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Chapter 55

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 55: Do You Believe in Me?

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    As the air surged with the undercurrent, something began to stir and was flying towards them at lightning speed.

    Lu Mingshu brandished her sword and slashed out a sword wind; "Whoosh!" this one slash evoked the water to splash up into a waterline. At the same time, there was also the sensation of flesh being cut open.

    "Plop!" That something that had taken her strike fell into the water.

    Yan Wugui pulled out his knife and knife energy went evoking the water to splash out in what appeared to be a water curtain from the impact. Once the water curtain fell, every obstruction in their path had been completely wiped out.

    "The bloody smell will attract more water-type ferocious beasts, so we have to go ashore quickly."

    "Un." Lu Mingshu tightly held onto the broken sword. Her sword had been corroded into an extremely blunt one from the Specter's blood; she could barely use it now as it was not exactly that much better than ordinary steel. It would be unfavourable for her to enter a lengthy battle.

    "Hold on tight." With Yan Wugui's reminder, they suddenly sped up. The cold wind above the undercurrent attacked them as they ran away at a high speed.

    This was an extremely wide undercurrent. They had not traveled for long when Lu Mingshu felt the hairs on her back stand up on end.

    "Whoosh!" Something broke through the water.

    Since her cultivation was insufficient, her eyesight was a little lacking — she could only barely make out a huge fish.

    Yan Wugui stepped down on the water, and they suddenly changed directions by taking a quick detour before continuing on forward.

    "Listen up, I can't look after you right now so you have to hold on tight to me. If anything catches up to us from behind, settle them yourself."

    "I understand." Lu Mingshu nodded. They didn't even have a boat so it would be unwise for them to fight with the water-type ferocious beasts on water. Their best option now was to go ashore as soon as possible. Only after they were ashore, would these water-type ferocious beasts pose no threats to them.

    Once he had gotten her response, Yan Wugui, who had nothing more to worry about, exerted force on his leg. This made the board akin to an arrow leaving a bow, rushing forward swiftly. He cut down any obstacles that stood in their way with one strike.

    Lu Mingshu initially started with clutching onto his shirt. However, she now did not have a choice but to hug his waist tightly so as not to fall into the river. Although she believed Yan Wugui would turn back to save her if she ever felt, she did not want to hold him back.

    The hairs on her back now stood on end with the wind howling and attacking them. Suddenly, a wave of strong wind leapt out of the water, sprinkling them with water droplets.

    Lu Mingshu hugged Yan Wugui tightly with one arm while executing a strike with her sword with the other arm. Only her sword blade turned, her head did not turn when she struck out behind her.

    Putong! This sound was the result of a water beast falling into the water.

    Soon after, another beast leapt out of the water.

    She had killed ten plus water beasts before she had to halt her slaughter. Her sword had gone blunt and the strength of the water beasts had increased too. Hence, she could only slightly restrict the enemy's advances and dodge them.

    This won't do, it takes too much effort.

    Lu Mingshu silently calculated the speed they are travelling at and angle in her heart.

    Since this place was too dark, Lu Mingshu was unable to judge them with her vision. She figured that she might as well shut her eyes to visualize them in her mind.

    The scene slowly came together in her mind, and she filled it up with the water beasts. Following the onslaught by the water beasts and Yan Wugui's retaliation, the number of water beasts gradually became distinct.

    The scene slowly stabilized, and no new water beasts appeared.

    "Brother Yan, how far away are we from the shore?"

    Yan Wugui retaliated the onslaught while replying to her, "We still need to travel some distance before we can go ashore. I estimate it to be roughly ten kilometres."

    Lu Mingshu pondered for a moment. "It's not exactly far. But I am worried that we might not make it if we continue slaughtering our way through. Even if we safely reach the shore, we would also have consumed too much mystic force. Brother Yan, do you believe me?"

    Yan Wugui slashed his knife down, sending another water beast back. "Why wouldn't I believe in you? Tell me whatever ideas you have."

    "From now on, you must not strike out and I'll point out a path for you."

    Yan Wugui kept silent for three seconds before asking, "How are you going to point out a path?"

