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Chapter 483 - : Searching For A’dai’s Home

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 483: Searching For A’dai’s Home

    After she became reincarnated, Yun Jiuge had thought that she would be able to contact people in the Celestial Palace through Li Wei and regain her position as the Goddess.

    With the power of the Celestial Palace, it would be easy to deal with any Secret Realm.

    However, after she became reincarnated, things took a turn for the worse. Li Wei had disappeared, and all her plans had to change.

    “This Secret Realm was not originally like this. It only became a barren land later on. Save your Holy Power and don’t use it unless you really have to,” Zi Shang advised. He had a feeling that this Secret Realm would be rather complicated.

    “Okay, got it,” Yun Jiuge said. She had also discovered that although she could use her Holy Power in this Secret Realm, it took a lot of effort to do so and took very long for her to recover.

    Just tying A’dai up for a while had already consumed one percent of her Holy Power, which had not yet begun to replenish.

    “Don’t worry too much. Although I can’t use my Demonic Power, I can still protect you,” Zi Shang said. He explained how his Demonic Body had been restored.

    “I know,” Yun Jiuge said. She dually cultivated with Zi Shang every single day, so how could she not know what his body was like?

    Although she had not seen Zi Shang’s real body before, it must have been very powerful, so she wasn’t very concerned about safety. She was worried about something else.

    “Qiu Sen and the others are probably not able to use Spiritual Power in the Secret Realm. I wonder how they are now?” Yun Jiuge asked. Although these three guys had abandoned her, Yun Jiuge was still worried about their safety.

    To be precise, she was worried about the two Legendary Venomous Insects, Xiao Ying, and Xiao Tao.

    She had already decided that if she saw Nangong Li and Baili Moyun, she would take the Legendary Venomous Insects and then end all ties with them.

    “If they dared to enter the Secret Realm after abandoning you, they must have something they can rely on. Don’t worry, Nangong Yue will take good care of them,” Zi Shang said. As he brought up Nangong Yue, his expression became cold. That woman must be hiding a secret.

    While the two of them were chatting, A’dai had flown away from the barren land and come to a sparse grassland.

    It was originally a lush grassland but it was now extremely sparse. There were patches of yellow-green grass, but it was mostly dry, brown, land. There were also a few small puddles, but the rivers and creeks were all gone.

    “A’dai, where is your home?” Yun Jiuge couldn’t help but ask.

    They had been flying for almost two hours, and he only had limited stamina.

    “Caw!” A’dai responded weakly but didn’t say where his home was.

    Yun Jiuge suspected that A’dai was confused and had just made up an imaginary home. She coaxed it saying, “A’dai, you must be tired after flying for so long. Why don’t we take a rest!”

    “Caw!” A’dai refused.

    “I still have a lot of Cherry Pills and Spiritual Water left. After you eat, you’ll have the strength to continue flying!” Yun Jiuge continued to coax A’dai.

    A’dai hesitated for a moment, but then let out an unyielding wail and sped up, continuing to fly forward.

    “Why is A’dai so persistent? Could it be that this used to be his home?” Yun Jiuge asked. She started to believe A’dai.

    A’dai had always loved food. If it could firmly refuse the temptation of food, there must be something more important than food or survival.

    “Can you still see the energy in A’dai’s head now?” Zi Shang suddenly asked.

    “Yes,” Yun Jiuge said. She concentrated her Holy Power between her eyebrows and opened her Spiritual Eye to look at A’dai’s mind.

    She saw that the appearance of the strange gold and gray energy had changed.

    The gold energy increased, pushing all the gray energy to the periphery.

    However, that gray energy at the surroundings was very persistent, and there was no way to remove it.

    Yun Jiuge told him what she saw. Zi Shang nodded and said, “That’s right, A’dai is indigenous to this Secret Realm. I don’t know why he ended up at the Shiwan Grand Mountain. Outside the Secret Realm, the Spiritual Energy was suppressing his original strength. Now that we’re back, his original strength has been restored.”

    “If you put it this way, does it mean that once we find his family, we’ll know what’s happening in the Secret Realm?” Yun Jiuge asked. This was just what they needed. Her spirit was suddenly rejuvenated. It must have been destined that A’dai had appeared by her side.

    “Yes, but before that, let it take a break first. Otherwise, it’d become exhausted before it finds its home,” Zi Shang said, seeing A’dai’s flushed face. It looked like it would stop breathing at any moment.

    “A’dai, I don’t feel well. Quickly put me down to rest,” Yun Jiuge changed her strategy. She pressed A’dai’s head and used the Holy Soul Imprint to suppress it.

    After signing a Master and Servant Contract, a Spiritual Beast had to give priority to the safety of its master.

    A’dai had no way to defy this, and it landed reluctantly on a mountain.

    This mountain was not very tall but had a lot of greenery on it. There were some large trees around, with red bark and leaves.

    “Feed it,” Yun Jiuge said and took out the Cherry Pill and Spiritual Water from the Magical Bottomless Bag, handing them to Zi Shang.

    “You’re asking me to feed it?” Zi Shang said with a frown. He had never raised a Spiritual Beast before and did not like to do so.

    “I still have to organize the Magical Bottomless Bag,” Yun Jiuge said. Every time she opened the Magical Bottomless Bag, it took up Holy Power and was too wasteful. She had to take out some of the more commonly used items first.

    “Okay!” Zi Shang said. He took the Elixir and Spiritual Water and reluctantly began to feed A’dai.

    A’dai didn’t resist and ate quickly. It wanted to make a move as soon as possible.

    “Elixir, food, water…” Yun Jiuge mumbled and took out the required items.

    Although Golden Core Cultivators didn’t need to eat, now that their Demonic Power and Spiritual Power could not be used, it was better to make some preparations.

    After preparing the necessary items for survival, Yun Jiuge took out the Wicked Blade.

    When she was saving Yin Shili previously, all the Wicked Energy of the Wicked Blade had been devoured by the white devouring silk, causing it to become scrap iron.

    However, the Wicked Blade was made of very good material, and it was still very sharp. It was much better than normal iron, and was still useful to have around.

    “Caw caw caw!” After eating the Cherry Pill and Spiritual Water, A’dai quickly screamed at Yun Jiuge. “Are you done? We should leave!”

    “Wait a moment,” Yun Jiuge said. She was considering letting Feifei and the Treasure-hunting Scorpion out of the Spiritual Beast Bag.

    “Caw caw caw.” Hurry up, hurry up…

    A’dai desperately urged her to leave. After returning to this Secret Realm, his ability to express himself had improved a lot, and Yun Jiuge’s ears began to suffer.

    “Okay, okay, let’s go now,” Yun Jiuge replied and decided not to let out the Spiritual Beasts. A’dai alone was noisy enough, and Feifei would only add on to the noise.

    Holding the cloth bag, Yun Jiuge was about to climb onto A’dai’s back when Zi Shang suddenly hugged her and rolled to one side.

    With a whistling sound, a black arrow suddenly flew swiftly towards A’dai.