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Chapter 46

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 46: A cry for help

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    As the saying goes: ‘If you are going to hit someone, don't hit his face.' Yet, Gao Xiang's words, were hitting Teacher Zuo's face head-on.

    Not to mention if Teacher Zuo had really done so, for even if he had not, he would still be infuriated.

    When Teacher Zuo heard Gao Xiang's criticism, his face sank. "You're in no position to judge whether it's avenging private enmity with a public task or not. If you want to lecture me, wait till you have succeeded Elder An's position. Right now, I am the teacher! I have taken – in my opinion – the most appropriate countermeasure I could take in this situation. If you continue offending your superior, don't blame me for being rude."

    Teacher Zuo ignored him once he was done speaking. He turned around to gather all the disciples, including the team on patrol.

    "All of you are to listen well." Teacher Zuo commanded, "A Specter have been discovered in the West Mountain Forest. For safety measures, no one is to leave the group from now on. If you are to disobey my command, you shall bear all responsibility on the consequences."

    A burst of uproar sounded among the disciples.

    Afterwards, Teacher Zuo commanded the disciples to put up some simple defensive countermeasures.

    Gao Xiang looked at this scene in rage. The moment that the injured young lady came back, she hid to the teacher's side and did not mention a word about Lu Mingshu. Yang Zhou was about to speak but obeyed Teacher Zuo's commands in the end. He lowered his head and did not dare to look at Gao Xiang.

    These people, stood tall and mighty in discrimination against others when things did not concern them; Yet, when in the face of danger, they accepted her sacrifice as if it was a matter of course. They were so stingy, that they didn't even show the tiniest bit of concern, and did not even utter a single word for her.

    Gao Xiang felt an agonising pain in his chest when he thought of Lu Mingshu. He was very clear on the fact that, if it was not for her desire to save everyone, Lu Mingshu could have very well escaped from the Specter, given her intelligence. If she was a little more heartless, she could have used Yang Zhou and that injured young lady as a scapegoat and the two of them could have very well escaped unscathed. But right now, she had placed herself in a dangerous place in order for everyone to escape, yet nobody wanted to help her. These people might very well be just rejoicing in their hearts that they were not the unlucky one.

    He sincerely wished for reality not to disappoint him, but the reality was just a big disappointment.

    However, what exactly could he do? There were only two ways to find a helper: one – use the golden sword messenger, two – use the flying pigeon domesticated by the sect to pass on a letter. He could only use the golden sword messenger once he had reached the Spirit Realm, and he did not have a flying pigeon on hand right now to send the letter.

    He held not even a tiny bit of hope for Teacher Zuo's reinforcement. Teacher Zuo was Zhou Yinru's lackey, hence he would only ask the Zhou family for help. Would those people even care about Lu Mingshu's life?

    But, even without bringing up the time, will Teacher Zuo even let me leave? From the looks of Zhou Yinru's character, Gao Xiang felt that the likelihood of that happening was really slim.

    "Oi, Gao Dama." A soft yell sounded behind him.

    Gao Xiang turned around to discover Zhang Qiang. Although this lad was only twelve years old, he is as tall and strong as an adult.

    "Don't come and pick a quarrel with me, I have no time to bother with you." Thinking back to how they fought each time they met, they were pretty familiar with each other, although they could not be considered friends.

    Zhang Qiang looked left and right, before whispering, "Did you say the one that lured the Specter away was that girl you always play with?"

    Gao Xiang had only brought Lu Mingshu to the Great Dao Hall once, and his Martial Grandfather had not allowed him to do so afterwards. Although Gao Xiang did not know why his Martial Grandfather got him to do so, he was certain that there must be a reason. Hence, Zhang Qiang was not familiar with Lu Mingshu and only recognized her because they would run into each other on the way occasionally.

    "What do you want?" Gao Xiang replied with an annoyed tone.

    However, Zhang Qiang did not pit himself against Gao Xiang, and instead, spoke in a low voice quite uncharacteristically, "Are you trying to find someone to save her? I can help you delay the teacher."

    Once he heard those words, Gao Xiang's eyes widened in surprise.

