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Chapter 62

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 62: You Agreed to the Bet, You Must Accept Your Loss

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    Zhou Yinru stared at the scene on the precipice and sneered,

    To Zhou Yinru's disappointment, Lu Mingshu did not give the huge bird this chance.

    Right before she leapt out, she had visualized all the possible ways in which this situation could play out. She took into account the strength, the speed, the direction, etc. of the huge bird. Although her estimates were not exactly precise, they were a good approximate.

    The moment the huge bird smashed into the precipice, she had exerted all her strength to swing and let go at the highest point.

    "Ah!" Fu Mingtang cried out.

    The others watching the scene from a distance also let out a yelp.

    This … Just the thought of it turned many pale with fright. If they were in her shoes, they would have never dared to just let go. Besides, she was still a child!

    The precipice was quickly getting closer — it was as if it was not her who was throwing herself towards the precipice, but instead, the precipice was pressing down on her. With the huge mountain closing down on her, it felt as if she would be crashed into smithereens in the blink of an eye.

    Lu Mingshu listened to her heartbeat ... thump, thump... the rhythm was fast and steady. Her eyes did not blink even once, as she fixed her stare on the precipice.

    She grabbed the dagger tightly and stabbed the rock.

    Clang—— The high-grade mystic weapon's sharp blade touched the rock surface, causing sparks to fly in all directions. It easily pierced the rock as if Lu Mingshu was slicing tofu — one stab was all it needed.

    It might have cut through the rock easily, but the huge momentum had not been entirely dispelled. Thus, half of Lu Mingshu's body smashed heavily into the precipice and immediately went numb from the collision.

    At the same time, Lu Mingshu moved her hand from the dagger onto the precipice.

    Seeing the situation, Gao Xiang's almost stopped breathing. He hurriedly shouted out loud, "Mingshu? Mingshu?"

    Half of Lu Mingshu's body had already gone numb, and buzzing sounds rung out in her head. She only managed to slowly come back to her senses when she heard Gao Xiang shout and the cub in her embrace call out. She knew deep in her heart that, given how she had used her arm to try to cushion the collision, her arm had been practically half-crippled. If it was not for the Heavenly Wheel, she would not have dared to pull such a dangerous stunt.

    The huge bird had desperately flapped off to higher ground, hence the cliff where she was now hanging was the upper part of the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horse's nest. She was barely ten feet away from the cave entrance.

    Fu Mingtang was breathing heavily, and his forehead was dripping with cold sweat. Although it was not him that had experienced all these, with how close he was to the happenings, he had watched the situation unfold before his eyes in clear detail. It was as if he had personally experienced it. Lu Mingshu had avoided being smashed into bits and dying a horrible death by a hair's breadth.

    "S-she's … still alive, right? This is inconceivable!" a youth by his side murmured in a daze —

    Fu Mingtang thought in his heart. He would have never even imagined that this could be done.

    Lu Mingshu lowered her head to look at the cave entrance and slightly loosened her grip on the dagger.

    Her body dropped down slightly. She lowered herself onto a protruding rock at the cave entrance and rolled in. She was finally safe.

    Only at that moment did she discover that her whole body was soaked in sweat.

    Giving herself some time to rest from the previous stunts, she gathered all the snow-white feathers that had fallen near the cave entrance and stored them away. Then, she stood up and waved at Gao Xiang.

    "Alive! That child is still alive!"

    Shouts of astonishment broke out from the distant crowd of onlookers, when they saw Lu Mingshu wave.

    They were far away, hence they could not see the whole situation unfold in any detail. All they saw was Lu Mingshu jumping out then grabbing onto something, before hanging in midair underneath the huge bird, and being smashed by the bird into the precipice.

    They had previously felt that this child was excessively brave and admired her in their hearts, while secretly pitying her circumstances. With how bad the situation had been earlier, who would've believed she could live? It would have already been considered pretty good for her corpse to remain intact.

    Unexpectedly, she actually lived.

