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Chapter 66

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 66: Regarded as a Betrayer

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    "Lu Mingshu, do you still insist this matter is unrelated to you?" The one interrogating her was the Quintessence Courtyard Leader — Wen Shijie.

    Zhou Yinru interrogated her by relying on her status, but he was the actual Quintessence Courtyard Leader. It was only right for him to be the one to pass judgement.

    "Yes." Lu Mingshu lifted up her head. "I did not collude with the outsider, nor did I reveal any sect information. Of all the crimes Hall Head Zhou has testified against me, this disciple does not admit guilty to any of them!"

    "Then how would you explain why it is you, of all the disciples, to have met that person?"

    Lu Mingshu found it strange. "Courtyard Leader, those words are truly unreasonable. Suppose I met a beggar on the way, would Courtyard Leader then ask me why it was me out of so many people that met the beggar?"

    Wen Shijie was not angered even though he was being questioned by a disciple. Instead, he remained calm. "From the surface, it looks like a coincidence, but when I think carefully, every single step appears to be correlated. Let me ask, why did you, a small Inner Breath disciple, tumble down the canyon?"

    "This disciple has already explained that a Harmonization Realm Specter had appeared. In order to lure the Specter away, this disciple unintentionally tumbled down the canyon."

    "Fine." Wen Shijie stroked his black beard in a dignified manner. "Then do you know just how strong a single Specter is in the Harmonization Realm? Even a small elite team formed from Harmonization Realms would have trouble killing it. How could you, a single Inner Breath Realm disciple, have the stamina and confidence to lure the Specter away? What reason did you have to lure that Specter away?"

    Lu Mingshu looked at him angrily as she had not expected for the Quintessence Courtyard Leader to say such words. "It was because my fellow disciple was injured. If this disciple didn't lure the Specter away, the group would've been eaten one by one!"

    "So you sacrificed yourself for the others?" Wen Shijie smiled, but the tone he used indescribably made one angry. "This is strange. From my understanding, your relationship with your fellow disciples is not very good. Before this incident, I inquired two disciples that traveled together with you and found that your relationship with them is extremely bad! It was so bad that you and three of your teammates got into a conflict when the task was distributed. You even went ahead and used violence. Lu Mingshu, are you trying to say you are so noble that you're willing to risk your life to save them even after you've fallen out and even used violence against them?"

    character is so outstanding to requite evil with good." No matter who it is, no one would find this admissible.

    It took some time for her to calm down. "Does Courtyard Leader mean this disciple shouldn't have lured the Specter away and should've let my fellow sect members be swallowed alive?"

    Wen Shijie ignored her tone and remained smiling. "Alright, let's not talk about whether it was rational or not for you to have lured the Specter away for now. I would like to ask you on what basis did you think that you, a mere Inner Breath Realm disciple, had the ability to lure the Specter away? I've already looked for the people involved for an investigation. Also you tumbled down ten or more miles from the mountain forest to the canyon. For an Inner Breath Realm disciple to drag a Harmonization Realm Specter and even run this far … Even your master back then couldn't do so, right?"

    Lu Mingshu finally knew why there was such a saying among the common people.

    Your relationship with them is extremely bad and you even fought against them. Would a normal person even try to save them? What? You say it's because you are honourable? Haha.

    How could a common Inner Breath Realm disciple drag a Specter on for so long? Oh, are you saying you are more amazing than others? Haha.

    "You have nothing to say for yourself? From what I see, you appearing in that canyon is a chance in itself and is immensely suspicious. Perhaps, it was the location you agreed to meet at with that person?"

    Zhou Yinru who saw Lu Mingshu turn pale as a sheet and unable to defend herself revealed a trace of a smile. Trying to fight with me?! Hmpf, you have a death wish!

    "Courtyard Leader Wen, how should we punish someone that conspired with an outsider and even caused the treasure to fall into their hands?"

    Wen Shijie grinned. "Someone that colluded with an outsider and even caused grave consequences shall be regarded as a betrayer to the sect."

    "Well said! Since this is so, please pass judgement Courtyard Leader Wen."

    Wen Shijie glanced over at Fu Shangqing. When he saw his slightly closed eyes as if he had not heard anything, Wen Shijie reassuringly and boldly pronounced the sentence, "Lu Mingshu, you disclosed sect information to the enemy, causing the sect to lose the ley lines spiritual roots. Formally, you should be beheaded, but considering the fact that you're young and ignorant, I shall be lenient in your punishment. Because of your betrayal against your sect, Nine Jade Palace will no longer house you. From today on, you're no longer a disciple of Nine Jade Palace!"

    Lu Mingshu had not said a word from the start of Wen Shijie's fallacious argument, because she clearly knew in her heart that this was not an interrogation, but instead, a decision was already made. No matter what she said to dispute, the other party would not let her off.

    She turned around and started walking towards the exit.

    "Hold up!" Zhou Yinru's voice rang across the courtyard.

    Lu Mingshu halted in her steps. "Since you've already chased me out of the sect, then I'm no longer a disciple of the Nine Jade Palace. What other comments does Second Zhou Miss have?"

    Zhou Yinru's voice carried traces of a haughty smile. "Nine Jade Palace has nurtured you for four years, don't tell me you want to leave just like this?"

    "Then what do you want from me?" Lu Mingshu angrily stopped in her tracks.

    "Of course you should leave behind whatever you've taken." Zhou Yinru sneered, "Dispose of your martial achievement and have nothing to do with Nine Jade Palace from now on!"

    Lu Mingshu abruptly turned around and looked at her with disbelief in her eyes.

    Lu Mingshu inhaled deeply. "What if I'm not willing?"

    Zhou Yinru grinned even more. "Do you think your opinion matters?"

    So, even if I am not willing, my martial achievement will still be forcefully broken?

    Lu Mingshu slowly shifted her line of sight, stopping on the man she was supposed to call ‘father'. Does he think so too?

    Fu Shangqing felt uneasy under her stare and lightly coughed. "Little sister …"

    "Does Sect Leader think I'm wrong?" Zhou Yinru aggressively inquired.

    Under her intent glare, Fu Shangqing paused. "What you said … is not wrong."

    "Since the Sect Leader approves — come in!"

    With a single command from Zhou Yinru, two Harmonization Realm disciples outside came in. "Here."

    "Grab her!"


    Both Lu Mingshu's arms were grabbed, forcing her to stay immobile. "Zhou Yinru, you're so evil!"

    Zhou Yinru got up and slowly strolled over to her. "On behalf of how engrossed you were in scolding, this lady shall volunteer to do the deed. How lucky of you!"

    She lifted up her well-maintained, tender and white palm and was about to strike down on her crown chakra point.

    Lu Mingshu who was filled with surging hatred, yet unable to budge even an inch, could only shut her eyes.

    Right at this moment, there was a deep shout from outside, "Hold up!"