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Chapter 218 - Undressing Without A Word

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 218: Undressing Without A Word

    He wrapped his arms around Su Cha’s waist. Bai Kun put down the luggage and retreated without saying anything.

    Su Cha looked around and was a little curious. “Muyi, what about your loved ones?”

    At least on the phone, Su Cha had heard of the existence of an old lady.

    For a split second, to the naked eye, Bo Muyi’s expression stiffened, he looked slightly uncomfortable. “Cha Cha, I don’t have any loved ones, just a grandma, but she’s not blood-related. She lives in that courtyard on the east side, far away from me. She will not bother me unless necessary.”

    He directly explained his family relations, even his grandma being not blood-related…

    Su Cha concluded that this must at least be a secret, but Bo Muyi hid nothing from her.

    She guessed that this grandma must be an old lady.

    Su Cha thought for a while. Although she came here by Bo Muyi’s idea, there were still formalities to go through. Living here, at least there was an old lady in Wang Ge.

    She asked, “Muyi, do I need to see grandma?”

    If Bo Muyi said that it was not necessary, she would not go.

    Bo Mu also frowned.

    It could be seen that he was slightly distressed. He then nodded and said, “Cha Cha, I will take you later.”

    Bo Muyi didn’t want to do so, but he knew some rules.

    Su Cha was now moving in. Not seeing the old lady, it was as if his Cha Cha had something to hide.

    Although Wang Ge was tightly guarded, there were always servants, people with loose lips couldn’t be stopped, and the existence of Su Cha would soon be exposed.

    The people outside were already staring closely at Wang Ge. If they knew of the existence of Su Cha, they would start making baseless assumptions.

    Bo Muyi wanted Su Cha to be by his side openly. She was his only lover, and would soon be the only mistress of Wang Ge.


    Su Cha nodded obediently. She glanced around the room and understood roughly the facilities present. She held her luggage and said, “I’ll put things down, Muyi, where is the room you’re sleeping in?”

    Hearing this, it was unclear what he suddenly thought of, his gaze became more fiery. Helping her push her luggage, he took her hand and led her into the bedroom. “Here.”

    Bo Muyi’s bedroom decoration style was very simple, but unlike the dreariness in Su Cha’s imagination, Su Cha saw that the bedroom had undergone some renovations. Due to its many styles, it looked very similar to her home back in Yonggu Town.

    However, above the huge bed, Su Cha saw a picture of herself.

    Hung above the bed frame, the picture was so large, it would occupy one’s view upon entering the bedroom.

    It was a photo of her smiling especially happily. The sun rays fell on her, the girl in the picture wore a simple denim dress, like an elf who strayed into the human world.

    At that time, she seemed very young.


    Su Cha’s finger was pointing at the photo, but just as she wanted to turn around and ask Bo Muyi, she found that Bo Muyi was unbuttoning his clothes.


    She didn’t know where this habit of undressing without a word came from.

    Su Cha’s expression was conflicted, and Bo Muyi didn’t want to answer her question for the time being. After unbuttoning his shirt, his pale and thin waist and chest were exposed, pressing onto Su Cha’s body.

    “Cha Cha, you saw something bad yesterday, I think you should wash your eyes.”

    The man’s clear voice spoke such alluring words, while sticking out the tip of his tongue, he closed his eyes and licked Su Cha’s eyelids.

    The girl’s voice softened a little. “But you said you’dl take me for a walk today.”

    “Yes, we’ll go after eating at noon.”

    Su Cha: “…”

    It was nine o’clock in the morning!!

    More of her words were drowned out by the gentle treatment of the man. From Su Cha’s eyes, to the tip of her nose, he licked gently, occasionally sucking gently, until he reached the girl’s white neck, exposed with her head tilted aside. His actions were fierce as he bit on it, as if wanting to suck her blood fresh.

    But when he came into contact with her skin, he only gently kissed her.

    His warm hands had already ignited a fire all over the girl’s delicate, satin-like body, the girl’s originally soft groans gradually became whimpers…

    This was his favourite sound.