-woo said, and began to explain.

    ‘Does he also have the habit of explaining everything one by one?’

    He glossed over what Nemesis said in annoyance, and confirmed the skill information in front of him.

    [Dreaming Illusion]

    Rank: AA+

    Proficiency: 0.0%

    Summary: Dreams are a world mixed with reality and illusion. Enemies are trapped in this world.

    They’ll roam around not knowing if it’s a normal dream or a nightmare.

    *Bewitching Fantasy

    Within an area, enemies will be trapped in a created nothingness. They’ll be in a state of confusion and fear. If the two emotions are felt excessively, they will be locked in a state of ‘panic’ and not be able to tell where they are. Contrary to their enemies, allied forces will be buffed.

    *Fearsome Nightmare

    At most, with a 20% probability, magic type skills will be limited, and a penalty will come from using them.

    However, it doesn’t apply to the ‘authority’ level.

    **A great amount of magic power will be used as it is creating a world of nothingness. It depends on the proficiency of the skill.

    **While the skill is used, Nemesis will be defenseless. If his body is attacked, the skill will be canceled.

    Yeon-woo’s eyes widened after confirming the skill.

    Empty Dream had been the nightmare of countless magicians. But it seemed like there was a much better skill now.

    It was the same in that it affected magic type skills. And the additional Bewitching Fantasy option that was added would be a lot of help.

    ‘It will go well with the territory settings.’

    If it was used with the Dragon’s Authority, the enemies trapped in it wouldn’t be able to budge an inch.

    It was like someone had given Yeon-woo wings so he could fly.

    ‘And it said that it creates a dreamlike world. Then does that mean I can make illusions if I get a more superior skill than this?’

    Yeon-woo thought he might be able to use the concept of dreams in the near future.

    Of course, he could do a lot with just reaching the 6th step of the Eigh Dragon’s Authorities, but he would be able to do so much more with it.

    He stroked his chin. It was something that would happen in the future, but he needed to plan things now.

    Yeon-woo checked the next skill right after.

    [Violent Whirlwind]

    Rank: A

    Proficiency: 0.0%

    Summary: It can become wind by creating storm effects. The movement of the enemy decreases by 10%. Also, it can speed you up.

    Every time the proficiency increases by 5%, the amount of whirlwinds increases, making at most 15 at a time.

    It was a skill Yeon-woo was glad to see.

    ‘With this, I’ll be able to focus on leading Boo and the undead army.’

    Because Yeon-woo still fought his enemies when he spread his territory, it was Boo who led the army.

    So Boo was tired summoning the spirits, using Fog of Blood, and leading them all. It was inefficient as well.

    However, since Nemesis would take care of his territory, Boo wouldn’t have to do that anymore. He could just focus on the undead army.

    And Nemesis suddenly appeared from the darkness.

    He came to him with his chest thrust out.

    [Do you see the power of this body now, Master?]

    “Yeah. I see why it has the activating phrase of a middle schooler.”

    [How many times do I have to say…..!]

    Yeon-woo ignored Nemesis again and looked back at Nike.

    “Nike, can you show yours too?”

    [Yeah yeah! You’ll be totally surprised when you see it!]

    Nike powerfully thrust his wings apart and shouted with confidence.

    There were 5 skills that Yeon-woo could check. There were 2 skills that popped out the most.

    One of them was Holy Fire. It was similar to what Yeon-woo had, since he had gotten it from the Phoenix as well.

    However, if there was something that was different, it was that it had other effects.

    ‘Fire Hail’ and ‘Sea of Fire.’

    Like their names, one was pouring hail from the sku, and the other was raising fire from the ground to burn everything in its path.

    However, it ate up as much magic power as Violent Whirlpool, so he would have to be careful using it.

    Since he couldn’t burn up his allies.

    They were good skills, but what stood out to him was this.

    [Fire Spirit]

    Rank: D~S+

    Proficiency: 0.0%

    Summary: A phoenix dies and comes alive by fire, which is why all fire in the world is the territory of the Phoenix. Thanks to this, it is possible to ‘reincarnate’ and ‘resurrect’ in fire.

    *Resurrection of Fire

    When HP goes under 20%, it is possible to heal oneself in fire once a day. Other skill effects are paused when attempting resurrecting.

    *Reincarnation of Fire

    You can move however you want after being melted in fire.

    However, fire created to attack by enemies cannot be controlled, and only slightly influenced.

    It might not look too different from Holy Fire on the outside.

    However, if you looked closely, they were completely different. It was pretty much a skill made for Yeon-woo.

