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Chapter 174 - Set (8)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 174: Set (8)

    Translator: HH Editor: HH

    [Blessing of the Blue Spirit]

    Rank: ???

    Proficiency: 18.2%

    Summary: To show his gratitude, the Abyss Turtle has presented one of his subordinates. Because the Blue Spirit was born in a deep thought, it wasn’t able to have a direct identity, but it can support multiple roles.

    It gives its sense of identity so multiple skills and properties can be learned.

    The growth of the spirit depends on its owner.

    **This is a ‘Superior’ skill. Only those acknowledged by the Abyss Turtle can use it, and it can grow according to the proficiency.

    **It doesn’t have an ‘identity’ yet. An identity must be created before it can grow, so set an identity first.

    **The deeper your understanding about ‘Spirit Magic’ is, the faster the growth will be.

    Yeon-woo had been using the effects of the spirit, but he couldn’t summon it. With the quest over, he thought he would be able to use it, but the spirit seemed to be different than what Yeon-woo knew.

    Spirits grow in the waste of nature, so most of them are hard to handle.

    However, they are arranged from the highest level, ‘King’ so it’s fun to grow them.

    There were famous spirits like fire spirit, Kasa, and wind spirit Silf.

    They were weak by themselves, but they had identities, and could grow more.

    Kasa was a Salamander, and Salamanders could become Salist.

    But the Blue Spirit seemed to be a bit different.

    It didn’t have an identity or property.

    Since it was blank, it was up to Yeon-woo how it would be grown.

    It might have more potential than other spirits, but that meant that it was more likely it would be messed up.

    ‘I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.’

    Yeon-woo bitterly smiled looking at the blue form that was floating above his hand.

    He didn’t have a clue how to grow it.

    Since it had the ability to prevent the powers of the Legendary Beasts from clashing, it wasn’t weak.

    ‘It would be nice if I can grow it well. But I don’t have the freedom to spend time on it like rune magic.’

    He was already busy with the 72 Bian, Heaven Things, and the Yin Sword. He was planning on studying magic and spirit magic sometime, but it was lower on the list of things he had to do.

    ‘Then is that the only option?’

    Yeon-woo suddenly thought of something.

    ‘Giving a personality.’

    What if he led the spirit to grow by itself? The personality he gave it would have to be outstanding.

    Thankfully, Yeon-woo had a lot of personalities to put in the Blue Spirit.

    There were over a thousand souls in his collection, and he had some high ranked souls among them as well.

    ‘Like Hepburn and Sol Luna.’

    But Yeon-woo shook his head.

    Hepburn was Urd’s apostle.

    The soul of a Superior Species was a waste, but her loyalty to Urd was too strong. She would only be a bother.

    Same with Sol Luna.

    She was a good candidate since she was skilled with the sword and was a vampire.

    ‘But she’s too sly.’

    It wasn’t someone he wanted to have near him.

    Then there was only one person left.

    ‘Rebecca is the best.’

    The only bad thing was that she was prideful and wouldn’t like to serve anyone.

    It was also a problem that he didn’t have her soul.

    ‘That’s not a problem. Since there’s a way around it. But the fact that I might become enemies with Cernunnos puts me off.’

    He could try to put Rebecca in the spirit. But it would result in receiving enmity from Cernunnos.

    Yeon-woo considered whether it was worth it to be at odds with a god.

    ‘I’m already enemies with Urd, and I have a strange relationship with the goddesses Nemesis and Nike. If I’m going to tied up with the gods anyway…let’s just try it once.’

    Yeon-woo organized his thoughts and summoned Boo.

    Boo bowed his head as soon as he saw Yeon-woo. He already knew what Yeon-woo was trying to do. It was dangerous, but he didn’t try to convince Yeon-woo otherwise.

    “Let’s begin.”

    [Yes. Sir.]

    Yeon-woo opened Intrenian and pulled out Rebecca’s body.

    Braised the black bead and murmured incomprehensible words. Then, a mysterious black light shined from Rebecca’s body.

    [Cernunnos is furious realizing what you are trying to do.]

    [The demons are looking at you gladly. One of the demons announces something about you.]

    [The support of the demons has increased. They were cheering for you.]

    [Evil property has increased by 15.]

    [Evil property has increased by 20.]

    [Your neutral personality has exceeded 70% into evil, and is changed into ‘Evil.’]

    [Based on your personality, you may receive benefits and penalties. Be aware.]


    Rebecca’s body quickly regained its form. The skin and bones returned to how they used to be, and veins and muscles were connected again.

    Her pale face turned rosy again, and she looked like someone who was sleeping.

    Yeon-woo felt the air around him become heavier. There was murderous intent in it. It was probably from Cernunnos.

    But they wouldn’t be able to descend the 98th floor anyway.

    Since he had some enmity with them anyway, he was planning on going all the way. He could do things to make Cernunnos feel better later.

    Yeon-woo changed the souls in his collection into black energy and gave it to Rebecca.

    As black energy was inputted, Rebecca’s body shook. Like she would wake up any moment.

    [Wake. Up.]

    And with Boo’s command, the corpse started to move. No, something else moved.

    It was an illusion of Rebecca, from the black energy.

    [Where…is this?]

    Rebecca sat blankly, and looked around with more focused eyes.

    “This is the outer section of the Tower.”

    [Cain…..? Why? No, what do you mean?]

    Rebecca looked confused. Her time had paused at the Monkey King’s palace.

    When she woke up, she was in a completely different area. And the constraints of the 20th floor was gone.

    It would be weird if she wasn’t confused. And the aftereffects of dying messed her mind up.

    [Where is Kahn and Victoria? The Monkey King? And…..!]

    And Rebecca’s illusion suddenly cut off.

