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Chapter 339 – Sealed Dimension Ring

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     The Old Ancestor’s heart shook. For a moment, he thought of the possibility that he was being used. But as soon as this thought appeared he erased it from his mind. Today’s arriving world extermination might be far weaker than he imagined, but it was still more than enough to kill an ordinary Blue Sea realm master.

    A mere Nascent Soul realm junior was as weak as an ant; he had no qualifications at all! Why would the world's will’s destructive intent be aimed at Qin Yu?

    Then it was like a bright light broke apart the fog in his mind. In an instant, the Old Ancestor thought of a possibility. He sucked in a deep breath and his heartbeat quickened. Rage started to burn in his chest!

    This world extermination might not be able to deal with him, but it was more than enough to erase his hopes of continuing to survive. If it did that, then it could indirectly achieve its goal. That’s right, it had to be because of this. The Old Ancestor already learned about Ning Qin from Yun Yilan. If that mysterious treasure furnace hadn’t chosen a master, why would he personally come here? As he thought, this junior Ning Qin was the turning point for breaking free from his shackles. And the world extermination had come here to kill Ning Qin and destroy his hopes!

    Despicable! Shameless!

    Even the world could be sinister.

    But no matter what methods you have, you can aim at this old man! You can forget targeting my turning point!

    The Old Ancestor roared in anger. He reached out a hand and struck at the falling black powder. His large sleeves shook about, each shake causing space to disintegrate and countless cracks to form. In his anger, the Old Ancestor was already erupting with the full might of his cultivation. His palm thundered the world, as if a million mountains were collapsing together. And at this time, each mote of powder seemed even heavier than a mountain!

    The Old Ancestor stuffily coughed, his face paling a little. This powder was not only incomparably heavy, but it also contained a trace of a tyrannical soul-destroying strength. Even with his cultivation, he was barely able to resist it. Was this worth it to kill a mere Nascent Soul?

    It seemed that the world's will had expected he would try to stop it. If he was careless for even a moment and allowed a bit of powder to pass through, Ning Qin would be thoroughly killed. The Old Ancestor deeply rejoiced in his own quick reactions because if he had been even a moment slower, it would have been too late to regret.

    Humph! Since the Old Ancestor had already discovered the true goal of the world's will, then no matter how many methods it tried to utilize, it could give up any idea of harming Ning Qin! All of that black powder was forcefully destroyed by the Old Ancestor with pure brute strength, even if he had to withstand a heavy injury because of it.

    Cough cough –

    With several light coughs, the Old Ancestor looked up towards the sky where the darkness had vanished, and a sneer appeared on his face.

    Old thief heaven, if you want to fight with this old man, you are still too lacking!

    The Old Ancestor lowered his head, his gaze becoming extremely gentle, as if he were looking at the most precious treasure in the world. “Ning Qin, I will be going first. Three days from now I will wait for you in the capital city.”

    He turned, his voice as cold as the deep winter night. “Yun Yilan, I appreciate Ning Qin very much. There cannot be any problems with his safety.” These words were clearly not aimed at Yun Yilan alone.

    Then, cracks began to appear in the Old Ancestor’s body and he rapidly disintegrated, turning into endless dust that vanished from sight.

    Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang’s pupils violently shrank.

    Yun Yilan bowed, “I bid the Old Ancestor farewell!” After standing up straight, his eyes were solemn, “Revered Ming, Revered Yuan, you have already heard the Old Ancestor’s words. Please make preparations as soon as possible.”

    Ming Siyuan took a deep breath and slowly said, “I will immediately report back. I should have an answer by tomorrow at the latest.” He glanced at Qin Yu, nodded, and left.

    White Fengfeng had a reluctant expression. It was unknown what she was told, but she obediently followed behind.

    Yuan Tiangang bid his farewells without expression. The Old Ancestor had obviously warned him just now, so he couldn’t do anything to Ning Qin at the moment. Moreover, when the Old Ancestor had revealed his true cultivation, it had left him endlessly shaken. He had to immediately report to Cleansing Temple.

    Watching the two people leave, a deep light flashed in Yun Yilan’s eyes. The Revival Good Fortune Pill was suspected by all the factions within the Southshine Nation, but no one could ignore the lucky chance and good fortune it represented. The Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple would certainly agree. Of this, Yun Yilan was confident. But even so, there wasn’t the least bit of happiness in his heart.

    He already knew about the Old Ancestor’s condition. Everything should be in the grasp of their hands and they should have had plenty of time to prepare, so how come the world’s killing tribulation had descended today without any warning at all?

    Could there be a problem with the Old Ancestor?

    Yun Yilan’s expression sank. After a long period of time, he took a deep breath and looked towards Qin Yu. “Ning Qin, I know you are feeling nervous and anxious in your heart, but I hope this was the last time that today’s events will occur.” Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest and was about to speak, but he was interrupted, “I don’t need your promises. I will look only at your actions. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

    Once the troubled Yun Yilan left, Qin Yu closed the door. Then, all the pores on his body seemed to open at once and a massive amount of sweat dripped out, instantly drenching his robes. His hair stuck to his forehead and he looked incomparably distressed.

    His feet wobbled and even the strength to take a single step forward seemed to have vanished. He slowly lowered himself to the ground and let out a long breath of relief. It was only then that a small bitter smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

    Just now, he had really made a trip to death’s door. If it weren’t for the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor appearing here today, his fate would have been miserable.

    Before that mass of darkness within the skies had appeared, Qin Yu had received a warning from the little blue lamp. Before he could even think about it, his instincts forced him to approach the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor as a way to counter it. This was because the Old Ancestor was the strongest person present, and only he had the ability to resist this world killing tribulation.

