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Chapter 56

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 56: Mutual Strife

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    Yan Wugui placed his hand on the wall and felt the slight quaking.

    "The encirclement hunting has begun," he said.

    Lu Mingshu nodded. "Then we …"

    "Have to hurry." Yan Wugui said, "We can't let them run into us."

    Nine Jade Palace probably dispatched more than half of their Spirit Realm experts for this time's encirclement hunting; if they were to be so unfortunate as to run into them, they wouldn't have the chance to even think of stirring up trouble. It may still be okay for Lu Mingshu, but Yan Wugui might be deported back to Seven Truths Platform, as Nine Jade Palace opened up Jade West Mountain Forest for a limited time only.

    "Let's go."

    The two engrossed themselves in hastening on the journey. Now that they had crossed the river, they were basically only left with the uphill journey. The Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horse's nest was close to the mountain top, as they were a type of flying precious beast that possessed an inborn cloud-treading gallop ability.

    They might have called it ‘stirring up trouble', but the two of them were well aware that with just the two of them, the things they could do under the nose of Spirit Realm experts were limited.

    What's more, they did not want to harm anyone. Disliking Nine Jade Palace was one thing, but disliking innocent disciples from Nine Jade Palace was something totally different.

    As the mountain shook, Yan Wugui suddenly stopped in his tracks. "Be careful."

    Just as he spoke, a ferocious beast rolled down from the tunnel.

    Yan Wugui pulled out his knife and slashed down; "Sploosh!", fresh blood splattered in all directions.

    However, many more beasts rushed downhill closely after. When the beasts saw living people, they panicked and paused for a moment, but quickly recovered and started rushing towards them. The rumbling went on as more and more ferocious beasts rushed out of the tunnel.

    1Lu Mingshu was quite relaxed as Yan Wugui was blocking the herd in front. One shouldn't judge Yan Wugui solely on his personality, for his knife way was sharp and tyrannical. It was, perhaps, because of this knife way that he would use a knife in place of a sword.

    They killed their way through the tunnel, having almost no time for rest.

    For so many ferocious beasts to have fled for their lives through the tunnel, the encirclement hunting outside must have entered its climax.

    As Lu Mingshu thrust out her sword ... "Clang!" The weight in her arm lessen and the body of the sword snapped off.

    Yan Wugui glanced at her and took out an item from his waist pouch. "Make do with this."

    Lu Mingshu took it over to take a look only to discover it to be a long dagger. With her height, it was just long enough for her to use it as a short sword.

    When a Silver-Shelled Rat pounced towards them, Lu Mingshu broke its shell with ease by just slightly raising the dagger in her hands. She was taken aback. "It's so sharp?!"

    "It's a top grade mystic weapon, what did you think?" Yan Wugui then nagged, "remember to return it to me after you're done using it!"

    Lu Mingshu murmured, "Petty!"

    "Do you think it's easy to get a top grade mystic weapon?"

    "Don't you still have a knife?"

    "Tsk, I can tell you have no experience at one glance. How can one not have a weapon in reserve if they're away from home? Aren't you a very good example?"

    They continued killing. The chattering enlivened the otherwise dull slaughter.

    Outside, the sounds of battle reverberated through the entire Jade West. Nine Jade Palace was just finishing up the encirclement killing; only a few ferocious beasts remained by this point.

    Gao Xiang chased a small Wind Rift Beast into the mountain forest.

    When the encirclement hunt had just begun, his master told him that he need not return to Willow Woods anymore if he lost to Fu Mingtang. He did not dare to disregard those words.

    Gao Xiang knew his master's temper very clearly — his master would always hold true to his words. It was, perhaps, because his recent performance had left his master greatly unsatisfied with him. If he were to really lose to Fu Mingtang, his master might really kick him out … The Willow Woods line could only have a sole successor every generation, but it wasn't as if the successor had never been changed before. It would truly be very embarrassing if he was kicked out.

    The Wind Rift Beast was a type of ferocious beast that specializes in controlling the wind; it could exhale wind with a might that could cut into a mountain and even split rocks. Although this was a small Wind Rift Beast, it was still much stronger than common ferocious beasts. If I can catch this beast, master might be pleased.

    He leapt up, and with the sword energy condensed into threads, he attempted to strike the Wind Rift Beast before his eyes.