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Chapter 182 - Shadow Dojo (7)

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     Chapter 182: Shadow Dojo (7)

    But despite his overjoyed mind, he quickly started to take advantage of the current situation using his increased thinking speed.

    The fire that exploded from the blade blanketed the environment. The world turned red, and a heat storm covered the Wave of Light.

    The air turned wavy with heat. It was a temperature hot enough to melt the scales on Yeon-woo’s body. The explosion was strong enough to burn what was left on the ground.

    Yeon-woo found the different streams of light in the midst of the explosion and quickly moved past them.

    It was hard to fly between the various objects floating around in the air, and he was occasionally hit painfully by the sparks.

    But even in that confusing state, the shadow used Blink to try to use the Wave of Light where Yeon-woo was.

    ‘Does he want us all to die?’

    Yeon-woo used Swe to block it off, but he only redirected the attack, and it spread around to their surroundings.

    It was fun fighting with his brother’s shadow, but it was hard to tell what the shadow was thinking.

    But in this instant, there was no way to completely move away from the situation. He could only limit the damages.

    So Yeon-woo continued to think about how to lessen the explosion.

    He repeatedly made calculations and went over his attacks.

    But there was only one result he came to. It was impossible.

    The only way he could be free from this explosion was to escape the instant dungeon or break it.

    But the dungeon wouldn’t have been made carelessly enough for players to break it.

    Then there was only one option left.


    He would have to announce his territory and evade the explosion there.


    [Okay! Got it!]

    So Yeon-woo called Nike out and pulled out his control of fire.

    He grabbed the fire that came flying his way and started to twist it around. He used the same method that he used to control his consciousness.

    Fire followed his motions and moved around Yeon-woo.

    The heat entered his Magic Circuit and even tried to destroy his Cores. His Magic Circuit burned up, and it felt like his magic power was going to evaporate any moment.

    It became more painful by the second.

    But as he endured it, each of the cells in Yeon-woo’s body started to awaken with the Dragon’s Blessing.

    [Warning! You are being exposed to an environment that is hard to endure! Moving your location is advised.]

    [You are attempting to use the control of fire and heat trait in your special territory.]

    [More control is needed.]

    [More control is needed.]


    [You are momentarily falling in a stunned condition.]

    [The Dragon’s Blessing is being applied.]

    [With the ‘Cold Blooded’ trait, your calmness is being maintained.]

    [The stun condition is being released. You have gained a strong resistance to fire. You have gained an outstanding resistance to heat.]

    [Your control of fire property has increased by 5.]

    [Your control of fire property has increased by 17.]


    [With the ‘Cold Blooded’ trait, your calmness is being maintained.]

    [Your control of light property has increased by 21.]

    [Your control of light property has increased by 16.]


    [Through a strong will, you have increased your control over fire and light property. The rules in your specialized territory are being strengthened.]

    [The Dragon’s Blessing has started to become ingrained with light and fire properties. The blessing has begun to get fire and light properties.]

    [You have learned more knowledge about the fire and light properties. Please increase your understanding through a deeper understanding of control.]

    [You have learned concepts about ‘Domainization.’ The authority of Dragon’s Blessing is growing. Information about new authority is being unrevealed.]

    [You have learned concepts about Dragonic Pressure.]

    [The effects of the skill ‘Holy Fire’ have become more powerful. The proficiency of the skill has dramatically increased. 25.9%.]

    What Yeon-woo had chosen was to strengthen a particular property. No, it was to have complete control over it.

    Using the control of fire property through Nike was also a gamble.

    Even if it wasn’t able to completely cover the instant dungeon with fire, he thought he would be able to avoid the explosion in his territory.

    That die that he threw was half successful. The explosion was so strong that it was impossible to completely control it, but he could lessen its damage in his territory.

    Dragon’s Blessing. It was as powerful as the proud Draconic species.

    The fact that his 2nd authority was half opened was the most important.

    Growth by a gamble. This was successful enough.


    Under the storm, Yeon-woo was flicked out.

    “This is…..crazy.”

    Yeon-woo barely managed to land on the ground.

    Around him, there was a deep crater.

    Yeon-woo’s condition wasn’t too well off either.

    His right arm was melted from the fire, so it wasn’t even recognizable anymore. His internal organs were injured, and he couldn’t breathe easily.

    If the dragon’s blood wasn’t circulating through his body, he probably would’ve died already.

    ‘Henova’s gonna nag me for this.’

    He felt sorry thinking about how Henova had patted his shoulder telling him to use it well. The Magic Armor already looked like this although it had been less than a day.

    Thankfully, because it had the automatically fixing feature, it was somewhat better.

    That was why this was only half successful.

    He was too tired to fight anymore in this condition. Even Vigrid in his left arm felt heavy. Since he was like this, even the shadow should’ve been injured now.

    Then, the shadow slowly flew down with his Sky Wings.

    He sounded like he was breathing more easily than Yeon-woo. But he looked different than before.

    The dragon scales that were on his neck had grown up to his eyes, and under his Sky Wings, there was something else. They were clearly Dragon Wings.

    The more steps of authorities you learned, the closer you became to an actual dragon.

    To have those wings meant one thing.

    He had awakened the 3rd authority, Elemental Contact.

    “…..that damned prodigy.”

    Yeon-woo laughed in disbelief.

    Some people barely gambled with their lives and got their control up to this level, but others…..

    To think that his explosion would be easily swept aside.

    That guy had probably used light to scatter the explosion.

    He was injured in the process too, but he looked a lot better than Yeon-woo.

    The shadow moved sluggishly, like he was tired, and raised his Dragon Slayer. Seeing someone with the same face as him trying to kill him, Yeon-woo felt strange.


    [Master, we can also participate…..]

    Shanon and Hanryeong burst out shouting after feeling danger.

    The Black Bracelet was one of Yeon-woo’s abilities, but he hadn’t used it even once.


    “I said…..”

    Yeon-woo cut them off. Even if he couldn’t do anything about the Mythical Dragon, he wanted to defeat his brother with his own strength. Only then would he be able to grow.

    And fortunately, Yeon-woo still had some tricks up his sleeve.

    “I don’t want to do anything embarrassing.”

    Along Yeon-woo’s feet, blue and yellow Holy Fire flamed up around him. Then, the fire healed his destroyed arm and gave his new scales.

    As the scales became thicker, they began to grow until they reached Yeon-woo’s right eye.

    [The 2nd step authority has been released.]

    [Authority: Dragonic Pressure]

    [Dragonic Pressure]

    Summary: The ancient dragon Kalatus has set up 8 different authorities for his successor to learn his power. This is the 2nd of those.

    The will of a dragon is powerful enough to threaten a god or demon. This will be projected outside into the territory and set up control.

    *Dragon’s Murderous Aura

    The Draconic species is a superior species that surpasses all others. This pressure buffs allies and scares enemies.

    *Dragon’s Holy Walls

    As the understanding of the authority becomes deeper, the additional effects of the territory also increase. A basic imaginary world can also eventually be created.

    [The Dragon’s Territory, ‘Vina,’ has been strengthened. In your chosen territory, you can exercise control over properties.]

    [All attributes increase during a set amount of time.]


    [‘Domainization’ has been successfully made.]