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Chapter 181 - Shadow Dojo (6)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 181: Shadow Dojo (6)

    Nemesis burst out laughing, like he hadn’t expected this.

    [Pfft! I guess that’s right! Although I can’t understand that because I don’t have any brothers.]

    Behind Yeon-woo, Nemesis appeared with his large body.

    [But I still understand some of it. I feel like it’s similar to how I don’t want to lose to that guy.]

    Nemesis was glaring at the Mythical Beast that was behind his brother’s shadow.

    He had a long orange body that was closer to gold. Nemesis was glaring at Mirne, who was Nemesis in his past life.

    Since all the secrets of the shadows were being revealed in this stage, even his brother’s Mythical Beast popped up.

    Mirne and Nemesis both glared at each other and soared up in the air.

    And below them, Yeon-woo and his brother’s shadow collided together.


    It was like the authorities of different dragons were crashing against each other. It was the process of the territory of one Draconic species intertwining with another.

    They were like beasts, fighting for each other’s territory.

    But to Draconic species, the concept of ‘territory’ was extremely important.

    It was in their instinct.

    However, because of that, the battle between two Draconic species was even more physically worse.

    Their territories or authorities wouldn’t work on each other. The only way to establish victory was through one’s physical strength.

    The same went for Yeon-woo and his brother’s shadow.

    The two already had the bodies of Draconic species, and their two territories would cause damage to their surroundings as they collided.

    Because the authority of the shadow was higher than Yeon-woo’s, Yeon-woo’s movements were a bit limited.

    Dragonic Pressure was similar to Dragonic Fear, but they were a bit different.

    It was similar in that they both made each other’s opponents feel threatened, but Dragonic Fear only worked on those with souls.

    On the other hand, Dragonic Pressure was something that colored everything in their surroundings with the authority of the Draconic species.

    Dragonic Pressure was able to be more detailed in how one’s opponent felt threatened.

    It could be said to be a more specific step of the consciousness that Yeon-woo realized on the 20th floor. If there was a difference, it was that it was more powerful because it was the consciousness of a Draconic species.

    So the moment Yeon-woo’s blade clashed against the shadow’s, he felt immense pressure.

    It was a pain like his skin was being pressed with needles. Dragonic Pressure was trying to push his young Dragon Body down.


    [You are momentarily falling into a stunned condition.]

    [You’re able to maintain your calmness with the trait ‘Cold Blooded.’]

    [The stunned condition has been released. You have gained resistance to ‘Dragon’s Pressure.’]

    [The ‘Dragon Body’ trait has been applied, and you have gained immunity to ‘Dragon’s Pressure.’]

    Like his brother had had the cheat trait called Ten Thousand Immunity, Yeon-woo had the strongest resistance skill, the Cold Blooded trait.

    Yeon-woo’s body was flung to the side after he endured the attack of Dragonic Pressure.

    The options activated.

    [Sword Purification]

    [Goddess’s Sword]

    With it’s option, Vigrid became stronger, reflecting the power of its opponent. When Aegis’s options were added on top of this, its attack power multiplied.

    A power that could be comparable to Dragonic Pressure flicked out the shadow’s attack. .

    What his authority couldn’t do was supported by the options of the artifacts.

    The shadow was pushed back by the attack.

    Yeon-woo kicked off the ground and followed the shadow. Aura, Holy Fire, and black energy flowed out of Vigrid and flew towards the shadow’s chest.

    The shadow quickly flapped his wings, barely managing to catch his balance. The Sky Wings spread widely apart. It seemed to be about 2 meters long.

    Like how a cat’s fur stood up when it met a beast, the shadow’s attack power became sharper.

    About 3 or 4 magic circles popped up in front of the shadow, and with a fancy artifact, magic suddenly came down.

    <Random Fire>. It was a skill his brother was confident about when he was alive. Supported by Dragon’s Knowledge, the magic he memorized beforehand would be consecutively activated.

    He didn’t have to worry about any mistakes when the magic was cast.

    It was set up to work advantageously for him.

    If you were exposed to this, you would most likely get severely injured. Because his brother’s magic was so fast, you couldn’t even defend yourself.

    Thankfully, Yeon-woo had the Magic Armor that Henova had given him, and Aegis as well.

    But Yeon-woo didn’t try to defend himself. Instead, he used Blink.

