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Chapter 482 - The Frightening Chaotic Secret Realm

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 482: The Frightening Chaotic Secret Realm

    “The Divine Temple has vanished!” Yun Jiuge told Ye Yu.

    “The Divine Temple? You mean this is the Divine Temple?” Ye Yu was even more surprised after hearing her words. How did the Eldest Miss manage to defeat the cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage without his knowledge?

    Everything felt so crazy to him at the moment.

    “Let’s save Jun Yichen and Luo Tian first!” Yun Jiuge was not in the mood to explain things to Ye Yu.

    “Oh! Okay!” Ye Yu replied before he called Ye Yunzhi over to him. The pair was just about to enter the rubble when Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong flew towards Yun Jiuge and dropped their respective masters before her.

    “Eldest Miss! What are you doing here?” Luo Tian was astonished to see Yun Jiuge before him.

    “What on earth happened? Why am I in the Core Formation stage?” Jun Yichen was even more surprised than Luo Tian.

    “I don’t know how to explain things now. Let’s leave this till a later time. I want the two of you to tidy this place up and take over as the leaders of the Five Poison Sect later. Both of you will be in charge of managing the Shiwan Grand Mountain from here on out,” instructed Yun Jiuge. The Five Poison Sect was partly to blame for the situation that they were in right now. Things would not have ended up like this if they did not try to steal Yue Ling’er’s Tear of Blood for themselves back then.

    “Understood,” said Luo Tian, nodding his head without hesitation. He had not been entrusted a mission by Yun Jiuge for a long time.

    It was not a difficult task for him to take over as the leader of the Five Poison Sect. In fact, he believed that he would be able to lead the Yin Corpse Sect too if Yun Jiuge instructed him to.

    “Why? Are you in a hurry to leave?” Jun Yichen realized that Yun Jiuge seemed to be hinting at a farewell through her words.

    “Yeah,” Yun Jiuge nodded her head in response.

    Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong immediately flew to the sides of her legs. They were reluctant to see her leave.

    “The two of you — follow behind your masters closely,” said Yun Jiuge. She patted them on the heads and fed them three Cherry Pills each.

    “Eldest Miss, where are you headed?” Luo Tian could not help but be curious.

    “I’m going to settle some stuff at the Chaotic Secret Realm that’s situated underneath the Divine Temple,” Yun Jiuge casually brought up the Chaotic Secret Realm.

    She had wasted too much time here. She must hurry to the Secret Realm and find those scoundrels, Li Wei and Qiu Sen, at once.

    “We’ll go with you,” Ye Yu offered at once.

    “No need for that. There are tasks that I need the three of you to do here. All I want from you is to watch over the Shiwan Grand Mountain while I’m gone. There must be a reason why the Divine Temple was placed here,” explained Yun Jiuge. Yue Ling’er might be gone now, but Yun Jiuge was certain that things were not over just yet. The person who impersonated Li Wei must have something else up his sleeves.

    Yun Jiuge could not possibly deal with everything all by herself. Thus, she assigned the task of watching over the Shiwan Grand Mountain to the people whom she trusted.

    “Don’t worry, Eldest Miss. We’ll definitely look after the Shiwan Grand Mountain while you’re gone,” Luo Tian assured. The three of them suddenly felt like a heavy burden had just been placed on their shoulders after hearing Yun Jiuge’s words.

    “We’ll be leaving now,” Yun Jiuge hastily bade them farewell before she led Zi Shang towards the area underneath the Divine Temple.

    Everything on the surface was in an absolute mess at the moment, yet the area underneath the Divine Temple was completely undisturbed. Yun Jiuge noticed straightaway that the death energy surrounding the dark tunnel had gotten stronger than when she last visited.

    “Do you really want to go there?” Zi Shang could not help but remember Yue Ling’er’s prediction that Yun Jiuge was going to die if she entered the Chaotic Secret Realm.

    The Child of Life that they spoke about earlier was fake after all. What if something were to really happen to Yun Jiuge inside the Secret Realm?

    “Of course,” replied Yun Jiuge. She directed the golden thread that she had absorbed into her Elixir Field — the Moon Spirit Silk Thread — to fly towards the depths of the tunnel before them.

    The Moon Spirit Silk Thread grew in length and began devouring the space around them. It did not take long before a round black hole formed before their eyes.

    “Let’s go!” Yun Jiuge held Zi Shang’s hand and took a step into the black hole.

    The space around them started to warp violently. A while later, Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang fell onto the ground one after the other.

    “When did you become this heavy?” Yun Jiuge was pressed underneath Zi Shang’s heavy body. She was nearly turned into ground meat by him.

