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Book 8 Chapter 31 - He Never Despairs

Immortal Devil Transformation
     This was a Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert dressed in completely sealed armor.

    This was similarly a set of armor worthy of the admiration of all of the cultivators in this world.

    Streaks of sapphire blue crystals were embedded in the chunks of metal armor, naturally forming streaks of sapphire blue runes.

    The eye area was sealed by two pieces of transparent white crystals. The completely sealed helmet had streaks of braids, all of them sapphire blue sharp blades.

    The arms, elbow area, knee area, shoulder area… all of the areas that were useful for displaying martial skill, for striking the opponent, were covered in wing shaped sharp blades.

    What left the biggest impression were the two zhang long metal wings this set of armor carried itself, every single light metal sheet looked like a true feather, fine runes flowing with faint sapphire radiance carved on them.


    In this world, there was no cultivation land whose research on soul weapons exceeded Green Luan Academy.

    Most of this world’s most powerful soul weapons came from Green Luan Academy, but the other cultivation holy lands also had soul weapons that could enter the most powerful ranks. In Great Mang’s Purgatory Mountain, they had ‘Night Devil’ and ‘Sky Devil’, these two sets of armors that could contend against Green Luan Academy.

    Lin Xi had seen Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful heavy armor, the ‘Sky Devil Heavy Armor’ before.

    Right now, this set of armor on this Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert before him was full of a demonic nature, giving others an extremely huge sense of pressure, the aura extremely similar to the Sky Devil Heavy Armor. However, it looked even lighter than the Sky Devil Heavy Armor, yet what was on the back of a Sky Devil Heavy Armor was only a cloak capable of gliding, not these massive wings like those of a fiend.


    The sapphire radiance that was like flowing mercury and the massive wings were just like a great nightmare that descended.

    Tong Wei stared coldly at this opponent that descended from above.

    This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert who now stood still on the ground also nodded his head in greeting.

    The two of them both knew that regardless of how the battle ended, the other party was an opponent deserving of their respect.

    “Purgatory Mountain’s most recently researched armor?” Tong Wei nodded his head in return, asking.

    The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert nodded, saying seriously and with a bit of pride, “It is.”

    He had enough to feel pride over. When facing a similar level Windstalker, together with so many Yunqin cultivators here, he still seized the ultimate victory. With this type of Windstalker here, in reality, that cave barbarian cultivator wasn’t all that useful, it was still this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert who was facing these Yunqin cultivators.

    He seized victory. Moreover, the clash between those at his and Tong Wei’s level wasn’t only a clash between individuals, but rather between the overall strength of the two cultivation lands.

    At least half of his victory came from this armor the other party didn’t know about. This time, Purgatory Mountain surpassed Green Luan Academy.

    Tong Wei looked at this proud Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert coldly, quietly saying, “Who would have thought that Purgatory Mountain already refined a set of armor that allowed for long term flight in the air.”

    “The sky is more vast than the earth.”

    The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert released a coughing sound. He looked at Tong Wei, and with a light sigh said, “Right now, can I trust your words?”

    His words didn’t seem to match Tong Wei’s previous words at all, but right now, everyone here was intelligent, able to hear the implications behind his words.

    In a clash between two cultivation holy lands’ sacred experts, it wasn’t only about strength. Tong Wei’s previous words made it sound like Green Luan Academy still couldn't’ research a set of armor that could fly through the air, while this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert continued to maintain a doubtful attitude, not letting the other party’s words trigger any misunderstandings.

    Tong Wei gave this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert a look, not saying anything else.

    The high ranking Yunqin military officer was supported by Ai Qilan, sitting down in the mud with difficulty. He took some medicine, starting to adjust his breathing.

    This senior of Lin Xi and Ai Qilan had extremely sturdy willpower. Even after a dozen or so streaks of flames entered his body, he still didn’t scream miserably. However, at this time, he instead released a low groan of pain.

    The pain from the heart was far greater than that of the flesh.

    The green-pupiled young lady from behind Great Desolate Swamp had many secrets Green Luan Academy and Yunqin Empire didn’t know about.

    This Sacred Expert from Purgatory Mountain similarly possessed many secrets Green Luan Academy and Yunqin Empire didn’t know about.

    However, these secrets were right before their eyes, yet they still couldn’t obtain any answers in the end… Even though there were so many Yunqin experts that were going to fall here today, it was unknown just how many more Yunqin experts were going to die because of these mysteries in the future. These types of emotions were hard for him to accept.

    Ai Qilan used her thin shoulder to support the back of this high ranking Yunqin military officer she didn’t know the name of, allowing him to sit up, preventing the filthy and foul smelling muddy water from entering his wounds. She turned around to look at Lin Xi, hoping that Lin Xi could read and understand her expression… Among the people here, she understood the importance of Lin Xi even better than Tong Wei. Meanwhile, at this time, she knew that victory and defeat had already been decided, she only hoped that the deaths of their side could be exchanged for Lin Xi’s escape.