    The Random Fire passed futilely by where Yeon-woo used to be. With a loud explosion, there was a deep crater left behind.

    The shadow had to quickly turn around. Yeon-woo had arrived behind him and attempted to pierce his throat with Vigrid.

    The shadow barely blocked the attack. His face was hard. Although he had blocked it by covering himself with the Sky Wings and flinging his sword up, his arm felt like it was going to fall off.

    The pure white Sky Wings were half-broken, burned black. It was possible to fix them with magic power, but he hadn’t imagined that it would be this bad.

    Yeon-woo activated his Haste to follow the shadow.

    He couldn’t give him a moment of rest. Yeon-woo did not plan on giving the shadow an opportunity to cast magic.

    The Eight Extreme Swords clanged against the shadow’s blade. He occasionally incorporated it with the Bian, so the shadow’s life was in danger several times.

    But the shadow calmly fought against Vigrid. He already knew he couldn’t defeat Yeon-woo with a sword.

    He used the skills Valebich taught him to only defend himself, and he blocked what he missed with the Sky Wings or activated defense magic.

    And when his Draconic Eyes were able to catch weaknesses, he could use Random Fire to put some distance between them.

    Yeon-woo slightly wrinkled his forehead looking at the shadow.

    ‘It’s a crazy collection of skills, no matter how many times I look at it.’

    Yeon-woo knew that what he had was something a lower level player would never have. However, the equipment that his brother had didn’t fall short.

    They were all treasures that the ancient dragon Kalatus had collected for a while or masterpieces that Henova had made.

    And the sword that the shadow was holding could be said to be the collaboration of Kalatus and Henova.

    Dragon Slayer.

    It had the magic effects that Kalatus had given himself, and Henova had worked on it for 3 months.

    It was the same rank as Vigrid, if not much higher.

    With just Dragon Slayer and Sky Wings, the shadow was able to endure Yeon-woo’s attacks, and even began to fight back.

    Yeon-woo realized that the shadow had the ability to learn. The shadow knew some of his attack patterns now, there were times when the attacks of the shadow got too close.

    The fight of the two was fierce.

    In a way, it was ridiculous.

    From what he knew, his brother didn’t have a skill to help him calculate and make choices. Even though he had Dragon’s Knowledge, his thinking would be a lot slower than Yeon-woo’s.

    But it was all so fast.

    And sometimes, he even used similar gestures to Yeon-woo’s Eight Extreme Swords. That meant that he was applying the skills of his opponent when he fought.

    If this kept on, the tables would be turned.

    ‘This is why people who are born talented are…..’

    Yeon-woo was a bit annoyed because he felt himself thinking of his younger days. His brother was smart without doing anything. He didn’t forget anything that he saw and was good at school.

    Although his brother had to stay inside his room a lot because of his weak body, the physically advanced Yeon-woo sometimes felt envious of his little brother.

    And when his brother brought his report card home with a smirk, the frustrated emotion Yeon-woo felt couldn’t be put into words.

    Of course, after that, he bothered him with things like games.

    It was the same now.

    The expressionless face of the shadow overlapped with his brother’s smirking face.

    ‘I can’t give him a chance.’

    So Yeon-woo pushed against the shadow more without any mercy.

    The Magic Circuit heated up until the 360 Cores were overheated. His Wings of Fire became two times bigger, and his speed became faster with Magic Equip.

    The ball was in Yeon-woo’s field again.

    The shadow continued to be pushed back at the jumble of feet and hands. But he still looked for a flow with his Draconic Eyes. The speed was different, but the pattern was the same. Then he would have a chance.

    Then, Yeon-woo turned his body and cut the abdomen of the shadow with Vigrid, and the shadow thought this was his chance.

    He covered his widely spread Sky Wings around him.


    The Sky Wings broke for the first time. Pieces of wings scattered like they were sparkling jewels, and he exploded the skill that he had been hiding until this time.

    <Wave of Light>

    If Yeon-woo was specialized towards fire property, his brother had put everything into light property. It was because light property was destructive against dark and evil properties.

    Wave of Light was a skill that randomly exploded condensed magic power.

    It was so destructive that it had the ability of ‘sweeping’ everything away.

    But it was so strong that it hurt the user as well.

