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Chapter 262 - A Piece of Cake

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 262: A Piece of Cake

    With soft, silky hair draped around her shoulders, large eyes like the moon, a small nose with a high bridge, slightly flushed cheeks, and tender skin as white as snow and frost, the little girl was like a small fairy or a doll carved out of jade. She looked incredibly innocent and beautiful.

    Xiao Luo hadn’t said anything yet.

    Zhang Dashan was the first to give in. He said, “Never mind, let’s take her with us. It’s too heart-wrenching to see such a cute little girl cry. After all, it won’t be for long. Her family will come and fetch her tomorrow.”

    Xiao Luo was uncertain. He didn’t want to be put in charge of this little troublemaker, but he felt that his inner peace was disturbed when he saw her cry. It felt as if there was an electric drill forcefully drilling away in his heart, making its way inside. It made him very upset.

    Could it be that he had a thing for little girls?

    He was unable but to make such a guess. Who would believe that the devil cop would feel upset over a little girl crying?

    “Dad, Dad…”

    The little girl was wildly crying. Her teary eyes were red as she kept on shouting.

    Xiao Luo sighed. He held the little girl’s small, pale hands and comforted her softly. “Don’t cry. You can stay with me until your family finds you.”

    “OK, Beibei will be a very good girl!” The little girl nodded obediently and finally stopped her tears.

    Xiao Luo smiled slightly and lifted his head. He asked the policewoman, “Do you have any tissue on you?”


    The policewoman quickly took out a packet of tissues from her pocket and handed it to Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo opened it and took out one sheet. He gently wiped away the tears on the little girl’s face. “What’s your full name?”

    “Beibei,” the little girl answered.

    Xiao Luo smiled in resignation. Beibei was definitely a nickname. He asked for her full name, which would include her surname and name, but it was obvious that the little girl couldn’t comprehend the concept. He dismissed his intention to continue asking.

    “Dad, what’s your name?”

    The little girl opened her big, charming eyes wide, as she innocently and curiously asked the question.

    Given that she didn’t even know Xiao Luo’s name, the police officers present realized that the little girl wasn’t Xiao Luo’s daughter. But why was she so reliant on Xiao Luo? Was it simply because Xiao Luo had saved her?

    Everyone was puzzled and confused.

    “Your Dad’s name is Xiao Luo. As for me, you can just call me ‘Brother Dashan.'” Zhang Dashan walked over and chuckled.

    “Can you not be so shameless?”

    Xiao Luo turned around and admonished him. Zhang Dashan was almost 30 years old, yet he still asked a 3- or 4-year-old girl to address him as “Brother.” He was incredibly thick-skinned.

    Zhang Dashan immediately defended himself. “F*ck, what’s wrong with getting her to address me as ‘brother?’ Any single guy should always be addressed as ‘brother,’ you know?”

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes at him. “Nonsense.”

    “Nonsense your ass!”

    Zhang Dashan jumped around furiously like an angry bull flaring hot air from its nostrils.

    Seeing the two fight verbally, the other police officers chuckled. It seemed that Xiao Luo, who was known as the devil cop, was not so cold after all!


    After about 10 minutes, Xiao Luo, Zhang Dashan, and the little girl, Beibei, arrived at the location of the class gathering—Maple Leaf Hotel.

    It was a famous hotel in Jiangcheng. It combined dining, leisure, entertainment, and housing in one location, and it had many branches in Jiangcheng. Each of them was in a strategic location within the surrounding urban areas. One easily identified the main consumer group there from the various mid-to-high-level cars in the parking lot.

    Xiao Luo also knew that Maple Leaf Hotel was owned by Chongshan Court, which meant that the boss behind it was Chu Yunxiong.

    “It seems that we are late, so we will have to drink a few glasses of liquor as punishment.” Zhang Dashan looked at the time and signaled with his head.

    “You still need to drive,” Xiao Luo reminded him. “It’ll do to just drink a few glasses of a beverage. Don’t get pulled over for drunk driving later when we go home.”