    When they recalled what she had done previously, she was truly prudent in all aspects, daring yet careful. Moreover, she had sharp senses. All in all, she had handled the situation directly and efficiently. Courage, willpower, decisiveness, not a single one was dispensable.

    "Truly incredible! Kids these days are really remarkable!"

    "Isn't it? Back in our days, who would've dared to do that?"

    "Tsk tsk, daring to do this at just the Inner Breath Realm. How daring will she become in future?"

    "Speaking of it, the sixteenth generation is truly filled with talents. The young master, that disciple of Willow Wood's Elder An, and now this person …"

    Zhou Yinru's face was getting darker and darker as she listened to their conversation. Finally, she could not hold it in any more. "Shut up! Do all of you have nothing better to do?!" she stared at the precipice, and her voice went even colder. "Disobeying commands, acting on her own initiative, and even provoked her fellow disciple. She must be punished according to the sect's rules!"

    Everyone immediately went silent, regretting they had not kept their mouth shut.  It's one matter if she always stayed in Green Jade Valley and remained invisible, but to violate the rules in front of the Second Zhou Miss, the result won't be good.

    It was unknown whether it was due to the influence of the Snow Winged Cloud-treading Horse, but the huge bird indignantly flew back and forth the moment Lu Mingshu entered the nest. In the end, it still flew away.

    Lu Mingshu threw a rope down to Gao Xiang and pulled him up.

    Soon after, Teacher Zuo's group also arrived and saved Fu Mingtang's group from the precipice.

    Following that, they also got Gao Xiang and Lu Mingshu down.

    Fu Mingtang hung his head down dejectedly. If Teacher Zuo had arrived earlier and interrupted the competition, he would have felt indignant. However, Lu Mingshu had taken the first step in the nest and even in such a flashy way … What else could he say for himself?

    He was at a loss from the bottom of his heart. Since young, everyone had praised him to be extremely talented, saying that he was the future of Nine Jade Palace. His parents regarded him importantly, his grandfather loved him, and even his aunt with her bad temper had never spoken harsh words in front of him. He also strongly believed that he was the most outstanding; entering the Inner Breath Realm before turning ten years old was something that even Liu Jizhen had not accomplished back then. But now ...

    He shifted his gaze to Lu Mingshu.

    He had never taken this ‘sister' of his seriously, nor did he recognize her as an elder sister. He, Fu Mingtang, only had one sister — Fu Mingxi. Why would he care about who Lu Mingshu was? Although at times he felt a lump in his throat when he recalled her name, he still had contempt for her and did not think this ‘sister' was worthy of a second glance.

    However, he had no choice but to take another glance at her now. How did this happen? This defeat did not leave them any space for an excuse, nor could it be dismissed as a ‘fluke'.

    Honestly, if Fu Mingtang were in her shoes, he might have neither had her courage nor her precision.

    "How is it? Can you move it?" On the other side, Gao Xiang carefully supported Lu Mingshu by her shoulder.

    Lu Mingshu shook her head. "I can't, it must be fractured."

    "You went way overboard." Gao Xiang furrowed his eyebrows. "What if it left you with internal injuries? This is your right hand, it will affect your strength."

    Lu Mingshu only smiled. She couldn't possibly tell Gao Xiang that, because of the Heavenly Wheel, she did not have to fear getting heavily injured, right?

    "Forget it, forget it. I'll let Martial Grandfather know, so he can find some good herbs for you."


    "What are you thanking me for?" Gao Xiang nagged. "Really! I am even turning into an old grandma now from hanging around you too much."

    He lifted up his head and pompously spoke to Fu Mingtang and the rest. "Eh, do you concede defeat?"

    The youth that had provoked Gao Xiang had a face full of indignance, yet could not find words to refute.

    "Why? Have you become a mute now that you've lost? Eldest young master, you won't turn into a mute too, right?"

    Fu Mingtang lifted his head and blankly stated, "If you agree to the bet, you must accept your loss. I'll withdraw from the rankings this time."

    "Good!" Gao Xiang clapped and spoke while grinning, "Remember to keep your promise. If you are still in the rankings after this, don't blame me for making this public!"