    "Let's try it out first. Turn left when I say left, turn right when I say right, and I'll tell you the required speed in advance. If there a new formidable water beast appears, strike it once so I can determine its strength."

    "Alright …" Yan Wugui slightly hesitated before agreeing. By right, he should not be taking her suggestion seriously, as she was after all still in the Inner Breath Realm. However, now that he had gotten to know her these few days, he knew that this maiden may be young in age but she was not someone that would speak without thinking. She carried a type of confidence that exceeded her current age, so he was willing to believe her once.

    "Left." Once he heard her voice, he immediately went left.

    "Right." he went right.

    They repeated this for a few times before Yan Wugui could not bear it anymore. "There obviously wasn't any water beast just now!"

    "I am just testing your reaction speed and angle." She spoke innocently.

    Yan Wugui grinded his teeth. "Then?"

    Lu Mingshu tapped her finger on his waist. "Do you feel my hand?"

    "... You'll have to grow up a bit more if you want to successfully incite me."

    Lu Mingshu spat out at him in her heart; she did not have time to spout nonsense with him. She quickly instructed. "One tap of my finger will mean one second. If I call out left one, you must travel left for one second at the current speed. Right one, and you travel right for one second, do you understand?"


    "Okay, I'll begin." Lu Mingshu shut her eyes and relied entirely on her perception as her brain turned at full speed. "Left one, right two, front three, right one, front two, left three …"

    She reported rapidly. Initially, Yan Wugui still nervously verified it one by one. In the end, he found out that by following her command when she said front, the two would practically have room to maneuver their way through the group of water beasts … He was secretly shocked: this girl has some ability! I might as well believe in her wholeheartedly while I focus on percepting danger.

    Every time a new water beast appeared, he would strike out with his Knife.

    Lu Mingshu paused for a less than half a second before continuing her instructions. "Right three, front one, right two …"

    As the wind hit an empty cavity up front, Yan Wugui called out lightly, "We're here!"

    He brought his foot down and he grabbed Lu Mingshu in an attempt to reach the shore.

    As water beasts pounced towards them, Yan Wugui angled his body sideways and struck out with an unconstrained saber light. This one strike caused blood to splatter onto their bodies. Then he stepped on the water surface and in a flying leap, fell onto the ground.

    Yan Wugui immediately jumped up, rolled twice, and pulled a little dizzy Lu Mingshu up.

    "Are you okay?"

    Lu Mingshu managed to let out a word. "Un."

    The two were covered with water and blood from head to toe. Basically, they were in a very sorry state. Fortunately, they had not used much mystic force and were nearly in excellent shape and uninjured.

    Yan Wugui wiped the blood while he patted her shoulder and praised her. "I've truly belittled you! You have some ability!"

    As she had to concentrate her attention fully earlier, Lu Mingshu felt her brain go empty at this moment. She wiped the water off her face. "Luckily we did not make any mistakes." It was still a pretty rough plan as she could not tell him the speed and angle in detail, which meant that they couldn't be as meticulous. Thinking of it, the elementary education of the Magic-less world was still the most ideal. They had a generalized system and did not have many branches either. Ever since she traded for those books, she changed her calculation of time and length to the units of that world, which made it much more convenient for her.

    1The two rested for a while. Because of his mysophobia, Yan Wugui washed up countless times before reluctantly continuing the journey ...

    At this moment, the beast cave was filled with sounds of activity as the annihilation continued. Each and every one of the Nine Jade Palace's Practitioners rode majestic mounts as they appeared on the mountain top.

    Gao Xiang sat on a Snow Lion with his master, overlooking the beast cave that was far from its normal quietness.

    Going through countless days of hunting around, the ordinary ferocious beasts in the beast cave had been more or less practically annihilated, every beast left had been encircled here.

    "Disciples!" A Jade Crowned Eagle flew up high, and it was precisely Fu Shangqing who stood atop it. He pointed at the beast cave below him while carrying a myriad heroic spirit. "After countless years of hard work, it is now time for you to show off your true abilities!"

    Gao Xiang felt the icy cold hand of his master placed on the top of his head, then heard a light tone that contained no emotions. "If you lose to Fu Mingtang, you need not return to Willow Woods."