    Lin Xi was shocked, silently thinking to himself, at the same time also rejoicing.

    He was rejoicing that even after fighting against the green-pupiled young lady until now, even under a wounded state, he still didn’t use his ten halt rewinding ability. Otherwise, while facing this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, there was no way for him to change the battle situation in the slightest.

    However, he also had to have absolute certainty, knowing which exact moment to return to in order to deal with this Purgatory Mountain cultivator.

    His line of sight was always concentrated on this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s back, which was why he didn’t see Ai Qilan’s expression. Instead, when there were no sounds, he quickly and seriously said, “Teacher… if you knew that he was in the sky before, knowing his position, with your arrow’s power, would you be able to defeat him?”

    Everyone’s eyes completely focused on Lin Xi.

    Tong Wei still didn’t say anything. He normally didn’t like to say too much, and he knew that Lin Xi loved to speak a lot. Especially right now, he felt like saying more was still useless.

    “His single strike power is above mine, if he could sense my direction… the one who would have lost should be me, I reckon.” It was instead this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert with the giant metal wings on his back who turned around slightly. He gave Lin Xi a look, saying with a bit of cold mockery. “What a pity, there is no way for you all to discover where I am.”

    “Teacher, trust me, I want to hear you personally reply.” Lin Xi took a step up, looking at Tong Wei, speaking one word at a time.

    Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi, finally saying, “I should be able to.”

    Lin Xi became even more serious, asking even faster, “Then before, when you didn’t notice him… as long as I told you that he was in the sky, you would be able to notice him? Or would I have to tell you his exact location, and only then would you have certainty in shooting him down?”

    Within the sealed armor, Tong Wei’s brows furrowed deeply. He didn’t understand the meaning behind Lin Xi asking these words, but Lin Xi’s expression still made him reply. “He is alive, not dead… I don’t know what kind of methods he used to control a sword beyond two hundred meters, but you should understand that the further one is, the weaker the power of the arrow. In this type of frontal clash, once it exceeds four hundred steps, there is basically no chance of victory… Only knowing that he is above, but unable to produce any threat with the arrow, with his abilities, there is still no chance of victory.”

    Tong Wei’s words made this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert raise his head slightly, feeling even more proud.

    Obtaining the approval of an extremely powerful opponent worthy of respect, was worth much more than that of a similar level cultivator from one’s own side.

    Normally, he would definitely take some time to enjoy this moment. However, in this Great Desolate Swamp, there might be more Yunqin soldiers who could rush over at any time, so he didn’t wish to waste any time.

    A light weng noise sounded. The light blade that already returned to his hand shook again.

    “I understand.”

    Lin Xi didn’t look at this vibrating flying sword, instead bowing apologetically to the high ranking Yunqin military officer seated in the mud. “Senior, I apologize, there is no way to make your injuries disappear… However, fortunately, from the looks of your injuries, even though they are serious, you won’t die…”

    When he said this, the high ranking Yunqin military officer was stunned, everyone else also stunned.

    While this Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was feeling shocked, for some reason, he felt like Lin Xi was extremely dangerous. The flying sword that was originally already flying towards Tong Wei suddenly turned around, aiming at the middle of Lin Xi’s back.

    “Return!” Right at this time, Lin Xi shouted this word that he had always been reluctant to use.


    The scenery suddenly changed. Lin Xi grasped time with incredible precision, returning to the moment the red-clothed female zither master’s zither sounds stopped.

    The giant axe wielding Yunqin military officer rushed out, charging towards the cave barbarian cultivator who was deeply embedded in the earth.

    Lin Xi took a deep breath, doing his best to get rid of the out of sorts feeling from the change in scenery. At the same time, he did his best to completely filter out everything that happened in his mind, only trying to firmly remember the location that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert descended from.

    With the fastest speed, he removed the Divine Pear Wood Bow he always carried from his back.

    No one noticed his movements, because right now, apart from Ai Qilan, every single person’s cultivation was far above Soul Master level. Without using the Falling Moon technique, his archery might not even be enough to penetrate the skin of any of them.


    The cave barbarian cultivator’s fist smashed into the high ranking Yunqin military officer’s axe blade.

    Right at this moment, Lin Xi turned around, instantly completely drawing the Divine Pear Wood Bow to its maximum, firing towards the sky behind him. At the same time, he screamed out with the greatest voice of his entire life: “Teacher! He is above!”


    An arrow tore through the sky, not shooting anything. However, Tong Wei instead sensed that the light flying sword that was rapidly hacking at him suddenly displayed an irregular sluggishness, moreover sensed that Lin Xi’s arrowtip seemed to have made contact with something, the wind in the skies also producing a bit of irregularity.

    His heart contracted intensely, his movements becoming even colder than before, even more stable.

    He raised his hand, instantly producing an arrow, firing it towards the sky.

    There was immediately a blazing sun that erupted in the sky.

    The scattered mist instantly formed countless white lines that rushed in all directions.

    A black and sapphire colored figure appeared in the scattered mist. This blazing sun smashed ferociously into this figure’s body.