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Chapter 61

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 61: Ferocious Birds

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    On the other side, the three also hastened their pace.

    Their battle tactic changed a little. Lu Mingshu saw Fu Mingtang hold the crossbow in his hands and shoot it upwards. A long rope with an arrowhead shot out from the crossbow and embedded itself into a small crack in the precipice.

    Lu Mingshu was very alarmed when she saw this. She had seen such a tool in the Heavenly Wheel before and once thought of making one. However, making a crossbow was no easy matter, and she could not find someone to exchange for a crossbow. Hence, the matter dragged on.  A Martial Arts world may be relatively ancient, but with development and innovation, it wouldn't be inferior to other worlds.

    Lu Mingshu predicted correctly; Fu Mingtang had not used it previously because the crossbow needed mystic force to launch. However, it was not enough to use his own mystic force if he wanted to break through and lodge the arrowhead into the precipice. He needed to utilize a mystic crystal — a pure crystal that was refined from a mystic ore. Such a crystal form was so extremely precious that the sect only supplied it to elders of the Spirit Realm. He only had this one crystal so he would only use it as a last resort.

    He had no choice but to use it now. As he looked at the dulling radiance of the crystal, even a sect leader's son would feel a pang of heartache.

    "Go quickly!" Fu Mingtang could not help but get anxious when he saw Zhou Yinru's men getting closer. The moment those people arrived, the competition would definitely be nullified. There was no way he was going to be mocked by Gao Xiang as a coward that could only rely on the title of a sect leader's son to frighten others.

    On Lu Mingshu's side, they were moving quickly up the rattan.

    With the help of the rattan, the vertical precipice was no longer a problem for Inner Breath Realm disciples like them.

    Lu Mingshu landed on a rock and once Gao Xiang arrived, she hauled him up.

    They were only a short distance away from the peak of the precipice.

    When she looked at the peak, she found it a little nerve-racking.

    The cave entrance was filled with numerous dense thorny vines, and it would not be easy to get through.

    However, when she turned her head around to check, Teacher Zuo's group was even closer.

    On the other side, the three climbed while fighting off the ferocious birds and were a tiny bit slower than the other two. Although they were slower than Lu Mingshu, she only had one wood element spirit talisman which she had just used, while Fu Mingtang could continue shooting with his crossbow. Once the three caught up to Lu Mingshu and Gao Xiang, the two would undoubtedly lose.

    Eeek ——

    A bird's sharp cry cut off Lu Mingshu's train of thought.

    Gao Xiang turned his head around to take a look and was completely shocked. "Harmonization Realm! That is a Harmonization Realm ferocious bird!"

    In the end, the bloody battle on the precipice alerted the countless Harmonization Realm ferocious birds.

    Teacher Zuo and the rest went pale with shock before madly dashing. Given the Second Zhou Miss's temper, if anything were to happen to the eldest young master, we can forget about living.

    Everyone who saw the scene at a distance sucked in a breath of cold air. Even those who were in combat reverted their attention to the scene.

    Having to deal with a dangerous precipice where it was impossible to hold onto anything, along with attacking Harmonization Realm ferocious beasts, was something those in our realm would be stressed about if they were in the same situation, including the few Inner Breath Realm disciples!

    Someone rambled on, "We're done for. We're done for eldest young master …"

    When he turned around, Zhou Yinru slapped him. "Shut up!"

    Zhou Yinru was breathing heavily as she stared anxiously at the cliff.

    However, Fu Shangqing is still considered an outsider. No matter what, he cannot compete with Fu Mingtang who has the blood of the Zhou family running through his veins. Furthermore, Fu Mingtang's aptitude vastly surpassed the Zhou family's expectations. It wouldn't be easy to give birth to a child as gifted as Fu Mingtang if he died.

    With her thoughts stopping there, Zhou Yinru's hatred towards Lu Mingshu grew more intense, to the point where smoke could practically be seen from her fiery eyes.

    On the precipice, Fu Mingtang felt like he wasn't breathing. He lifted his head to look at the huge bird that was extremely long and had its pair of wings unfolded. Like dark clouds enshrouding him, he felt the bird's looming shadow as it focused at him with its savage cold eyes.

    The huge bird flapped its wings and abruptly rushed down.

    Teacher Zuo shouted out, "Young master!" His heart was about to jump out of his chest, and he regretted injuring himself previously because it was slowing him down.

    When Fu Mingtang heard the shout, he instinctively pressed the crossbow in his hands.

    The arrowhead on the rope shot upwards. It did hit the huge bird, but it lodged into the bird's neck as it descended.

    This one strike might not have hit the target smack in the middle, but it temporarily forced the ferocious bird to retreat.

    Teacher Zuo let out a breath of relief and commanded the men to speed up.

    On the other side, Lu Mingshu's eyes lit up. "I have an idea!"

    "What idea?" Gao Xiang hurriedly asked.

    "Wait up!" Lu Mingshu looked at the huge bird and blew a whistle.

    The sharp and ear-piercing whistle succeeded in attracting the huge bird's attention.

    Gao Xiang was incredibly alarmed. "What are you doing?" He was happy that the huge bird was fixated on Fu Mingtang, yet now Lu Mingshu was intentionally attracting its attention …

    "Be careful yourself." Lu Mingshu stared attentively at the huge bird that was rushing over as she counted down in her heart.

    Three, two, one.

    Fully prepared, she abruptly leapt into mid-air.

    Gao Xiang shouted out loudly, "Mingshu!!"

    Fu Mingtang's group also cried out in alarm. The youth that provoked Gao Xiang shouted out completely shocked, "What is she doing?!"

    Fu Mingtang was also stupefied. While he was worried about how he had shot his crossbow earlier and what he was going to do if the huge bird rushed over, he suddenly heard Lu Mingshu's whistle that drew the bird away.

    Fu Mingtang could not believe his intuition, but he could also not comprehend the meaning behind her actions. His heart was in a state of turmoil.

    Lu Mingshu welcomed the wind with outstretched arms as she dropped from the high altitude. She discovered that she wasn't nervous at all. Obviously she would die horribly if she made a single mistake, yet her breathing and heart rate was steady as per usual. It wasn't that she was naturally a risk-taker, but rather it was because she was confident in herself.

    Lu Mingshu went slightly forward to grab onto the rope right in front of her. Once she firmly had it in her grasp, she quickly twisted it around her hands a few times before moving on to grab the other rope.

    The rope drooped down as it bore her weight and deeply sunk into the huge bird's neck.

    Startled, the huge bird screeched and started flapping its wings desperately to fly higher.

    Just like this, Lu Mingshu was suspended on the huge bird's body.

    Everyone had a stupefied expression on their face: Gao Xiang, Fu Mingtang, Teacher Zuo who was not far away, Zhou Yinru, and the rest who were even further away.

    "Be careful!" Gao Xiang called out.

    Not used to being restricted, the huge bird flapped its wings with all its might. It rushed to bash itself against the precipice.

    If it succeeded in bashing itself, Lu Mingshu would undoubtedly be smashed into a meat patty.