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Chapter 288 - Instructor, Are You Worried About Me?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 288: Instructor, Are You Worried About Me?

    The others who were watching the scene from afar could not help but wonder out loud, “Big Sister Qi is indeed a strong woman. She is rather powerful! She can’t be killed easily!”

    “She’s indeed amazing at annoying others!”

    “She’s really the weirdest person in our team!”

    The veterans commented on her behavior. Zhao Yu, a freshman, was standing beside them. He could not help but approach them and looked at them eagerly. “Don’t we have another female teammate? How is she? Is she a gentle person?”

    The veterans smiled and said nothing.

    However, their smiles were slightly strange and peculiar.

    “Your facial expressions seem strange. It’s scaring me.”

    Crocodile smiled and said, “She’s female. Nothing more or less.”

    “What do you mean?” Zhao Yu asked doubtfully.

    Lightning raised his hand and patted Zhao Yu’s shoulders. He then said calmly, “What Crocodile means is that you could treat her as a man if we disregard her gender!”

    Zhao Yu was silent for three seconds. Then, he voiced his doubt. “Iron lady? Tomboy? Or, is she just ugly?”

    Lightning smiled softly when he saw Zhao Yu’s curious face. “You’ll know when you meet her in the future. Big Sister Qi is the only aggressive flower in our team.”

    Zhao Yu was quiet.

    In the end, he was excited for nothing.

    At first, he thought that she would be a gentle and soft girl. Now… He sighed dejectedly.

    As the only flower in their team, Jian Qi was squatting with her legs trembling at the moment. Her eyes were filled with resentment.

    “Instructor Tang, my legs are almost ruined…”

    Tang Jingyu was calm. “Not yet, right?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    It was summer but the weather was constantly changing. The sun was shining brightly just moments ago, now the sky was filled with heavy clouds. Soon, big droplets of rain started falling on their faces.

    “Instructor Tang, it’s raining now…” Her sad voice was heard again.

    Tang Jingyu’s gaze fell on Jian Qi again. Her entire face was covered with scars, and one of her hands was bandaged. She should seem weak and soft now. However, she still appeared playful and annoying like she always was.

    “Stand at attention!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi breathed out a sigh of relief. She stood up straight. Then, she expressed her gratitude toward God and the rain that came just in time.

    “There’s a mission for us in a month’s time. So, we need to train harder this month. But, your body…”

    “I want to participate in the training too!” Tang Jinyu did not finish what he wanted to say before he was interrupted by Jian Qi.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. “I haven’t finished speaking. Why are you in such a rush? Also, did you forget that you need to request to speak up before you want to speak to me?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Fine! You’re handsome so I’ll listen to you!’

    Tang Jinyu continued talking when he realized that Jian Qi had become obedient. “You’re injured. Although you might not feel the pain, you must allow your body to heal properly so as not to leave behind any effects. Your internet skills are good. So, you’ll be responsible for collecting and analyzing data during the mission…”

    “Instructor, why am I not allowed to be on the front line?” Jian Qi asked. “I don’t want to be responsible for collecting data!”

    “Don’t you want your arm?” Tang Jinyu’s face darkened. His voice became slightly colder as he blurted out.

    In fact, he did not even realize that the first thing that came to his mind was not scolding Jian Qi for disobeying his order. He was worried about her arm.

    “I still have my right arm!” Jian Qi was serious. “Instructor, are you questioning my professionalism?”

    Tang Jinyu’s face darkened once more. He stared at the headstrong girl in front of him. The rain had become even heavier by now. It soaked through her cap and clothes. At the same time, her bandaged left arm was soaking wet too.

    After a long while, Tang Jinyu said with a deep voice, “Go and ask the doctor to bandage your wound again. We’ll talk about it later.”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. She was slightly surprised. She then smiled wickedly, “Instructor, are you worried about me?”

    Tang Jinyu retorted, “Get lost!”