    Zhang Qiang felt awkward under his stare. "From what you said, I thought she was as brave as a man! No … she is a figure worth respecting!"

    Gao Xiang stared hard at him for a few seconds and decided to believe him since he did not have any other ideas left. "What do you intend to do?"

    Zhang Qiang started whispering something in his ear.

    Suddenly, Gao Xiang's face twisted into an expression of fury. Pushing him away, Gao Xiang shouted, "Zhang Xiaoqiang! What is the meaning of this? Spout such nonsense again, and believe me, I'll hit you till you have to crawl around to search for your teeth!"

    Zhang Qiang shouted out loudly, "What are you so diffident for when I was just speaking casually? Are you secretly guilty?"

    "You …" Gao Xiang grabbed him by his shirt collar and lifted his clenched fist; itching to strike out.

    "Don't think I wouldn't dare to retaliate!" Zhang Qiang shouted even louder.

    Everyone's attention was now on the two of them.

    "What are you both doing?" Teacher Zuo spoke coldly, "How dare you act willfully and make a scene at this moment!"

    Zhang Qiang rushed to complain. "Teacher! He wants to hit me!"

    "It's because of your dirty mouth!"

    "What did I say? Say it!"

    Gao Xiang's face flushed red, but did not speak.

    Everyone comprehended the situation at this point. They were all young lads and ladies, hence they were a little more sensitive to some issues.

    Looking at everyone's expression, Gao Xiang grew even more furious and swung his fist towards Zhang Qiang's face.

    "How dare you spout nonsense! If it wasn't for her luring the Specter away, will you still be standing here all well?! Coward! You dare to even criticize when you let a girl sacrifice herself for you!"

    Zhang Qiang who wasn't prepared for it and got hit head-on. This blew Zhang Qiang's top. In mere seconds, punches were thrown, fists were sent flying and a fight had erupted.

    "Stop right now!" Teacher Zuo quickly walked in large strides towards the two and threw them apart. "Can't you figure out this is not the time and the place to pick a fight?! Go and layout the defence since the both of you have so much strength!"

    "Teacher!" Zhang Qiang rushed to answer, "Since he is so worried, why not let him keep a lookout? We can also avoid him causing trouble again!"

    Teacher Zuo paused for a moment, before he said, "That's good as well." Sending Gao Xiang away to keep a lookout is such a good idea. This is a dangerous task that no one wants to do, and Gao Xiang will be an unstable element if he stays. With the trouble he made, such a punishment can be considered lenient, so I will be able to maintain my confidence even if Grand Elder Zhuo asks about this matter.

    He looked towards Zhang Qiang once again. "As for you …"

    "It's nothing serious if I go as well." Zhang Qiang looked at Gao Xiang indignantly, "I'll show you what a ‘coward' I am, hmph."

    As he spoke, Zhang Qiang took the initiative to walk towards the entrance of the mountain forest.

    Teacher Zuo agreed tacitly. Both parties to having the same punishment would show how unbiased he was.

    Gao Xiang laughed coldly, before turning around and following Zhang Qiang.

    The two entered the forest.

    Once they were out of Teacher Zuo's sight, Zhang Qiang pushed Gao Xiang. "Go quickly! Be careful on the way!"

    Gao Xiang nodded. "Thanks a lot." Without further ado, he turned around and dashed off, before making a detour out of the mountain forest and towards the base camp to get reinforcements!

    At the same time, Lu Mingshu was dashing somewhere as well.

    With the help of the magnet, she made illusion formations one after the other, and she was finally seeing some results. She took advantage of the time gained to restore some mystic force.

    However, the Specter was after all an abnormal ferocious beast. The illusion formation might be able to slow it down, but it could not trap it.

    She made the formation while going deeper into the magnetic field, having the Specter hard on her heels throughout. Later on, the Specter got slowly used to the interference from the magnetic force, and the illusion formation gradually lost its effect.

    As she ran, Lu Mingshu sensed something was amiss.

    "Mystic force …" In the depths of the rugged cliff, there appeared to be an area with dense mystic force.

    There could only be two reasons for such sudden concentrated amounts of mystic force. One was the presence of some abnormal treasure; the other was the existence of some powerful organism.