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Chapter 198 - Demons Forest (13)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 198 - Demons' Forest (13)

    Translator: HH Editor: thursdays

    It wasn’t that hard to seize the Vestige Space.

    Yeon-woo had already absorbed a part of the creature’s mind with Bathory’s Vampiric Sword, so he had gotten some information, and he used the newest feature of his Extrasensory Perception to imitate the space.

    Then, he used his Sword Purification and Spear of the Goddess to amplify his fighting aura.

    Yeon-woo spread out his Fire Wings and soared down.


    Fire spread all around them.

    The creatures seemed shocked that the owner of the Vestige Space had changed, and they seemed to think that they needed to reclaim the space as quickly as possible.

    But they were mistaken about something. The fact that the owner of the Vestige Space changed meant that they were all in Yeon-woo’s palm.

    Instantly, they were hit with an intense debuff.

    Their movements became rough, like the gravity around them was weighing them down, and they fell into a state of confusion.

    Yeon-woo instantaneously cut them.

    The cut beings faded away and were split into pieces to be absorbed into Yeon-woo.

    [You have succeeded in learning the Devil’s Blessing.]

    [Your Dragon’s Blessing influences absorbing the Devil’s Blessing. Your cells are undergoing a special change.]

    [You have learned the Devil’s Blessing.]

    [You have learned the Devil’s Blessing.]


    Each of them was absorbed into the Vestige Space, and it was minimal, but Yeon-woo could feel a small change happening within his body.

    Like how his Dragon Bones and Dragon Veins were set up when his Dragon’s Blessing was first awakened, the Devil’s Blessing stimulated him, slowly changing what he was made of.

    Normally, he would’ve had to appropriately combine the blessing with the purple Devil Flowers, the heart of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur, and the heart of the Kraken, but he needed to build up an immunity first.


    Shanon, Hanryeong, and the Monster Army followed Yeon-woo and moved more quickly.

    He became stronger the more he learned the Devil’s Blessing, so it was more fun to move.

    The heart of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur felt that it was in danger for the first time. Just a moment ago, it had been filled with greed to swallow those who dared to disrupt its sleep, but it now thought that it might be eaten.

    Then, it realized what the emotion it was feeling was.


    A being like itself, which would become a demon, felt fear? This couldn’t be real.

    A demon was a being that lived off of other living things’ fear and confusion. For such a being to feel fear, it meant that it was denying its existence.

    But the creature wasn’t confident it could defeat Yeon-woo. No, it couldn’t even bring itself to fight. Its shadows were running at him with tenacity, but Yeon-woo was still running at him at a speedy pace.

    So the creature began to run away without even looking back. As far as it could go. It wanted to run away to where Yeon-woo couldn’t reach.

    It didn’t know if there would be somewhere that was hidden from Yeon-woo’s eyes, as the owner of the Vestige Space had changed, but safely getting out of here was its utmost priority.

    If it threw away its Ceratopsian Dinosaur form, everything it had done until now would be wasted, but it could always just eat more Demonic species again.


    “Where are you going?”

    Before it could even move, Yeon-woo was already standing in front of it with a cold smile.

    The black mask looked like the face of a devil.

    Its appearance that was reflected in his eyes was trembling with fear.

    Yeon-woo quickly extended his hand to grab its head. Then, he delivered his Wave of Fire through his Magic Circuit.


    “Just…..what’s happening?”

    Lao looked up at the Ceratopsian Dinosaur with a stiff face.

    He thought something had gone horribly wrong when Yeon-woo, Phante, and Edora had been swallowed by the Ceratopsian Dinosaur.

    So at first, he had tried to continue with the raid with his subordinates.

    It wasn’t simply just to save Yeon-woo. It was because he couldn’t let Yeon-woo die, as he knew Brahm’s location.

    The only Dragon Human in the Tower. Same as the Elohim, they wanted it. And the interest of the Gluttony Emperor was too deep. As a faithful servant, Lao couldn’t disappoint his king.

    But Lao stopped giving his orders and stopped his subordinates.

    The Ceratopsian Dinosaur started acting strange. It twisted its body and landed headfirst into the ground nearby, It looked like it was trying to force something out.

    At that moment, Lao came to a realization.

    Yeon-woo’s party was doing something inside the body of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur.

    He didn’t know what they were doing, but the dinosaur seemed to be in intense pain.

    Lao felt regretful, not being able to check Yeon-woo’s skills. And on the other hand, he also felt extremely curious what was going on inside.

    The raid that was going on was a method that he had never heard of before. That was how dangerous it was, but it was amazing that Yeon-woo had jumped into it without any hesitation.

    So Lao decided to watch the situation for a little longer. It wouldn’t be too late if he joined in when things weren’t going as they should.



    Lao couldn’t just look on anymore.

    Unfamiliar presences suddenly crowded nearby. It was a strange but holy energy. It was the Elohim.

    They soon appeared with the sound of cracking branches.

    “I didn’t hear that the Blood Land and the One-horned tribe joined hands?”

