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Chapter 275 - I don’t intend to divorce (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 275: I don’t intend to divorce (1)

    A child…

    Xu Weilai blinked twice, feeling as if she was in some sort of a trance. She had her doubts that she heard him correctly.

    However, Gu Yu didn’t say anything else after that. The gloomy look in his inky eyes darkened. Xu Weilai could feel his lips inch closer to her, and just when he was about to kiss her, she jerked her face to the side.

    “Wait a minute!”

    Xu Weilai finally found her voice. She took a few deep breaths, before turning to face him once more. As her inky eyes met with Gu Yu’s, she couldn’t help herself from softly biting on her lip as she asked, “Did you just say that… that you want a child?”

    Gu Yu remained silent for a moment, before responding with a cool, “Mhm.”

    Xu Weilai couldn’t come up with a proper response.

    It turned out she didn’t hear him wrong. Was it true that Gu Yu had… mentioned that he wanted a child with her?

    Ever since falling for Gu Yu, marrying and having a child with him was her biggest dream for the future. There were countless instances when she had conjured up their future together in her head, thinking about how blissful and lovely it would be. Even while dreaming, she would be smiling like a love-struck idiot.

    Despite that… everything that happened went against her wishes. The beautiful future that she had envisioned turned out to be a merciless reality.

    Getting together was something both of them were unwilling to do. When Gu Yu made her take the morning-after pill and told her that he didn’t wish to have another thing that would associate the two of them together unnecessarily, she was hurt by it. Even so, she did not blame him.

    In an unhappy marriage like theirs, they shouldn’t try to rope in an innocent child. She had seen for herself too many arranged marriages between wealthy families. Children born from transactional marriages could never receive any sort of love from their family. They either became tools or were abandoned.

    She was the same way.

    Her parents had a transactional marriage. Their relationship lacked the foundation of love because they had only got together for the benefit of both of their families. She and Zhanwang were no products of love. When she was young, she watched as other parents fussed over their children when they went home. Meanwhile, she had to immerse herself in all sorts of studies when she went home.

    Her mother rarely held her while her father rarely praised her. They were hardly ever home either, being always busy with all sorts of business matters and parties. Most of the time, she and Zhanwang were the only ones at home.

    That was also the reason why she and Zhanwang were much closer compared to normal siblings. While other children received had their parents, she and Zhanwang only had each other.

    The only time she had felt familial love was back when her grandfather was still alive. He had truly adored her and Zhanwang, but his sickly condition did not allow him to stay with them for long.

    Afterward, she met Grandpa Gu. The reason why she liked Grandpa Gu so much was likely because she had subconsciously treated him as her grandpa.

    When the engagement had been called off, her father showed her no mercy and had her deported. While she was living alone overseas, she was devastated. It was even worse during festive occasions.

    Back then, she had sworn that if she were to have a child in the future, she and her partner needed to genuinely love each other. Their child would be born when they were in love so that the child would have a blissful and warm family. The child would have a loving mother and a protective father.

    She was not surprised that Gu Yu wanted a child. After all, he was the only child from the Gu Family. The Gu Family needed an heir, so it was impossible for him to not want a child. Even so…

    Xu Weilai gradually clenched her fist tighter. She eventually clenched it so tight that her nails were digging into her flesh. She flapped her lips for a while before she was finally able to find her voice, “Why? Didn’t you… not want my child?”