    Then, she glared at Yeon-woo coldly.

    [You. You did something to me.]

    Her mind became clearer as her memories returned to her.

    She had definitely died. And she had probably returned to Cernunnos. But why was she here?

    She thought of several hypotheses. Then, she thought of something from the energy of death around her.

    Her face paled again.

    Yeon-woo silently nodded his head.

    “It’s what you think it is.”

    [You’re crazy! How could you think of waking my Baek…..!]

    A person’s soul could be split into two.

    Hon and Baek.

    Hon was the actual soul that went to the beyond and reincarnated.

    On the other hand, Baek was different.

    It was the vestige of the dead body. The vestige of the Monkey King in the palace was included in this.

    Usually, Baek would scatter away when a body began to rot, but Yeon-woo had tied the Baek into Rebecca, and woke it up.

    [Soul Summon]

    Rank: BBB+

    Proficiency: 21.5%

    Summary: The corpses and souls can be summoned from beyond. Sometimes, it can create undead.

    Boo’s Superior skill, Soul Summon.

    [You have learned how to extract the Baek(Vestige) from a dead body.]

    [Congratulations! You have learned a new way to control death. With this, your range of power increases.]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment that is not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 3,000 Karma.]

    [Bind the Baek (Vestige) you summoned to you. You can have additional rewards.]

    Yeon-woo’s eyes shined at the messages popping up in front of him. Greedy was within them.

    ‘A apostle is definitely different. Baek usually wouldn’t be able to regain their consciousness, but Rebecca has a clear mind.’

    It was probably because her level was different from other living things.

    [Just what…..are you planning on doing with me?]

    “I want to borrow your strength.”

    [Are you serious right now?]

    Rebecca glared at Yeon-woo with narrowed eyes. To someone who was returning back to a god, waking them up as a vestige was very rude.

    Her soul had returned to the god, but it wouldn’t like to live without anything inside of it.


    “Is something wrong?”

    Yeon-woo reacted like there wasn’t a problem.


    “I’m offering a contract. Isn’t this better than dying? And you might have some regret too. I’ll help you with them. In return, you can help me with what I need.”

    [This isn’t actually living…..!]

    “But don’t you have all your emotions and memories? I think you’re no different from something else that’s living. Or think of it as being reincarnated. I think that should be good.”


    Rebecca clenched her teeth. He wasn’t wrong. Since only her soul was gone, and ‘Rebecca’ hadn’t disappeared.

    Also. What he said about regrets bothered her.

    Regrets. Anyone would have them.

    No, she had been able to become an apostle after training and throwing all these regrets away. But the regrets were still bound to her like chains.

    When she was younger, there was a monster that had eaten up all of her family.

    Thinking about it now, she didn’t remember it that well. But Rebecca came this far thinking of meeting that beast.

    When everyone had ignored her because she was a girl, she learned the sword by herself, and was able to become an apostle.

    But she still thought that she wasn’t enough. Because the power of that monster was still sealed in her head.

    It might’ve been over exaggerated because it was such a tramus to her, but she still wanted more power. That was why she entered the dungeon.

    She didn’t know she would become like this. And she didn’t even know what it was.

    Rebecca shut her eyes tightly.

    She knew that as an apostle, she shouldn’t have these thoughts. It was mocking a god, and dropping her own reputation.

    But she also wanted to grab the new opportunity that Yeon-woo was talking about.

    Rebecca wasn’t able to speak for a while.

    “If you don’t want to, I’ll take back your consciousness.”

    Yeon-woo didn’t plan on forcing Rebecca with him. Rebecca could be ruined if she was trapped in this body.

    He would have angered a god, but he still got something out of it.

    Since he knew how to extract vestige, he could choose people similar to her and do the same thing. Although he would be limited to bodies that hadn’t been dead too long.

    Eventually, Rebecca frowned and barked out to Yeon-woo.

    [You’re a son of a bitch.]

    Yeon-woo answered with a calm gaze.

    “I know. But I have to get what I want.”

    [Fine. I’ll follow you.]

    Yeon-woo’s gaze changed.

    [Instead, I have a condition.]

    “Go ahead.”

    [Freedom for my movements and will.]

    “Can’t you feel it already?”

    A shadow extended behind Yeon-woo, and Shanon and Hanryeong appeared.

    [Hehe. Our master is indeed a bit of a son of a bitch.]

    [Master. I’m okay with including Rebecca, but I believe that she should have some respect.]

    Yeon-woo glanced at the people behind him and asked Rebecca.

    “Do these two look like they don’t have free will?”

    [Teeth Wolf, Saber God…..]

    [Ooh. The Red Apostle knows me? What an honor.]

    Shanon laughed. Even though he was a semi ranker, rankers knew his name because he was skilled with the sword.

    Rebecca was silent after finding out that the two were already with Yeon-woo. Since the Saber God was there, her reputation wouldn’t be hurt as much. It might not be that big of a deal, but she was sensitive to it.

    [Fine. But that’s not what I’m saying.]


    [These two are in the shadow, right? But I want to be able to roam around freely.]

    Yeon-woo wrinkled his forehead.

    [Of course, I won’t be able to go far because of the connection with you, but I want to walk the world with my own feet.]

    This seemed to be her last pride. Having free will.

    [So make me a new body.]

    “I’m not a god.”

    [I don’t expect a real body. Even a Homunculus is fine.]

    Yeon-woo nodded his head. He couldn’t guarantee it, because it was an outstanding artificial body.

    ‘But I have to have that much knowledge anyway. Since I need knowledge about the Philosopher’s stone and the pocket watch.’

    And Rebecca knew that her request wasn’t easy. So she didn’t set a time limit.

    “Understood. Instead, before then, how would you like to live as a spirit?”