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Chapter 37

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 37: What have you done?

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    The Flying Tusk Elephant had a huge body that weighed more than a thousand kilograms. One could only imagine how it could even tear a ferocious beast like a Lion Tiger into shreds while on a rampage.

    Cold sweat started forming on Gao Xiang's forehead when he looked at the steadily approaching cow.

    Watching a small hill rush towards oneself was no joke. The visual stimulation made it seem as if one would be squashed in the next moment.

    His throat tightened and he only managed to get a word out after a two second pause. "Run!" His nervousness even made his voice crack.

    He had just lifted his feet when his sleeve was pulled and he heard Lu Mingshu say, "This way."

    Gao Xiang's palms were sweating excessively while his mind went completely blank. Without a thought, he blindly followed Lu Mingshu's lead.

    However, he felt something amiss after a few steps. The direction they were running in was exactly the same direction that the cow was rampaging towards. But how would their speed ever match up to the cow in her deranged state?

    "Wrong way! Wrong way!" Gao Xiang hastily shouted. They should have been heading in the horizontal direction. After all, wouldn't they be free food if they continued running straight?

    "It's not wrong, just follow me." Lu Mingshu replied resolutely.

    "Hey …" Looking at her continue on forward confidently, Gao Xiang could only submit to his fate. "I'll take it as my bad luck for knowing you …"

    "Where are the two of you running off to?!" Looking at the direction they were running towards, Yi Jiao grew anxious.

    On the other side, as the oldest among the three, Shao Zhengyang held the most responsibility when the others were busy; now that the two were courting death due to his words of approval at Lu Mingshu's request to bury a trap, he had a part in taking responsibility. But since he was forced to think on the spot, he could only follow after them in coming out of hiding: "Hey, run in my direction!" It's an empty space over there.

    The flying elephant ran over with booming steps; the ground trembled with each step it took. On the other hand, Wei Peng was currently struggling with his utmost effort from being coiled up by the elephant's trunk.

    "Come." Seeing him catch up with them, Lu Mingshu reminded, "Only step wherever I step, understand?"

    "I understand." Gao Xiang turned his head around anxiously to take a look. The original target of the cow was not them, but they had agitated the cow to run after them due to their running.

    "What is this for?" Gao Xiang felt as if he had turned into a manipulated puppet by treading after Lu Mingshu's footsteps with lightning speed; he took a step when she took a step.

    He was extremely anxious as the cow was hot on their tails.

    "Quick! It's only thirty feet away now." From the current speed of the cow, wouldn't it catch up in the blink of an eye? Why are we going at such a slow pace ...

    "Don't look back if you trust me!" Lu Mingshu's tone was calm as usual.

    Gao Xiang wore a wrinkled and sour expression on his face. Now that they had run into the scope of the formation they had set up in this short amount of time, he roughly knew what Lu Mingshu wanted to do now. But to use a moment of life and death to test out a formation ... He really was literally giving his all to follow the other party ...

    "Don't get distracted!" Gao Xiang was currently revelling in his own awesomeness when a slap on the back of his head from Lu Mingshu brought him back to Earth. Yet all he heard was her speaking rapidly, "From now on, do not tread on any wrong steps. If you ever take the wrong step, we will most likely be trampled into mush by the flying elephant. I assume you don't want to die, right?"

    Gao Xiang thought, Why are we running in this direction if you know we will die horribly? It's not that he looked down on this formation, but how useful would a few broken rocks be? He had never heard of anyone trapping their enemies with a few broken rocks.

    "What do these two intend to do?" As a hot-tempered person, Lin Chen wasted no time in flaring up. "To think that they aren't listening to us at this dire moment. Don't drag us down too even if you're looking to die!"

    Zhu Jingliang had a tight frown on his face. "Stop talking nonsense, talk after we've blocked the flying elephant! " He was boiling up with anger deep down too. He commented on how these two saved the trouble by helping them out a lot, yet, he was proven wrong in just a day. Three newbies were brought along in one go: one was sent back to the cliff due to heavy injuries, while the other two were trampled to death by a flying elephant. Did their team even want to save face anymore? Especially when Gao Xiang was the only disciple from the Willow Woods line ... With how hot-tempered Elder An was, just the thought of implicating him to choose a new disciple sent shivers down Zhu Jingliang's spine.

    "Seven steps to the left." Lu Mingshu began moving her feet.

    Gao Xiang could only mindlessly follow.

    "Take two steps around the eye of the formation, then turn left again."

    Fine, I'll turn since you told me to.

    "Take eight steps forward, turn right …"

    The two walked at a rapid pace, causing the flying elephant to run even faster. In the blink of an eye, they had taken the thirty feet and the cow was in the range of rocks.

    Taking a brief look, Lu Mingshu continued to guide Gao Xiang through. Although the ground was shaking immensely because of the flying elephant, her pace never wavered.

    Then, a miraculous event happened.

    The cow had just entered the area of the rocks and took two running steps when it abruptly changed direction towards an opposite and irrelevant direction. Without taking even four steps, it changed direction again — and again ...

    "Hold up!" Zhu Jingliang managed to cease his footsteps in the nick of time, and stopped his comrade that had caught up. "Look over there!"

    The group fixed their gazes over in the direction where the cow who was currently running around in circles between the rocks, turning the opposite direction after two to three steps each time. It looked extremely impatient as if it were drunk.

    "What's going on?" Yi Jiao looked at this scene in shock.