    Once he progressed further, he would be able to use it without any limits, but right now, he couldn’t use it properly, even though it was a skill that he created.

    This was a Unique skill that his brother had made along with Sky Wings.

    To think that a player on the 20th floor had made this. It was a crazy skill.

    Yellow and white lighting spread across the territory.

    The lightning electrified each other while they were whipping through, and swept everything in the skill’s path.

    If this wasn’t a specialized area for fighting, it would’ve caused irrevocable damage to the environment.

    After this, a horrendous explosion banged into his eardrums. The speed of sound couldn’t be faster than the speed of light.

    Yeon-woo quickly blocked his hearing and used Haste and Blink to move himself as far as possible. He grew his Wings of Fire and spread Aegis around.

    But even after all that, he couldn’t completely defend himself. A part of his armor was damaged from the heat, and his body was injured as well.

    Fortunately, because he had gained some distance from the center, he was able to escape most of it.

    He barely caught his balance and calmed himself with the Cold Blooded trait. Then, he activated Time Difference and quickly judged his surroundings.

    Dragonic Blood circulated around him, quickly healing his injuries. But a lot of his scales were peeling off, and his injury was so severe that his bone was showing, so it was difficult to fully recover.

    Thankfully, his Magic Circuit and Cores were not broken. They were a bit scratched, but it was quickly fixed.

    Yeon-woo thought that he was able to move his body and looked around him this time.

    The stage that he looked down from above was pitifully broken. Sparks flew everywhere.

    Yeon-woo almost said the word ‘psycho.’

    He knew the powers of his brother, but seeing it with his own eyes left him speechless.

    He cursed the power his brother had, and he clicked his tongue since he had used a skill that he couldn’t even control.

    A shadow copied the personality of their owner. His composed brother would never have made this kind of gamble.

    Had he thought of something and copied it?

    ‘Did he…..?’

    Then, Yeon-woo was suddenly hit with the thought that the shadow had copied him.

    To be exact, it seemed like he had remembered something about their younger days.

    Before he went to Africa, Yeon-woo was more emotional and logical.

    He had to fix something before he moved on, and he acted before he thought.

    Because he caused several incidents doing this, his brother always cleaned up after him. He always nagged that he had an immature older brother. He asked Yeon-woo to please think before he did something.

    The reason why Yeon-woo always carefully planned out his actions in the Tower might’ve been influenced by his little brother’s nagging.

    But his brother’s shadow was showing an emotional side here. He had decided to worry about the consequences after he did it.

    From that, Yeon-woo felt like his younger self was being overlapped in him, so he felt strange.

    Was it because they were similar?

    Yeon-woo scoffed and turned his head. Then, he felt a presence above him. He quickly got ready.

    The shadow that had recovered his Sky Wings was exploding his Wave of Light again. But the Wave of Light this time seemed even more powerful than the last.

    Triple casting. He used his skill like magic and exploded multiple Waves of Light at once. A blindingly bright light filled the sky.

    Yeon-woo couldn’t believe what the shadow was doing. The shadow was running straight towards the finish line without even worrying about the aftermath.

    [Time Difference]

    In the slowed-down world of reality, Yeon-woo got ready to fight back.

    This time he didn’t avoid it. He couldn’t even if he wanted to, and it was clear that another Wave of Light would be released.

    Then, he had to fight back with an attack that was equal to Wave of Light.

    He didn’t have a similar wide range skill, but he thought of something that could be just as destructive.

    He thought back of when Nike had exploded magic power that was strong enough to almost break through the defenses he set up.

    If he mixed Aura and black energy with this and added Fire Rain on top, what would happen?

    Han-ryeong had said that even he would’ve been in danger.

    But he had advised not to use a power he couldn’t control.

    So Yeon-woo considered how to do it. But what if he used another way?

    There was a solution at hand.

    The Bian, Hon and Swe.

    He might be able to make something that surpassed the Wave of Light.

    He would put himself in danger by making such a skill so suddenly, but Yeon-woo didn’t have any other choice. He couldn’t think of anything.

    The slowed time returned to normal.

    He used Haste and Blink, speeding himself up with Shunpo, and flung Aura, Fire Rain, and black energy at the shadow.



    The world was engulfed in a blinding light.

    And in that moment, Yeon-woo thought to himself.

    Even though he might die from the attack, it was so fun being with his brother like this.