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Chapter 299 - : You Can Sleep on My Bed

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 299: You Can Sleep on My Bed

    Upon entering the apartment, Huo Beichen first went to find a cup to fill it with hot water and handed it to her, rubbing her hands to make sure that they were not cold anymore. Only after doing that did he look at her. “Go ahead and ask.”

    Ning Meng sat on the sofa, her heart melting as she saw that his every action was to take care of her. He seemed to always place himself before her, just like that time when Su Tiantian had tried to spill hot soup on her, he had used his body as a shield to protect her…

    Ning Meng’s heart was filled with hesitation. Finally, she decided to ask him. “How long… have you been smoking?”

    Huo Beichen had been about to take a seat, but he paused when he heard this question. He went to take the overcoat that he had put on Ning Meng earlier.

    “Did the smell of smoke choke you? I’ll put it out to air at the balcony.”

    After saying so, he took his overcoat over to the balcony. Realizing that he still had not come back in after a while, Ning Meng rubbed her cold hands together as she went over toward the balcony and saw that the overcoat was already hung.

    As she opened the glass door, a gush of cold air rushed into the apartment. He looked as though he did not know what being cold felt like, and Ning Meng’s eyes widened. “What are you doing?”

    Huo Beichen opened his droopy eyelids lethargically and faintly answered, “Airing the smoke off of my body. I don’t want to choke you.”


    The man had suddenly turned considerate and humble, and she was not used to it.

    Clinging onto his arm, she said, “Come in.”

    Huo Beichen hesitated, looking down at his shirt and lowering his head to smell his sleeves. When he felt that the smoky smell seemed to have dissipated, only then did he willingly follow Ning Meng back into the apartment.

    Ning Meng went into her bedroom and tossed an unused towel to him. “Go and take a hot shower.”

    ‘Please don’t catch a fever after being out in the cold for so long.’

    Huo Beichen nodded. He was fast and his shower was done in five minutes. He came out in a nightgown with the towel hung around his neck, his whole body finally warmed up.

    Ning Meng had cooked some ginger soup and they drank a bowl each. For once, she did not complain that she did not like ginger and instead, finished the soup in big gulps. She ate a sweet after that and looked at Huo Beichen.

    Huo Beichen’s fresh wet hair while clad in a white nightgown made him look less sharp but more youthful. After he had finished the ginger soup, he placed the bowl onto the table, resting for a while before taking both bowls to the kitchen to wash.

    When he was done washing the bowls, he came out and finally answered her. “I’ve been smoking for eight years.”

    Ning Meng looked at him. “Smoking is bad for your health.”

    Huo Beichen nodded. “I know.”


    He laughed quietly. “Don’t pull that long face at me. I’ll quit, alright?”


    Could he not use those eyes to look at her? Could he not use that tone to speak to her? Could he not see that she was melting by the minute? She could barely take it any longer!

    Ning Meng rolled her eyes and coughed. “Let’s go to bed.”


    He trailed her from behind as they headed toward her bedroom, however, before they arrived, Ning Meng suddenly realized something and said, “I don’t have any guest rooms here.”

    Huo Beichen also paused in his steps. “So?”

    Ning Meng furrowed her brows and thought hard for a while, finally making a decision.

    “You can sleep on my bed.”

    Huo Beichen broke into a smile. If only he had known earlier that all he had to do was to look pitiful to make her open up, he would have done so a long time ago!

    He followed Ning Meng into her bedroom. “Sure.”

    Soon, he saw her carrying pillows and a blanket toward the living room.

    “I’m sleeping on the sofa.”