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Chapter 298 - Her Heartache

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 298: Her Heartache

    The cold wind blew through Ning Meng’s pajamas and went right up her skin. The chill had seeped into her bones so much so that she trembled in the cold, but she did not make a single move as she stared at the man in front of her.

    The moonlight shone faintly onto his body. He was slouching and seemed as though he could not take the burden of his memories anymore, the outline of his silhouette displayed distinctly. The way he was holding the cigarette was skilled, but it left her in a heartache.

    He raised his hand onto the ashtray in front of the car and paused. He took in another drag when he finally seemed to realize her presence and turned his head, their eyes meeting amidst the cigarette smoke.

    In that instant, Ning Meng could see Huo Beichen’s big eyes clearly. Although he wore no expressions on his face, his eyes were flustered, just like someone had just found out about the secrets in the deepest recesses of his heart. He was arrogant during the day, but right now, he looked troubled.

    A yearning ache was etched onto her heart.

    Ning Meng tried her best to suppress the tears building up in her eyes. Dragging her heavy feet toward him slowly, step by step, she drew closer toward him.

    When he saw that she had started to move, he quickly put out his cigarette and walked toward her in big strides. Although there were only thirty meters between them in the carpark, Ning Meng felt as though they had walked for an eternity. He unbuttoned his overcoat as he walked toward her, and when he had reached her, he took it off and put it on her. He then asked her in a hoarse voice, “Why did you come down?”

    His overcoat was steeped with the smell of cigarettes but filled with his warmth. He had put it on her to help her fight against the immense cold they were currently in, and her frozen limbs were slowly thawed. As for the man, he was only wearing a shirt thinner than her pajamas but he seemed to be unaffected. He stood up straight and proud, almost as if the troubled man she had caught a glimpse of earlier was a different person…

    Ning Meng did not answer him. Instead, she asked him, “Why did you come here?”

    He delayed his response and carefully answered, “I couldn’t sleep.”

    Could not sleep…

    He could not sleep for a whole week?!

    He still had to work in the morning, attend meetings, and manage the various matters of the company, and yet, he could not sleep at night. Ning Meng could not understand why he could not sleep and pressed him further. “Why did you come here if you couldn’t sleep?”

    Huo Beichen looked at her, his deep stare penetrating her soul so much that she panicked. It felt like he had some sort of magic that could trap anyone who was not careful, but he seemed tired. While Ning Meng was busy panicking in her heart, he slowly answered, “I feel calmer when I’m closer to you.”

    So, the reason he had come over every night, loitering in the carpark, was to get closer to her?

    Ning Meng could not understand why he was clinging onto her nor could she understand why he had such deep feelings for her, but at this moment, this late in the night, did all these things still matter?

    They did not matter anymore.

    She only knew that she did not want to see him so troubled as it made her heart ache badly.

    Ning Meng held out her hand. “Want to go up?”

    He paused for a while. He had never thought that Ning Meng would allow him to go up, but he quickly held onto her hand and smiled. “Sure.”

    They both went toward the lift. On the way there, they did not say a single word, but they did not let go of each other either. When they had arrived at the warm apartment, Ning Meng turned back and looked at him.

    “Can I ask you a question?”