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Chapter 4

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 4: Life as a stake (for gamble)

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    Hui Niang and Ah Sheng have thought too simply of the matter. They thought they would have succeeded once they met the person in question, but who knew they would be caught by the Nine Jade Palace's disciples in-charge of maintaining order when they finally stepped out from the crowd.

    They were aware that if they did not meet Fu Ze today, they would not have any chance to do so again in the future. Thinking of Lu Qingyi who was at her last breath in the inn, they squeezed in with all their might.

    Hui Niang also shouted, "Master, look in this direction, this is Miss – your own birth daughter!"

    Fu Ze – now called Fu Shangqing – furrowed his brows when he heard the shout. He gave the disciple by his side a signal with his eyes but did not turn around.

    1For him to be able to become Nine Jade Palace's Sect Leader in a short seven years was of course not only because of his talent. Now, with noble guests from Seven Truths Platform visiting, absolutely nothing could be allowed to go wrong as there was a lot at stake for Nine Jade Palace. It was better if he ignored them; for if he were to respond, was he not telling others to whom they were calling out? He was a Sect Leader now, so his subordinates would deal with anything that cropped up.

    1Fu Shangqing went over to welcome the other party normally, revealing a smile, "I have long heard of Gentleman Lian Zhen's name, and in meeting you now, I see your reputation is indeed well-deserved. Fu Shangqing, your humble servant, is Nine Jade Palace's Sect Leader."

    Gentleman Lian Zhen revealed a faint smile. "I do not dare to. I am humbled to be able to meet a heaven-defying genius like Sect Leader."

    The two exchanged conventional greetings.

    On the other end, the disciple instinctively approached. Upon seeing the male and female as well as a child being surrounded by the disciples, he frowned. "What's going on, haven't you been informed early on that nothing must go wrong today?"

    Before the disciples could answer, Hui Niang directed a shout at the man, "Young man, please be benevolent. Your Sect Leader is our master. This is his daughter. We have travelled here all the way from Dongyue, please let us meet him!"

    Unexpectedly, once the disciple heard this, his facial expression did a one-eighty. He commanded the disciples, "What are you waiting for? Block their mouths! Can such words be spoken blindly?"

    The disciples hastily responded and went up to block their mouths.

    Hui Niang eyes widen, staring at him in disbelief. Regardless of her sparse spectrum of knowledge and experiences, she could tell there was something wrong with this person's response. He must know that she was speaking the truth, so it was really because Fu Ze did not want to meet them!

    Seeing that Fu Shangqing and that Gentleman Lian Zhen were about to leave, Ah Sheng grew anxious. His muffled shouts rang out, desperately wanting to break free. But his strength only went so far – how was he to compete with these martial practitioners? He suffered a beating again.

    Ah Sheng was being beaten up; Hui Niang's mouth was blocked; whereas Lu Mingshu was unable to move. Seeing Fu Shangqing's figure go further and further away, the three fell into a grim situation.

    Lu Mingshu was very anxious. Although she did not want her father anymore, the matter of saving her mother still fell on her father's shoulders. If she were to miss this chance, what was to be done about Mother's illness?

    Right at this moment, a woman's voice rang across the place, "Fu Ze, you ungrateful man – left your wife and married another, infuriating your father-in-law to death. How do you still have the face to be Nine Jade Palace's Sect Leader?"

    1Hui Niang immediately recognized this voice.  Taking advantage of the fact that the other party was distracted, she bit his hands, heading in the direction of the voice once she broke free. "Madam!"

    Lu Mingshu was startled as well. Mother had actually come, too? Her condition was far from good….

    Actually, not long after the three left, Lu Qingyi had followed them out.

    She knew that this was the only chance; a chance once missed that would make it difficult to meet Fu Ze, as he now had a wife and children. He certainly would not wish for his ex-wife and daughter to appear. Ah Sheng and Hui Niang were only servants, and Lu Mingshu was a child. It was too easy for the other party to deny the allegations.

