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Chapter 273 - Let’s have a child (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 273: Let’s have a child (1)

    Without any warning beforehand, a kiss landed on Xu Weilai’s lips.

    Gu Yu’s kiss wasn’t anything like Xu Weilai’s, a kiss so light it was like a dragonfly skimming on the surface of the water. Instead, it was a deep kiss that lingered on her lips for a while before he left her lips.

    Xu Weilai’s mind first went blank. After remaining stunned for a moment, she eventually broke out of her stupor. Upon meeting the suggestive look in Grandpa’s eyes, heat rushed up to her head and she flushed, her face instantly aflame. This time around, she truly felt bashful. She lowered her gaze, not daring to look at Grandpa and Assistant Lin any longer.

    At the sight of Xu Weilai’s reaction, the corners of Gu Yu’s lips quirked up. He purposely leaned towards her ear, his charming and low voice rasping out slowly, “Happy New Year.”

    He leaned incredibly close to her. As he spoke, his warm lips grazed her ear every so often. In the blink of an eye, her ears also turned red in response.

    Just when Xu Weilai felt so embarrassed that she wished to dig a hole to bury herself in, some guests arrived.

    A grandfather as old as Grandpa Gu brought along with him two identical little boys. As they strolled in orderly, he called out to Grandpa Gu from a distance, “Happy New Year, Lao Gu!”

    “Lao Qin?”

    Pleasantly surprised, Grandpa Gu got up to his feet and walked up with his walking stick in hand. Once he reached him, the two elderly men embraced each other.

    After they took their seats, the maid served some tea and snacks. Gu Yu greeted softly, “Grandpa Qin, long time no see.”

    “This is Yu, right?” Grandpa Qin regarded Gu Yu, unable to stop himself from smiling. “The last time I had last seen you, you were still so small. Now, you’ve grown so big; you’ve become a man!”

    Grandpa Qin and Grandpa Gu were close friends. Grandpa Qn had migrated overseas a long time ago and had always been living overseas since then. It had been over ten years since he last met Grandpa Gu.

    He patted Gu Yu’s shoulder, “He’s even an excellent man! Not bad, not bad!”

    Then, he turned towards Grandpa Gu, “Lao Gu, he inherited all of your good genes!”

    Pride was apparent on Grandpa Gu’s face, but he feigned displeasure as he said, “He’s average. I would thank the heavens if he could be even a tenth of what I was.”

    Grandpa Qin cut him off mercilessly, “That’s enough. Don’t say one thing when you mean another. Don’t think that I can’t see the wide smile on your face. It’s so wide that your wrinkles are coming out.”

    Then, he directed his gaze to Xu Weilai, who was seated beside Gu Yu. “This is…?” he asked.

    Before Grandpa Gu could say anything, Gu Yu’s lips parted as he answered, “My wife.”

    Xu Weilai’s heart suddenly began racing.

    Gu Yu had said before that she wasn’t allowed to disclose their relationship to outsiders. Hence, only people in the Gu Family and Xu Shuai knew of their relationship. Even then… he said it now?

    Grandpa Gu, who was one step behind, grinned as he added, “Lao Qin, this is the granddaughter-in-law that I’ve picked out. Isn’t she pretty!”

    Gu Yu’s cold gaze shifted over to his Grandpa.

    Grandpa Qin nodded, “Looks like a real fairy!”

    Xu Weilai replied hurriedly, “Thank you, Grandpa Qin. You look handsome too!”

    “Haha, what a sweet talker!” Grandpa Qin was extremely delighted. “Lao Gu, this granddaughter-in-law of yours is not bad!”

    This time around, Grandpa Gu was even more proud. He didn’t even bother to act modestly. “But of course, my Little Weilai is the best!”

    Gu Yu’s gaze gradually grew colder as his eyes shifted once more to his Grandpa.

    Grandpa Gu pretended to not have seen anything. He remained quiet and didn’t boast about his wife himself, but he’s trying to stop him from boasting about her? If he was about ten years younger, he would’ve married Little Weilai himself. Why would he still bother with Gu Yu?