    Zhang Dashan waved his hand. “What’s there to be afraid of? You are here, right? Which cop in Jiangcheng doesn’t know you now? One word from you is enough to make them pee their pants. They wouldn’t dare pull us over even if they had a hundred times their courage.”

    “If you get caught for drunk driving, you will have to settle it yourself. I won’t help you. ” Xiao Luo made it clear that there was no relationship between those two events.

    “F*ck, are you still my brother?” Zhang Dashan cursed.

    The little girl suddenly tugged at the corner of Xiao Luo’s shirt and softly said, “Dad, I want to pee.”

    “You go up first. I’ll take her to the bathroom.”

    After speaking to Zhang Dashan, Xiao Luo guided the little girl to the bathroom.

    “We’re in room 508! Don’t go to the wrong one!” Zhang Dashan shouted.

    Xiao Luo waved without turning back, signaling that he knew.

    When they reached the bathroom, Xiao Luo was at a loss. The men’s toilet was on the left, and the ladies’ on the right. Which one was he supposed to take the little girl to?

    He looked down at the little girl and sighed. He thought, You are really giving me a difficult problem.

    The little girl lifted her head. Her big, sparkling eyes innocently looked at him. She didn’t have the slightest idea of what he was thinking.

    Xiao Luo thought for a moment. He made up his mind to bring the little girl to the men’s bathroom. If he went into the ladies’ bathroom, he would likely be viewed as a pervert.

    The little girl was unwilling.

    “Dad, Mom said that I must go to the place with the dress sign when I need to pee.”

    The little girl pointed at the ladies’ sign outside the toilet and dragged Xiao Luo toward that bathroom. “It’s this way.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He forcibly said, “Little girl, you enter from that door when you are going to pee with your mom, but you enter from this door when you are with me.”

    “Is that so?”

    The little girl tilted her head and looked like she was thinking hard. Her brows were furrowed.

    “Xiao Luo!”

    An attractive woman suddenly shouted his name. Her wavy golden hair glimmered brightly as the light shone upon it. She wore a light-yellow super mini skirt, which showed her slim thighs, and she was wearing nude-colored stockings, which displayed her perfect body shape.

    “Tang Wantian.”

    Xiao Luo immediately said the woman’s name out loud. She was the first to voice her support when Guo Qinghe suggested that they meet up. Back at the university, she was very active and the Communist Youth League branch secretary in their class. She was in charge of the Communist Youth League branch matters and showed an extremely strong ability of communication back then.

    “It’s been three years, Xiao Luo, and you’ve gotten more handsome.”

    Tang Wantian approached them with a bright smile. “Oh yeah, what are you working… Eh, who is this little girl? Is she your daughter?”

    “Hello, Sister, my name is Beibei, I am my Dad’s daughter.”

    The little girl boldly introduced herself still holding on tightly to Xiao Luo’s hand.

    Being addressed as “Sister” made Tang Wantian extremely happy. Her smile got even brighter. She reached out and touched the little girl’s face. “How cute. Not bad, Xiao Luo, you’ve had a kid without anyone knowing. Mengqi was the one to name her Beibei, right?”

    She thought that the little girl was the daughter of Xiao Luo and Zhao Mengqi.

    Xiao Luo smiled resignedly and didn’t know what to say. It seemed that things were getting more and more complicated.

    The little girl lifted her head and said with puppy eyes, “Dad, I’m close to peeing myself.”

    Xiao Luo was worried about her peeing herself, so he said to Tang Wantian, “This little girl is not who you think she is. It’s rather complicated. Can you do me a favor and take her into the ladies’ bathroom?”

    Seeing the troubled expression on Xiao Luo’s face, Tang Wantian immediately understood. She smiled slightly and said, “Sure. That’s a piece of cake.” She extended a hand to the little girl. “Little girl, your name is Beibei, right? Come, I’ll take you to the bathroom.”

    The little girl looked at Xiao Luo. She extended a pale hand to Tang Wantian only after Xiao Luo signaled for her to do so with his gaze.