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Chapter 25

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 25: The moment of life and death

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    With the stench of the fishy breath in hot pursuit, Lu Mingshu kept her breathing even, and calmly calculated her speed and the remaining distance.

    Brother six's deduction was right. The demonic wolf had just broken through to a demonic beast, hence it did not possess a high energy level. It was possible to outrun it using the Light Body technique; the problem lied in the consumption of mystic force.

    She had produced only a strand of mystic force a few days ago, so even when it came to the lowest grade of the Light Body Technique, it still consumed her mystic force rapidly.

    Only half of her mystic force was left, yet the distance to the trap was still more than a half.

    Lu Mingshu knew that the extra consumption of mystic force was due to her nervousness in the beginning.

    For today's trap, only an even more accurate calculation would be able to mend this gap. Otherwise, once her mystic force was completely consumed and she had not reached the trap, she would end up in the wolf's belly.

    A strong desire to survive surged in Lu Mingshu's heart as her mind started to turn.

    She slowed down to let the gap between her and the demonic wolf shorten. The demonic wolf was so close that it's breathing and growling seemed to be right by her ear, and she could smell its stinky breath.

    On the lookout post temporarily constructed next to the village's entrance, the hunters let out a shout of alarm. Under the shine of the fire torch, the demonic wolf was gradually closing into the small figure in front of it. It seemed as if it would clutch the child in its claws and devoured her with one more leap.

    The short distance was also a kind of excitement for the demonic wolf. For when a fat, fragrant piece of meat was right in front of it, what reason was there not to snatch it? Hence, it slightly stooped in order to gather strength to reach her in one jump.

    Its claws slid over Lu Mingshu's back, brushing past her clothes.

    The wolf had thought the piece of meat would immediately end up in its mouth, not expecting to miss it by a hair's breadth. The demonic wolf was furious, chasing her without regard to its injured hind legs.

    Lu Mingshu, however, did not speed up, and instead, she maintained a uniform speed.

    Every time the demonic wolf thought it would finally be able to eat this piece of meat and jumped, it ended up missing by a little; hence, it could only look on hopelessly as Lu Mingshu escaped his grasp.

    The hunters on the watchtower personally witnessed this thrilling scene.

    Every time they thought Lu Mingshu was done for, she would dangerously escape from the wolf.

    And just like that, a human and a wolf were gradually approaching the trap...

    Her mystic force was being rapidly consumed, but right before it had been used up, the trap finally appeared in her line of sight.

    The demonic wolf behind was getting more and more anxious; missing time and time again had triggered its fierce nature. Each pounce placed a lot of pressure on its injured hind legs.

    Usually, it would give up on the prey when its survival instincts kicked in and escape back to the mountains just like when it gave up on the Zhao family's child the other day.

    Now, however, with its fierce nature triggered by the numerous failures, it was unwilling to give up. It felt that the meat would be in its mouth with just a little more effort.

    Thirty feet.

    Twenty feet.

    Ten feet.

    Lu Mingshu gradually relaxed. Her internal mystic force was almost used up, however, the trap was also almost there.

    Once she reached the side of the trap and grabbed the rattan placed there… The demonic wolf behind would never be able to leave once it fell in.

    Three feet.

    She could almost grab the rattan when she stumbled. As the lighting was too dim, she tripped on a protruding rock and fell flat on her face.

    Lu Mingshu's blood went cold.

    There was only one step left, just one more step...

    When she turned back, she saw the demonic wolf's thick and sharp teeth gleaming brightly under the light of the flames. Its strong body the size of a calf, leapt up and pounced towards her.

    Lu Mingshu's mind went blank.

    In that moment of life and death, she suddenly rolled and threw herself towards the trap.

    How would the demonic wolf be willing to give up? It chased after her.

    "Boom!" The trap collapsed.

    "We caught it! We caught it!" the hunter on the lookout shouted.

    The whole village started beating gongs and drums, taking everyone along to see the caught demonic wolf.

    The villagers left their houses and cautiously approached the trap.

    As the fire torches could not light up the depths of the pit, they could only vaguely see the demonic wolf lying there, howling weakly.

    "This is great!" Elder Tian exclaimed, unable to contain his joy. His expression went solemn as he looked left and right, "Where is the little Mystic Master?"

    These words reminded everyone of the missing Lu Mingshu, and they turned their gazes towards the hunters on the lookout.

    One ashen-faced hunter stammered, "I saw the little Mystic Master fall to the ground, then throw herself forward. I thought she jumped across …"

    Elder Tian was alarmed. "This pitfall is about forty to fifty feet wide, how would she be able to jump over?"

    For security reasons, they had intentionally dug the pitfall wide and deep. It would be considered pretty good for an adult to jump ten feet; even if the little Mystic Master was stronger than an ordinary person, how was she to jump this far!

    Everyone turned silent when they looked towards the trap.

    Even if one wouldn't die because of the fall, he would be stabbed to death by the spikes smeared with an anesthetic. Adding on the demonic wolf which jumped in after her, she would have long since turned into a flatbread …

    Elder Tian burst into tears and then fell to his knees trembling. "The compassionate little Mystic Master is the benefactor of our village!"

    The other people knelt down one by one as they wiped their tears.

    "Kill the demonic wolf and exact vengeance for the little Mystic Master!"

    "Right! Kill the demonic wolf! Kill the demonic wolf!"

    "Bring the fire!"

    The raging villagers were itching to pull off the demonic wolf's tendons and hide.

    Right when the villagers were about to throw the fire torch, a weak voice could be heard from the pit, "Don't throw …"

    A child heard the voice and shouted, "Father, there's a voice coming from inside the pit!"

    "What nonsense is that?"

    "Really! Just listen."

    Everyone quieted down. There really was a voice travelling out from the pit, "Pull … pull me up."

    Elder Tian brought the fire torch over to light the pit and discovered a person hanging onto the wall of the trap!

    "The little Mystic Master did not die!" He called out, "Quick, pull her up quick."

    Lu Mingshu was pulled up to reveal a body full of grass and soil, gasping for breath as she sat on the ground.

    After narrowly escaping death, her whole spirit had been sucked dry. It had really been a life-or-death matter. She would have long since become a meat patty (the badly mangled type) had she not held onto the rattan in the nick of time.

    Luckily, she survived.

    Locust Tree Village celebrated the capture of the demonic wolf the entire night.

    While the daylight still lasted, the strong villagers went to retrieve the demonic wolf who had died of excessive loss of blood.

    Elder Tian spoke to Lu Mingshu respectfully, "Little Mystic Master, this demonic wolf was killed by you, so it belongs to you."

    She had already asked for Brother six's opinion on this matter so she said, "You should slaughter it, and then distribute the meat. I only need the skin, claws, bones, and eyes."

    The meat of a demonic wolf that had just become a demonic beast did not contain much mystic force. It was not worth bringing such things back to her own world as it consumed mystic force.

    Elder Tian was overjoyed. Eating the blood and meat of the demonic wolf would strengthen one's physique. Perhaps even a Mystic Master or two might appear in their village!

    Locust Tree Village was bustling with joy. It looked as if there was a celebration going on while the village waited for the demonic beast to be slaughtered and its meat distributed. Yet, Lu Mingshu entered the back mountain alone at this time.

    For the demonic wolf to choose to recuperate here, there had to be a place where the mystic force was denser. Such places had a high probability of holding heaven-and-earth treasures.

    With the wolf killed, she felt the energy of the Heavenly Wheel getting replenished, there was a chance she would be able to open a channel and go back very soon.

    Thus, she did not have time to waste if she wanted to search for the treasure.