    She quickly pushed Zi Shang away from her and stood to her feet. The first thing that greeted her was the smell of the death energy.

    The sky above her head was bleak. The sun looked as though it had been placed into a black bag, struggling to emit a little light to the lands.

    The black-colored earth underneath their feet looked like it had been burned by fire, and it let out puffs of black-colored air. The place looked just like the aftermath of a catastrophe.

    “My god!” Yun Jiuge was immensely taken aback by what she saw.

    She knew that the Chaotic Secret Realm was in a disastrous state after she saw an image of it previously, but she did not expect it to be this horrible.

    At this moment, Zi Shang made matters worse by bringing her bad news, “I can’t use my Demonic Power in here.”

    “Are you kidding me?” Yun Jiuge turned her head to look at Zi Shang in disbelief, but she noticed that his face looked extremely grave. It did not look like he was joking.

    “Can you try and see if you’re still able to use your Spiritual Power?” Zi Shang asked.

    Yun Jiuge tried to draw upon the Spiritual Power inside her body, but she realized she was not able to draw out any at all. It was as though her Elixir Field had died.

    She hastily stretched her hand out, and it emitted a faint golden light. The Moon Spirit Silk Thread also emerged alongside the light.

    “Thankfully, it looks like I can still use my Holy Power,” said Yun Jiuge as she heaved a sigh of relief. It would be very dangerous if she could not use any form of power to protect herself in this damned place.

    “Release A’dai. Let him carry us out of this place,” Zi Shang did not look particularly worried as he spoke.

    He might not be able to use his Demonic Power at the moment, but the most fearsome part about demons was not the powers they possessed but their bodies. They could easily recover from any damage done to them and this allowed them to defeat even the strongest of beasts.

    “Okay!” Yun Jiuge used her Holy Power to open up the Spiritual Beast Bag and release A’dai.

    “Ohhhhhh!” A’dai kept howling crazily the moment it was let out of the bag. It seemed to be under the misconception that it was still battling against the white threads from earlier, and it was on full alert.

    “Calm down, A’dai. Everything’s fine now,” said Yun Jiuge. She was about to comfort A’dai when she noticed that its furry, plump face looked extremely listless. It kept circling about the air dazedly before it suddenly flew towards the east.

    “Where are you going? Come back!” Yun Jiuge immediately shot the Moon Spirit Silk Thread towards A’dai and dragged it back to her side.

    “Ohhhhhhh!” Let me go! I want to go home! I want to go home!

    A’dai’s consciousness gushed into Yun Jiuge’s mind. Its voice was so loud that it caused her ears to ring.

    “Wait… What do you mean? Go home?” Yun Jiuge shook her head and asked A’dai, “This is the Chaotic Secret Realm, not the Shiwan Grand Mountain. How are you going home?”

    “Go home… Go home…”

    A’dai kept repeating those words, and it began to struggle even more violently than before in its attempt to break free of the Moon Spirit Silk Thread that had bound him.

    Yun Jiuge was relying on her Holy Power to manipulate the Moon Spirit Silk Thread. It would be a waste of her powers to continue to fight against A’dai.

    She was left with no other choice. She immediately discussed the issue with Zi Shang, “Should we follow him?”

    “Let’s go with him!” They were not familiar with the Secret Realm anyway. It did not matter where they went.

    “A’dai, you can go home, but you must bring us with you,” spoke Yun Jiuge. After she finished speaking, she stuffed two Cherry Pills into A’dai’s mouth.

    “Ohhhhh! Master must follow me.”

    A’dai immediately remembered that Yun Jiuge was its master after it ate the Cherry Pills.

    “Let’s go!” Yun Jiuge released the Moon Spirit Silk Thread around A’dai’s body and sat on its back with Zi Shang.

    A’dai flapped its wings at once and flew towards the east like an arrow that had been shot out of a bow.

    As they flew, Yun Jiuge noticed that the lands underneath them were cracked. They looked just like a person’s skin that was covered with scars. There were no grasses or any signs of life anywhere.

    Yun Jiuge could not help but remember the state that the Empress Mountain was in. If Yue Ling’er had continued to extract Spiritual Energy from the mountains and rivers, then the Shiwan Grand Mountain would probably have ended up in this state as well.

    “Did the Secret Realm look like this when you sealed it away?” Zi Shang suddenly asked.

    “I don’t know. I was in a hurry to reincarnate back then, and I sealed the Revelation of the Catastrophe in this Secret Realm hastily. I wasn’t paying attention to anything else,” replied Yun Jiuge. Back then her soul had already left her body, and she would not be able to reincarnate if she wasted more time. She did not have the energy to observe what the Secret Realm looked like.