    Being able to melt whenever you wanted to fire. And controlling it to how you wanted. What would happen if Nike melted Yeon-woo’s Holy Fire?

    ‘The fire power would increase. A lot.’

    Yeon-woo didn’t feel uncomfortable using fire. It was familiar to him like it was a part of his lambs.

    His wings of fire naturally came out when Heaven Wing Mana Control was activated, and Holy Fire wrapped around his blade when he pulled Aura out.

    But if Nike was added on top of this.

    Yeon-woo’s limits would be surpassed. They would all become more powerful.

    He didn’t worry about not being able to work with Nike. They were able to read each other’s mind just by looking into the other’s eyes.


    [Yeah yeah!]

    Nike realized what Yeon-woo wanted and nodded his head, flying up.

    And thousands of flames headed down to Yeon-woo. At the same time, Yeon-woo spun his Magic Circuit.

    He didn’t feel most heat now, but as he felt this feat, he was surprised. It spread throughout his body.

    The fire turned blue from red, and into yellow from blue.

    It burned everything about him. No, it didn’t just burn it, but broke it all apart.

    The small amount of moisture quickly dried up, and the atmosphere was boiling.

    The expanding air pushed against the defense system, and violently shook it, like it would collapse any second.

    He had just released his power, but it was this strong.

    The three pairs of fire wings increased to four pairs. He wondered if it was too much, but there was nothing else he could do to control his fire power.

    Yeon-woo didn’t stop there. First, he lowered his fire power so it wouldn’t get in the way, and soared high into the sky, spreading his wings of fire apart.

    He had used them before, but there was a limit in the speed and turning direction.

    But now, it seemed like those limits had disappeared.

    He moved with the flow in the air, and when he was somewhat used to it, he added more speed.

    The sound of the sound barrier breaking rang in Yeon-woo’s ears.

    ‘If Shunpo, Haste, and Blink are added to here…..!’

    Yeon-woo activated all his skills at the same time. A target appeared before him.


    With just a slight shake of his dagger, there was a large explosion, and a whole forest that was nearby was blown away.


    ‘Now I know why the rank is like this.’

    Yeon-woo quickly left after seeing the destroyed forest.

    The forest was still exploding. After the initial explosion, sparks flew to create the 2nd and 3rd explosion.

    The forest had already lost its shape, and only the smell of something burning was left behind.

    He was planning on taking back the fire before there was more damage, but he couldn’t fix what happened.

    People would gather around because of the large round.

    Yeon-woo realized why Fire Spirit wasn’t fixed to just one rank.

    Various kinds of attacks were possible.

    If there was a problem, it was that this was the greatest power that Yeon-woo would summon.

    What if Aura was added here? Or if Fire Rain was combined? Or if his Dragon’s Body was awakened as well?

    [If it was awakened? What do you think. It’s crazy.]

    [If I felt that before I died, I would’ve been in danger.]

    Shanon and Hanryeong spoke about how they felt. Both of them looked satisfied.

    Yeon-woo asked Hanryeong.

    “What if we met when you were at your strongest?”

    [I would’ve still been in danger. If Aura, and Nike, and even Fire Rain was combined…..I probably would’ve lost an arm or a leg at the very least.]

    Since it was something that even the Saber God acknowledged. He felt satisfied.

    [But I won’t be scared.]

    “How come?”

    [I would be careful not to get swept away by the storm. Or not give you time for that.]

    “Of course.”

    Yeon-woo nodded like he agreed.

    Since Hanryeong wasn’t someone to let his opponents attack.

    [And it’s dangerous because it doesn’t distinguish between friends and foes. I think it’s better off not having it if you can’t control it.]

    Yeon-woo nodded his head again. It was definitely dangerous. Not just for him, but if the undead army was exploded as well, he would be destroying himself.

    ‘Then what if I focus on it being condensed and not exploded?’

    Yeon-woo changed the direction of his attention.

    If he could just focus it on his Aura and his blade. Of course, he would have to have weapons that could bear it, but he thought Vigrid would be able to do it.

    Then he would be more threatening.

    No, it didn’t just end there. How many people would be able to take his fiery Aura and blade?

    ‘There’s still a lot left that I want to practice.’

    He was planning on keeping this skill unused until he could control it perfectly.

    ‘Then is the only thing left to check the Spirit now?’

    Yeon-woo didn’t forget about the message when he cleared the Abyss Turtle’s quest.

    The message that said he could learn spirit magic.

    He checked the skill that wasn’t marked as ‘Temporary’ anymore.

    [Blessing of the Blue Spirit]