    Right now he was still alive and the Old Ancestor didn’t have any suspicions towards him. Even Qin Yu had no idea what the reasoning was behind that. But, he didn’t have the mood or mindset to think about these things. Living was all that mattered.

    For a long time, Qin Yu felt his weary body slowly regaining strength. He stretched his legs out into a comfortable position and leaned back against a wall, deep in thought.

    The black light that arrived just now might be terrifyingly strong, but through the little blue lamp, Qin Yu could indistinctly feel that wasn’t the true killing move, but rather a probing strike from the world's will. Yes, that was right, it was a probing strike. After judging Qin Yu’s comprehensive strength, it would then send its true annihilating attack.

    Once he realized this, no matter how firm his mentality was, he still couldn’t help but bitterly smile and for his complexion to darken. If a probing strike was this terrifying, then once the true destructive attack occurred, all that was left for Qin Yu was death.

    It was no wonder that the little blue lamp had remained so quiet ever since it entered the Land of Divinity and Demons. Once it erupted with its true might, the world's will would lock onto it. There was nothing Qin Yu could complain about. If it hadn’t been for the little blue lamp helping him, Yuan Tiangang would have definitely caused him to suffer. And, his current cultivation and even the fact that he was able to come to the Land of Divinity and Demons, was in great part thanks to the little blue lamp.

    Now, what he needed to consider was how to survive through that world killing tribulation which would descend in the near future.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flickered. After a long time, he let out a long breath. At this point in time, this was the only means possible.

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor!

    Yes, it was this old monster who gave Qin Yu a bad feeling but who had also saved his life. This old freak seemed to have a great deal of interest in him. Although Qin Yu didn’t know what this ‘interest’ was, he didn’t need to be a genius to know that it wasn’t anything beautiful.

    If it were any other time, Qin Yu would certainly think of all sorts of methods to escape and then flee as far away as possible. But now…he decided to reverse his mindset! Instead of running away, he needed to do everything in his power to pull himself closer to the Old Ancestor’s side, until the day that he was able to help him overcome that world killing tribulation!

    Just yesterday, Qin Yu was wracking his mind on how to escape. But today he was doing everything he could to stay. As people said, it was impossible to predict the twists and turns in life. But in the end, this was all because he was too small and weak. If he had the strength to resist this world killing tribulation then he could naturally take control of his own destiny.

    My life is mine, not the heavens’…to accomplish this, it couldn’t be described as just ‘difficult’.

    Qin Yu took a deep breath. At this time, his heart began to beat vigorously within his chest, becoming increasingly strong as his firmed his resolve. His closed eyes opened slightly and shined with brightness. It was like his gaze had been washed with spring water, becoming even purer. After witnessing the power of the Blue Sea realm, after experiencing that world killing tribulation, all these sudden changes had caused his heart to shake and tumble. Unconsciously, Qin Yu’s state of mind had unknowingly taken another step forwards.

    A moment later he opened his eyes. It was like the difficult position he was currently in was no longer urgent and impossible. Rather, what filled his chest was a faint confidence.

    He could definitely overcome this hurdle and walk further, becoming stronger!

    Qin Yu stood up and entered the training room. He took out a pill and swallowed it, closed his eyes, and started refining it. Little streams flowing together could become a vast river. Grains of sand could accumulate into a mountain. There were no shortcuts in cultivation. He could only work diligently, and only then would he continue to have greater achievements. Otherwise, no matter how great his desires and aspirations were, everything was just empty talk and momentary illusions.


    It was unknown how Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang contacted the Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple, but on the next day, both sides indicated that they were willing to allow their juniors to participate in the refinement of the Revival Good Fortune Pill. But to ensure safety, the two of them would follow Yun Yilan to the capital city.

    After Yun Yilan asked for further guidance and received an agreement, the matter was settled. As for the special envoy sent by the royal family, he would arrive by the time the sun fell in the west. The rewards for winning the Youth Alchemy Competition were extremely rich. At the very least, the harvests that the top ten cultivators received could even make a Divine Soul powerhouse go mad with envy.

    For instance, all of Qin Yu’s attention was focused on the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit, but once the royal family special envoy arrived, it was only then he discovered that the rewards were so great that it was actually quite scary. There was no need to mention the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit, but besides that there were two other things that could also be considered incomparably precious treasures: a sky origin soul fruit and a sealed dimension ring.

    The sky origin soul fruit was the size of a child’s fist. It flowered for a thousand years, withered for a thousand years, and bore fruit for another thousand years. Only after hanging for 1300 years afterward and becoming a light golden color could it be considered as having matured.

    If a cultivator swallowed this fruit, their soul force would increase by a drastic scale. Even within the Land of Divinity and Demons, this was a treasure that could only be found, not searched for. It was a truly transcendent divine fruit.

    As for the sealed dimension ring, this was something refined by cultivators. It was also called a key of space and was an extremely precious treasure.

    The Land of Divinity and Demons was a vast and boundless land. Any one of the seven great empires had millions and billions of territories. They could be called an incomparably giant space.

    And within this space, all sorts of overlaps existed with small spatial fragments. For instance, in the land of exiles where the Gold Noble Family lived, that was a spatial fragment.

    In the rumors, there were Calamity Immortal supreme elders that joined the Great Dao of the heavens and earth and were able to control the hundreds of millions of rules. They could absorb a spatial fragment and seal and refine it into an endless space of nothingness.

    What this nothingness was, perhaps even a Calamity Immoral supreme elder might not know. But its most powerful attribute was that it was unknowable.

    After this spatial fragment was refined into this nothingness, it became incomparably secure. Its only entrance was the item of communication left behind during the refinement process.

    This, was the sealed dimension ring.