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Chapter 264 - Dickhead

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 264: Dickhead

    Your cock is the largest among your friends!


    Many of the people drinking tea spat their tea out upon hearing Zhang Dashan’s last sentence. Tea was spat out everywhere. It was as if a bomb had been ignited in the room. The men were laughing loudly, clapping their thighs in excitement, whereas the women shyly blushed.

    “Damn, you are indeed the grandmaster. Old Zhang, you are the only person I admit defeat to in this regard.”

    “The husband would indeed be both happy and angry. He had been cheated on so many times.”

    “Old Zhang, was it your girlfriend who said that to you? Hahaha…”

    Everyone joked around.

    “Damn, I’m still single. If I am to be involved in cheating, I would be the one cheating on the wife.”

    Zhang Dashan patted himself on the chest. He looked at Hu Shuiping. “Oh yeah, Ah Shui, do you have a girlfriend that loves watching drama? Do introduce me to her if you do.”

    Hu Shuiping rolled his eyes at Zhang Dashan and reprimanded him, “Get out!”


    Everyone laughed wildly again.

    Xiao Luo quietly sat in his seat, shelling sunflower seeds for the little girl to eat.

    “Dad, Brother Dashan said a whole lot of things just now. Why did all the uncles and aunties laugh?” The little girl widened her big, sparkling eyes. Her face was full of innocent puzzlement.

    “You will know will you grow up.” Xiao Luo gave a casual excuse.


    The little girl nodded, not entirely understanding what he meant. She pouted and said, “Dad, I am thirsty.”

    Xiao Luo poured her a cup of tea. He was worried that she might lose her grip and shatter the teacup, so he asked the waiter to bring him a straw. He held up the teacup. The little girl used to straw to drink the tea in the cup. She was very thirsty and gulped down the tea in big mouthfuls.

    “This girl is really too cute.”

    “Xiao Luo, it seems like she has inherited your excellent genes.”

    “Yeah, look at her eyes. They are bright and sparkling. She already looks pretty at such a young age. After she grows up, she will be a stunning beauty.”

    Everyone’s attention was attracted by how cute the little girl looked while drinking water. All their gazes were on Xiao Luo and the little girl.

    Seeing that Xiao Luo was mistaken as the father, Zhang Dashan was terribly amused. He added fuel to fire. “Right, right, right. This little girl can definitely conquer loads of men when she grows up. Guys, look at her brows, eyes, nose, and mouth. They are all exactly the same as Old Xiao’s. It is as if they have been carved out of the same mold. She is most definitely his daughter.”

    He said so deliberately for fun, hoping that the rest would mistake her for Xiao Luo’s daughter.

    As expected, Hu Shuiping immediately clapped a hand on the table and leaped up. “What do you mean by most definitely? She is of course his daughter. Daughters all look like their fathers. Look at how closely they resemble each other.”

    “Ah Shui, you are so right, hahaha…”

    Zhang Dashan couldn’t stop laughing, even though he knew the truth. She was just a little girl they happened to rescue. It was impossible for her to be related to Xiao Luo. However, misled by him, everyone agreed with conviction. As a bystander, he was incredibly amused.

    Xiao Luo was speechless. He glared at Zhang Dashan. He coughed dryly and said, “Actually, this little girl is not…”

    He had to clear his name and stop the misunderstanding from getting out of hand.

    Before he could finish his sentence, a woman beside Zhao Mengqi stood up and glared at Xiao Luo, shouting loudly, “Xiao Luo, don’t you feel guilty in front of Mengqi?”

    After she spoke, the entire room became silent.

    The woman continued to demand answers. “We just graduated three years ago, and you were in a relationship with Mengqi back then. Now, you have a daughter. Your daughter is at least 3 years old, which means that you cheated on Mengqi three years ago. Xiao Luo, are you a man? Can you bear the responsibilities of a man?”

    It was Qin Guiyue admonishing him. She had been Zhao Mengqi’s roommate back in university. They were very close back then. She was one of the people most optimistic about the couple. Ever since she saw Xiao Luo bring his daughter to the gathering, she was filled with pent-up anger for the way Xiao Luo must have treated Zhao Mengqi. Now, she had erupted in fury, unable to hold it in any longer.

    “Qin Guiyue, do you know why Old Xiao and Zhao Mengqi broke up? If you don’t, stop spouting nonsense.” Zhang Dashan was the first to stand up for Xiao Luo. The atmosphere had been great before, but she had to voice her dissent. What a wet blanket!

    Qin Guiyue shouted, “Isn’t it obvious? He even brought his daughter. The story is basically telling itself. Mengqi must have realized that Xiao Luo had been lying to her all along and toying with her feelings! That’s why she chose to break up with him!”

    “What the heck do you even know? This little girl isn’t Old Xiao’s daughter at all1” Zhang Dashan shouted, somewhat losing control of his emotions.

    The moment he said so, everyone’s gaze fell on him. They thought, Didn’t you just say with your own mouth that the girl looked exactly like Xiao Luo? Why were you saying that she isn’t Xiao Luo’s daughter now?

    Qin Guiyue was momentarily shocked. She laughed coldly and said, “Zhang Dashan, we all know that you are close with Xiao Luo, to the extent that you all could wear each other’s clothes. To forcibly clear Xiao Luo’s name of being a dickhead, now you can even tell such blatant lies!”

    “I’m not lying. The little girl really isn’t Xiao Luo’s daughter. She was lost and we ran into her on the way here.”

    Zhang Dashan had to swallow a bitter pill in silence. He constantly led them on and deepened the misunderstanding for fun. The result was that Qin Guiyue used it to build her case. F*ck! He felt more upset than if he had gotten f*cked by a dog.

    “Ran into her?”

    Qin Guiyue was smiling even more mockingly. “A girl you just ran into would be so reliant on Xiao Luo? Zhang Dashan, do you think we are fools?”

    “Motherf*cking hell, believe whatever you want!”

    Zhang Dashan was incredibly angry. How was it that he just couldn’t explain it to her? The little girl was indeed someone they had just run into on the way. As for why she was so reliant on Old Xiao, one had to ask the gods.

    Qin Guiyue glared at Xiao Luo and shouted, “Xiao Luo, be honest in front of all of us. Did Mengqi break up with you because you are a shameless dickhead?”


    Zhao Mengqi tugged at her, motioning for her to stop speaking.

    “Mengqi, what are you afraid of?” Qin Guiyue confidently asked. “Everyone is here at the moment. This is the chance to show everyone what kind of man he actually is so that other girls from our class won’t get fooled by his looks and lose out next time!”

    “It’s not as you think,” Zhao Mengqi weakly said. “Don’t get involved in this.”

    She did not want everyone to know the real reason. Otherwise, she would be too ashamed to stay there.

    “Mengqi, you are too nice,” Qin Guiyue righteously said. “You shouldn’t give in to dickheads like Xiao Luo. If I were you, I would make him pay a high price.”

    “Have you said enough, Guiyue? Everyone came here happily to attend a gathering. Let Xiao Luo and Mengqi resolve their own matters in private and stop meddling blindly here, alright?” Tang Wantian reprimanded her with a frown.