    The High Elf, Runt, crossed his arms and glared at Lao and the Blood Land players. The players of the Elohim continued to pop up to surround them.

    This was the place where they were humiliated by Yeon-woo when they caught Galliard. Because of that, Runt’s eyes were filled with fire.

    Lao lightly clicked his tongue. He didn’t expect that they would come at this time. And the murderous aura they were all emanating was intense.

    Lao quickly nodded his chin at his subordinates. All of the Blood Land lifted their swords and blocked the Elohim’s way.

    “Of course we’d want to hold hands with the One-horned tribe. But we weren’t able to do that yet, and we grabbed hands with the Hoarder instead.”


    At the completely unexpected response, Runt’s face hardened. It wasn’t a face fitting of a High Elf.

    The Hoarder. Whenever he heard that name, the scar on his face seemed to throb even more. It was the injury that he received from Cain during the attack.

    “Do you not understand what that means?”

    “Why do you think I don’t understand?”

    Lao laughed coldly.

    “Of course, it’s because you were one-sidedly defeated by him.”

    Suddenly, a cold air started to rise around Lao. and the ground froze. An icy wind that felt like it could slice skin started to blow.

    Runt slammed the spear he was holding into the ground.

    “I’m warning you again. If you don’t move from there, the Elohim will hold the Blood Land responsible for this.”

    Runt wanted to lift his spear and attack, but he was careful because it could lead to war between two Large Clans.

    So he was repeating himself several times. However—

    “Did you know?”

    It only seemed like he was admitting that the Elohim was no match for the Blood Land players.

    “You Elohim are super annoying, babbling on about everything?”


    Lao hit the ground even harder. As he did, the ice split, and hundreds of icicles popped up like a thorn forest.

    <Ice Thorn Forest>. It was Lao’s signature skill.

    Runt and the rest of the Elohim players scattered to avoid the skill.

    And the Blood Land players followed right behind them. As they began to sing the Military Song of Victory, magic circles appeared below their feet, and they began to move even faster.

    The Blood Land players displayed a violent fighting style, as if trying to show them why there were called ‘fierce beasts.’

    Every time they swung their swords, Demon Trees and icicles exploded. The Elohim players had to react to each attack.

    Lao also moved. He freely moved between the icy thorn forest like a snake.

    When he lifted his hand, everything that his ice touched froze and exploded. If you were touched with that, you would probably lose an arm or a leg.

    So Runt was pushed back, flinging his spear around.

    He held his spear with his right hand and drew a circle. The light that exploded from the blade flew at Lao.

    The broken pieces of ice shattered futilely.

    Then, Lao clasped his hands together and gathered the pieces of ice to a signal point, and drew a whirlpool.

    <Ice Storm>. It was a skill that locked your opponent in a storm of sharp ice air.

    Lao thought that he had caught Runt with this. There had been no one who was able to escape the Ice Storm safely.

    And so when the storm settled down, and he was about to check the corpse, Lao’s eyes widened.


    Runt, who he thought would be bloodied, was gone.

    At the cold feeling that he felt behind his back, Lao instinctively moved back. But it was too late. With a fiery pain, his left arm flew in the air.

    Runt was there under the fountain of blood.

    Lao realized that he had been tricked. It was an illusion that used the light. The Runt that he thought was there was actually a fake.

    ‘Just when?’

    Because he had tricked his Nine Snakes’ Eyes, Lao was confused.

    And like other players of the Blood Land had experienced the same thing, screams erupted from all over. The connection of the Military Song of Victory was almost cut off.

    Runt laughed at Lao’s crumpled face and immediately ran to the lake.

    Behind him, through the Ice Thorn Forest, the players of Elohim had appeared.

    Their goal was Yeon-woo. Since half of the Blood Land’s players were injured, there was no need to focus on them anymore.

    “Everyone, move to the lake!”

    Lao quickly pressed down on his injury and moved his subordinates. It didn’t matter if Yeon-woo died, but failing a task that he had done in the Blood Land’s name would be humiliating.

    His subordinates quickly followed right after the Elohim.

    But Runt and the Elohim were already where the Ceratopsian Dinosaur was, and they were already prepared to explode a destructive skill.

    One Point Attack. They were planning on destroying the Ceratopsian Dinosaur as a whole, since Yeon-woo would be destroyed there as well.



    The Ceratopsian Dinosaur that had been moving its body left and right suddenly froze, and screamed horrifically.

    It caused a wave in the lake, and all of the Elohim’s magic power was messed up.

    The players who had been getting ready for the attack were injured, and coughed up blood.

    A few of them looked up at the Ceratopsian Dinosaur with shocked eyes.

    And in that moment, they saw it.

    The flesh of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur was cracked, and something hot and red appeared.

    It was a heat that could boil all of De Roy Lake in an instant. It exploded, bursting the Ceratopsian Dinosaur, and swallowed everything around it.

    The Elohim, Lao, and the rest of the Blood Land players that were following him. Everything. Completely.