    To think the matter proved more difficult than imagined, Ah Sheng and Hui Niang could barely let out a scream before they were caught once again, with even their mouths blocked.

    If she did not call out now, the chance would be lost.

    Prior to this, as Fu Ze had not appeared at all, and Lu Qingyi had still harboured a trace of delusion about her ex-husband, she had not expected that he would be so ruthless. Her anger that was suppressed for half a year abruptly burst out. Taking advantage of the fact that the attention of the Nine Jade Palace's disciples was not on her, she let out a loud shout.

    This one shout was sad and shrill, and it was impossible for Fu Shangqing to pretend not to hear it, as Lu Qingyi had already openly revealed his wrong-doings to the ears of the surrounding onlookers with her earlier tirade.

    However, he did not behave too seriously, only looking around and calmly instructing another disciple, "Go over and check out what's happening."

    The subordinate moved as ordered.

    Without thinking, in her despair and anger, Lu Qingyi broke away from the Nine Jade Palace's disciples only to accidentally collide head-on with the pillar.

    "Madam!" Hui Niang screamed, throwing herself toward her.

    Blood trickled down Lu Qingyi's forehead, leaving her at her last gasp. Fortunately, there were enough people in the way to cushion the collision. Otherwise, with her condition as is, her life would have been lost.

    Those watching the show had never disliked a big issue, and everyone gathered together to spectate. Seeing Lu Qingyi's state, they followed up by making a big fuss, "Someone's dead! Someone has dropped dead!"

    With such a change in the situation, the lead disciple turned green.

    Fu Shangqing's heart thumped, and many thoughts quickly flashed across his head. "Quickly bring that person to the lower house, see if you can treat her." He came up with a reason almost immediately.

    The subordinate made to oblige. Once she entered the lower house, they no longer had to fear what that woman would spout out.

    Unexpectedly, a hand extended out from sideways, "Wait for a moment."

    Fu Shangqing looked over, a bad feeling secretly nesting in his heart.

    The person that spoke in the intervention was called Yu Wen Shi, one of the young elders of Nine Jade Palace. Before he entered the Sect, Yu-Wen Shi was regarded as the best candidate to be the next Sect Leader. But because Fu Shangqing improved in realms too fast and even had the support of the previous Sect Leader, thus Yu-Wen shi was ripped off the position.

    1Even so, with his shallow foundation, his position as Sect Leader was not stable, and almost half of Nine Jade Palace's elders did not really obey him. As this was the case, he was urgently trying to push the corporation of the Seven Truths Platform towards accomplishment, expanding his influence.

    For Yu Wen Shi to come forward this moment, Fu Shangqing did not need his brains to know that the other party wanted to make use of this matter.

    "Sect Leader, this woman speaks without thinking and has even put her life at stake. If we don't clear this matter up clearly, I am afraid it would affect Sect Leader's reputation. In my opinion, why not let this woman come out and make things clear, so as to avoid others believing her words?"

    Fu Shangqing: "Senior Yu Wen, this Sect Leader understands your good intentions."

    Yu Wen Shi laughed, "Has Sect Leader forgotten? If it's medical expertise, I am able to boast a little, so why look far and not near? As for the noble guest, I believe Gentleman Lian Zhen would understand, for a human life is at stake here."

    As he spoke, he looked towards the wheelchair.

    Gentleman Lian Zhen smiled and raised his hand, "The guest complies with the owner's convenience."

    Yu Wen Shi no longer continued to ask Fu Shangqing – he waved his hands to indicate for the disciples to carry the person over.

    Seeing him speak out for them, Hui Niang kneeled down and repeatedly pleaded, "Mister, I beg of you to save our madam. We travelled a thousand miles to look for our relative, without thinking that Master had remarried and thus causing Madam to be turned away. That's why we came up with this plan. Our old master died from anger and Miss is only seven. We absolutely must not be without Madam!"

    Without waiting for Yu Wen Shi to speak, taking advantage of the other party's negligence, Lu Mingshu broke away and ran over, "Mother!"