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Chapter 57

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 57: Treasure Locator

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    "We've arrived!" The blood-soaked duo finally saw the dawn of light.

    Now that they were out, they were able to clearly hear the beastly roars and sounds of combat. This reminded them that the Spirit Realm experts had already begun the annihilation. Lu Mingshu even saw the sword rays from the sky battles.

    Yan Wugui furrowed his eyebrows. "They've already found the place? Seems like we've belittled them."

    The Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses were now having a fight with Nine Jade Palace, hence it was practically impossible for them to cause any more trouble.

    "Brother Yan, what do we do?"

    Yan Wugui contemplated for a moment before continuing, "Since we can't intervene with the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses, let's change our target."

    "To what?"

    "There are many ferocious beasts from the higher realms inhabiting the beast cave, and they need to consume large amounts of resources on a daily basis. Thus, there will definitely be a spiritual land in the beast cave."

    "But if it were me, I would definitely divide my forces. The stronger force would pursue the ferocious beasts, while the weaker force would search for the spiritual land. I doubt that they wouldn't send people to the spiritual land when they've already started fighting with the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses, right?"

    Yan Wugui looked at her, pleased.

    "That's right, but they would need time to search for the spiritual land, and the richer the spiritual land, the harder it is to find. It would be advantageous for us to take a shortcut here. I say it will take them at least one or two hours to arrive. If we are lucky enough, we will be able to find the land before they come."

    Lu Mingshu immediately answered, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go now."

    "Mhmm." Yan Wugui glanced outside a few times and heaved a disappointed sigh. We can only let these two Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses go to Nine Jade Palace.


    Gao Xiang grabbed ahold of a vine and climbed up.

    Since the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses had the ability to fly, they loved living in the rugged mountains that did not have any flat ground whatsoever. Thus, the path to the summit where the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horses resided was filled with steep cliffs that Gao Xiang could only slowly climb up.

    Under his suggestion, practically every Inner Breath disciple present was participating in this bet.

    All Gao Xiang cared about was Fu Mingtang's participation.

    As soon as this thought came about, Gao Xiang recalled his master's words and his blood went cold.

    Gao Xiang lightly swung himself on the vine and grabbed another in the nick of time before continuing to climb up.


    "What is this?" Lu Mingshu saw Yan Wugui take out an item and wave it around.

    "Treasure locator."

    "What does that mean?"

    "It's something that can point out the position of heaven-and-earth treasures."

    Lu Mingshu stared at the item in Yan Wugui's hands. It resembled an ancient compass and the magnetic compass a bit. There was a needle in the middle that slightly trembled.

    "What does it do?"

    "Oh, this needle can sense treasure energy."

    "What is treasure energy?"

    "Treasure energy is …" Yan Wugui was defeated by her trying to get to the bottom of the matter. "Can you not ask so much?"

    Lu Mingshu answered confidently, "You should always ask when you don't know!"

    "There are more important things we need to be doing right now so be a good girl and ask later." Yan Wugui patted her head and chose a direction according to the treasure locator's needle.

    Lu Mingshu looked at the treasure locator in his hands and took out her own compass

    Lu Mingshu did not use her compass since they entered the beast cave. The compass may have been quite accurate in the mountain forest, but there seemed to be a large-scale magnetic body in the beast cave. It had never pointed to the right direction ever since they entered the beast cave.

    As the two navigated their way, Yan Wugui looked at the treasure locator, while she looked at the compass. They gradually entered the depths of the mountain body. The direction pointed by the compass was slightly different from the treasure locator, but it was more or less the same. Does this indicate that the so-called treasure energy contains magnetic properties?

    Loud rumblings could be heard throughout the beast cave, and the mountain would crumble at times.

    While they continued walking, Lu Mingshu suddenly said, "Brother Yan, look at the tree there."

    "Tree? What's wrong with the tree?" asked Yan Wugui without thinking.

    "We have already passed by it three times."

    Yan Wugui stopped in his tracks and looked at it attentively.

    It was a group of three trees arranged in the form of the (品) word. It looks very familiar, as if … we've really passed by it many times.

    As he stared blankly at the tree, Lu Mingshu was also deep in contemplation

    While Lu Mingshu was deep in thought, Yan Wugui pulled out his knife from its scabbard and immediately struck out.

    "Hey!" Lu Mingshu was greatly alarmed.

    The knife light went up then down, striking down on the tree.

    Huala! Fresh blood spurted out, leaving the two drenched in blood once again.

    Lu Mingshu was alarmed. "Demonic tree?"

    "Demonic tree your head!" Yan Wugui tilted his head to look at her. "Look carefully, look at just what it actually is."

    When she looked over once more, all she saw were large green pythons on each tree. On one of the trees that was half-chopped off by Yan Wugui, a sliced python was currently twisting and struggling in the bloodbath. The other two extended their tongues and were glaring at them like a tiger watching its prey.

    "This is a guardian ferocious beast. Seems like we've found it." Yan Wugui fixedly stared at the two pythons while holding on tightly to the sharp knife in his hand. "It's at the peak of the Harmonization Realm and is about to reach the Spirit Realm. You, move back."

    The two large pythons were thicker than the circumferences of bowls and were a dozen or so meters long. Their bodies had scales that flashed like rays of light, similar to mystic armor.

    The pythons straightened their bodies and stared at the two with their icy cold eyes.

    Lu Mingshu retreated with careful steps.

    Although the combination of three large pythons at the peak of the Harmonization Realm couldn't compare with one from the Spirit Realm, it did not differ by much. Luckily, Yan Wugui had beheaded one when he struck out.

    The two large pythons moved simultaneously. They were as fast as lightning. It was as if two green blades had leapt up.

    Yan Wugui's figure flashed, and interweaved them into the Knife's light net.

    The green blades and knife light converged.

    The mystic net knife light was interweaved into a lump with the green shadow, making it hard to differentiate between them.

    With how fast the two large pythons were, Yan Wugui could not afford to be the slightest bit distracted. He raised his five senses to their limits, till he practically did not need to use his eyes at the end, as his eyes could not keep up with the speed of the two pythons.

    "Sploosh——" Fresh blood spurted everywhere, and finally, the large python was chopped down.

    Now that there was less pressure, he brought up his spirits and ended the last one.

    "How disgusting!" Yan Wugui shook his clothing. To a mysophobic, having bloodstains was literally the most annoying thing ever. What's more, he had already gotten who knows how much blood splattered on him today. His clothes were wet then dry, and when they were dry, they became wet again, leaving him reeking in blood from head to toe.

    "Alright! Let's go in!" When there wasn't any movement after he spoke, Yan Wugui turned around to check and felt happy. "Aiyo, I was wondering why you were so quiet. Are you frightened?"

    Lu Mingshu stood to the side with a pale face.

    She was considered to be courageous, for Yan Wugui had never seen her get scared once in these few days that he had known her.

    Lu Mingshu gradually came back to her senses. She felt disgusted at such icy cold reptiles. She was able to endure the small snakes she encountered previously; however, these two large serpents gave her goosebumps with just one glance.

    "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid." Yan Wugui said with an uplifted mood when he saw Lu Mingshu's reaction. "What are you afraid of? Snake soup is very delicious."

    Lu Mingshu regained a healthy flush in her cheeks and glared at him. "Who would want to eat that!"