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Chapter 930 - Avrora Falls off the Horse

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 930: Avrora Falls off the Horse

    Avrora teared up, but the horse grew more and more frustrated.

    Wen Xinya surpassed Avrora effortlessly and turned around to smile at the latter. “Miss Retarded, I’ll make a move first. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you at the endpoint.”

    As soon as she finished speaking, she whipped the horse and shrieked before it dashed forward like an arrow towards the endpoint.

    Avrora watched as Bella’s horse scurried towards the endpoint. She was so angry that she fell off the horse. Ever since she was a child, she had never suffered such a terrible humiliation or failure before. Most importantly… she could not keep that document anymore. How was she supposed to answer to Grandpa?

    She was overwhelmed with uneasiness, fear, anger and indignant feelings.

    It was all Bella’s fault for coercing me into this competition. She must have planned everything beforehand. She laid a trap for me to jump into. It’s her fault, it’s all her fault!

    Wen Xinya slowly passed the endpoint before Blaze slowed down. Riding on the horse, she glanced at Avrora and waved at her. “Hi, little pale-faced ghost. I’ve already reached the endpoint, you’ll never surpass me no matter how hard you try.”

    Everyone finally realized that Avrora had lost to her.

    “Oh my god! Avrora actually lost to the yellow-skinned chicken. How could Miss Avrora possibly lose? That’s impossible! Oh! I really can’t believe that everything I saw is real.”

    “Oh my god, I must have seen wrongly. How could Avrora have lost? Avrora must have been set up by that yellow-skinned chicken. Otherwise, how could Miss Avrora have lost? That yellow-skinned chicken won in an unfair manner.”

    They began screaming in disbelief.

    Due to the fact that Avrora’s horse stopped galloping, she stomped her feet furiously and continuously tugged the reigns. On the other hand, her horse’s initial frustration grew into an uncontrollable rage because it was affected by its owner’s mood, despite it usually being a well-mannered horse. It immediately neighed and raised its limbs before shrugging Avrora off its back.

    Avrora shrieked and fell onto the ground.

    Everyone was astounded.

    Avrora immediately fell off the horse.

    “Ah… Avrora has fallen off the horse!” a voiced yelled in horror.

    Miss Avrora was the heiress of the Moville family. If anything were to happen to her, they wouldn’t have a good time too.

    Everyone began to tense up. The heiresses and socialites scurried towards the racecourse in a bid to check on Avrora’s condition.

    Wen Xinya looked into the distance and her lips curled into a smirk. Avrora was rather good at horse riding. She wondered, How did Avrora injure herself after falling off the horse?

    Wen Xinya got off the horse slowly and stroked it. It neighed happily and rubbed its face against Wen Xinya affectionately.

    Wen Xinya dodged the horse merrily and exclaimed, “Thank you! You deserve credit for my victory.”

    At this moment, Liu Yanhua had already scurried towards them and she asked nervously, “Miss Bella, how are you? Did Avrora hurt you just now? Is your injury serious?”

    Incredibly touched to hear her words of concern, she said, “Don’t worry, I’m alright.”

    She moved her injured arm that was still stinging. Avrora is indeed very ruthless!

    At this moment, Liu Yanhua noticed the fabric on her forearm that had been ruined by Avrora. She knew that her forearm must have been hurt. She immediately turned pale in nervousness and said, “Miss Bella, hurry and show me your forearm…”

    Although the wound on her forearm hurt, it was not that unbearable. Hence, she avoided Liu Yanhua’s hand and said, “It’s just a minor injury. Let’s go… collect our spoil of victory.”

    It was for fairness’ sake, and she also did not wish for Avrora to go back on her word. The wealthy heiresses seemed to be the witnesses of her bet with Avrora. Of course… she was not worried that Avrora would go back on her promise because Gu Yuehan was still watching.

    Liu Yanhua caught up with Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya had already arrived in front of the woman. “I’ve already won. Hand it over!”

    That woman was definitely not willing to hand the document over to her so easily. Hence, she took the chance to say, “You caused Miss Avrora to get injured. That’s considered an insult to the aristocrats. Yet, you still ask for the item of victory. You must be delusional!”

    With a menacing look in her eyes, Wen Xinya grabbed her by her throat and barked. “I’m not even afraid of Anatoli or Avrora. Why would I be afraid of you? Weren’t the rules already laid out before the competition? Wasn’t it agreed that no one would be held liable for any injuries? What do you mean? Are you trying to flout the rules?”

    That woman did not expect Wen Xinya to be so feisty as to resort to physical violence over a minor dispute. Shuddering from head to toe, she muttered, “You… you…”

    Wen Xinya sneered. “Avrora fell off the horse herself. What does it have to do with me? When she fell off the horse, I’d already reached the endpoint. Her equestrian skills are too inferior. Who else can she blame except herself?”

    Compared to Avrora who whipped her, she was much less cruel because she had merely whipped Avrora’s horse. They were just being delusional for thinking that they could use the excuse of disrespecting the aristocrats against her.

    That woman was at a loss for words. Staring at the gold phoenix mask on her face, she felt that Wen Xinya looked cold and stern. It was as if her authority was not to be challenged.

    The red and golden phoenix drawing on her forehead made her look condescending and the woman felt like defying her.

    Chuckling coldly, Wen Xinya let go of the woman and said, “Also… Rex and I were invited to this banquet by Duke Moville. Previously, Avrora openly whipped me and the wound can still be seen on my forearm. I didn’t even hold it against her and yet, you still have the gall to berate me.”

    After all, she was attending the banquet together with Rex as Lucifer’s matriarch. By assaulting her, Avrora was clearly challenging Lucifer’s authority. Si Yiyan obviously wouldn’t let it slide.

    The woman fell onto the ground.

    Wen Xinya bent forward and snatched the document away from her hand. After checking the envelope to see that it was indeed the correct document, she checked for her earring.

    Soon, everyone would find out about Avrora falling off the horse and, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she had to act first and get her hands on the items.