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Chapter 219 - Stop Fooling Around

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 219: Stop Fooling Around

    Bo Muyi also kept his word, and thoroughly purified Su Cha’s eyes.

    Until noon he was still holding a sleepy Su Cha from behind, his teeth gently biting her earlobe.

    Until Su Cha looked at the time. It was already 12 noon.

    Su Cha: “…”

    It was only her first day staying in Bo Muyi’s home, was this right?

    Seeing her look at the time, Bo Mu also lazily asked, “Cha Cha, hungry?”

    Su Cha nodded. “A little.”

    She had taken a plane to the Imperial Capital early in the morning, and she didn’t eat meals on the plane. Once she arrived here, she was taken by Bo Muyi…

    It was strange not to be hungry.

    Bo Muyi also kissed her forehead and got up. “I’ll go and ask them to serve food, and make what you love?”

    Su Cha smiled. “Anything goes, I’m fine with whatever you like.”

    Listening to her, excitement flashed in Bo Muyi’s eyes. He could not help but lower his head and lightly peck on her lips. “I like what you like.”

    These were casual remarks, but brought along incomparable affection.

    Su Cha’s heart jumped, though Bo Muyi had already left the bed. Her gaze out of the corner of her eyes swept to his slender waist. Su Cha turned her head quickly and shifted her eyes.

    After Bo Muyi went out, Su Cha noticed that there were notifications on her phone from WeChat. She didn’t see it while Bo Muyi was there.

    She opened it and realised it was from that Ya Yazhou.

    Ya Yazhou: Little miss, may I ask where you are now, and how should I address you?

    Ya Yazhou: You must be a senior, my teacher now desperately hopes to meet you, I’m not sure whether you’re free to?

    Through the change in her tone of speech, Su Cha deduced that she realised her Tang Embroidery was real.

    However, she was a little curious.

    Cha Yi: You can just call me S. I am not a senior in the circle. I am not deeply involved in embroidery. By chance I happened to learn a certain embroidery technique, though there is no overlap with your so-called Embroidery Union. I don’t understand these either.

    Ya Yazhou was currently online, and she quickly responded to Su Cha’s messages.

    Ya Yazhou: Really? Teacher said you are incredible. I sent her the video a few days ago, but she only got back to me today, and I hurriedly texted you.

    Cha Yi: You don’t have to use honorifics, I’m just entering college, it’s weird.

    Ya Yazhou: Ah? You’re actually a junior!

    Ya Yazhou: I have just entered sophomore year this year!

    Ya Yazhou: Junior has just entered college, but your embroidery technique is so wonderful, you’re amazing!

    Ya Yazhou was not hesitant to praise Su Cha. Su Cha smiled and was about to reply, but she suddenly felt a familiar breath.

    She turned her head and saw that Bo Muyi had returned, and was standing at the door of the bedroom, looking at Su Cha with a deep gaze.

    Ya Yazhou sent another message.

    Ya Yazhou: S, my teacher asked if you can meet in person?

    Cha Yi: Sorry, I don’t meet in person. I’m going to eat first, chat when we’re free.

    Putting down her phone, Su Cha was ready to get up. As she opened the quilt, she realised things were out of reach, and suddenly asked in an embarrassed little voice, “Muyi, can you help me open the luggage?”

    The man instantly understood Su Cha’s embarrassment. A smile escaped from the corner of his lips, as if with a hint of teasing, he said, “Cha Cha, I have a lot of shirts in the closet, you can simply wear them.”

    Su Cha scoffed. “Stop fooling around, we still have to go out in the afternoon.”