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Chapter 255.3 - See Who Puts on a Greater Show

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 255.3: See Who Puts on a Greater Show

    The expression on Qing Yu’s tiny face was exuberant and overflowing with excitement, like she was fully immersed and highly absorbed into what she was talking about.

    But Cang Jian had to listen to her ramble on, a whole tirade of unimportant things, and he almost could not maintain that smile he kept on his face.

    Qing Yu pretended like she did not see anything and continued to take him on a wild senseless ride, describing a whole lot of things that she thought were interesting.

    Since the man asked her in such a nonchalant manner, she just picked at whatever came to mind and prattled on without much thought.

    Although anger rose up in Cang Jian’s heart, there was nothing he could say. For no other reason than the fact that though the young lady was telling him things that were absolutely useless to him, everything she mentioned was really within those scrolls and texts, and not things that she made up out of nowhere.

    He had once arranged these scrolls and ancient texts in the past, and at least half of what Qing Yu spoke about were from records that he had seen before.

    He remained silent for a while more before he slowly spoke: “Qing Yu, you’re an intelligent child. I think that I do not need to continue to put up a pretense before you anymore.”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at the man in puzzlement.

    Cang Jian’s eyes dimmed and he only came to speak in a low voice after a long pause. “To tell you the truth, in order to stop traitors from destroying the divine temple, I used some forbidden techniques and sustained severe injuries. Because of that, I am now unable to gain entry into the Scroll Chamber anymore.”

    He has admitted it?

    But….. why are the words he is telling her different from what she heard previously?

    The traitor has now turned into the hero who was gravely injured when he saved the divine temple? How interesting.

    Qing Yu’s face was suddenly filled with shock. That astounded face looked so very natural, and one would not be able to tell that it was feigned.

    “Something like that really happened! ? Grand Priest! You made such a great sacrifice for the sake of the divine temple, which is really so admirable!”

    Cang Jian was unable to see through the young lady’s exquisite acting and being gazed upon by those adoring eyes filled with such admiration, he actually straightened up his back in pride. “That is merely what a Grand Priest must do.”

    But he still had not forgotten his real purpose in coming here. He turned to the young lady and said: “It’s like this. I am thinking that you might be able to help me see if there are any books that will be of any help in the pursuit of priesthood. As I am unable to see them, can I trouble you to copy the related texts and give them to me thereafter?”

    “Rest assured, Grand Priest. I will surely do my best to help you.” The young lady said with a highly serious expression on her face.

    “I will have to trouble you then.”

    After the appropriate arrangements were made, Cang Jian felt as if a huge rock had been lifted off his chest, and he immediately felt a lot lighter.