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Chapter 68

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 68: Can We Go Now


    With how clearly Liu Jizhen had spoken, how could the people present still not understand? Of course not. Frankly, all they were doing earlier was taking advantage of Lu Mingshu's young age and low status.

    "Let's talk about the following events. After a few days of my disciple's disappearance, she appeared in the depths of the beast cave and Second Junior Sister Zhou finds this to be very suspicious?"

    Zhou Yinru forced a bold expression. "That's right. Even if it was mere coincidence that she met that person, why did that person bring her into the beast cave which was coincidentally in the vicinity of the spiritual land?"

    "So in Second Junior Sister Zhou's opinion, what should that person have done?" The corners of Liu Jizhen's lips lifted up slightly. "Helplessly leave my disciple where she had fallen?"

    "That would be natural since they are unrelated."

    "Haha," Liu Jizhen lightly laughed. "For a single Inner Breath Realm disciple to be abandoned in the depths of Jade West Mountain Forest with the beast cave that close, what does Second Junior Sister Zhou think would be the outcome?"

    Zhou Yinru clamped her lips tightly together and kept silent.

    "Let me tell you," Liu Jizhen's voice lowered as he stared at her. "There was an eighty percent chance that she would have died there!"

    It was as if Zhou Yinru could feel the killing intent in his eyes and she trembled.

    Liu Jizhen revealed a smile. "Look, the truth about this matter could just be this simple. The other party merely wanted to let my disciple live. Why should you think so deeply into the matter?"

    "Senior Brother Liu." Zhou Yinru was unrelenting to let Liu Jizhen quell the matter so she cleanly and called out, "This is only your conjecture."

    "Isn't your so-called evidence also your conjecture?" Liu Jizhen was smiling, but coldness could be seen in his eyes. "Just because you couldn't connect the cause and effect from the beginning to end, you sentence someone to be guilty. I had no idea Quintessence Courtyard does such a sloppy job!"

    His powerful and resonating lines one after another in a row rendered them speechless. When his gaze fell on those seated, Wen Shijie did not dare meet his gaze.

    Fu Shangqing fell silent.

    Zhou Yinru's chest heaved up and down in anger. "Then how do you explain the existence of this dagger?"

    "What explanation does this need?" Liu Jizhen spoke indifferently, "What importance is there even if this dagger was given to my disciple from that expert?"

    Zhou Yinru, "What importance is there? This is about informing outsiders of confidential information!"

    Liu Jizhen gazed towards her. "Second Junior Sister Zhou, let me ask you, do you think my disciple could have resisted if that intruder wanted to kill her?"

    Zhou Yinru kept quiet.

    Liu Jizhen continued, "Look, no matter how that person treated my disciple, she would have been unable to resist. He made the decisions, not my disciple. When our sect's disciple goes missing and meets an expert, we don't wish for them to be in harm's way as seniors, right? Naturally, it would be better if that expert treats our disciple well!" Liu Jizhen stopped there and looked at Fu Shangqing. "Sect Leader, am I right?"

    Under his look, Fu Shangqing fell silent for a moment before replying, "Yes."

    Liu Jizhen smiled humbly before turning towards Zhou Yinru. "Second Junior Sister Zhou, what do you say?"

    Zhou Yinru's face went as pale as a sheet. Ever since she was old enough to comprehend things, Liu Jizhen was the eldest senior brother with high prestige and aptitude, yet she had no idea he was so eloquent too. If he still had this ability, why had he rejected the Zhou Family's request back then and gone into recluse?

    An indescribable anger nested itself in Zhou Yinru's heart and she coldly said, "Even if she had not colluded with the outsider, it is inexcusable to personally witness the loss of the ley lines spiritual root! It's fine if she isn't banished, but she can't escape punishment!"

    Finished speaking, she lifted up her right palm and was about to strike.

    Everyone was in shock, but Fu Shangqing regained his senses and called out, "No little sister!"

    However, Zhou Yinru wholeheartedly wanted to crush Lu Mingshu. Her anger had been simmering for a long time, and just when Lu Mingshu was about to be banished from the sect, Liu Jizhen arrived and negated the previous sentence with just a few words.

    No sooner than Fu Shangqing had called out, was Zhou Yinru about to press down on Lu Mingshu's crown chakra point when she felt pain in her wrist. "Ah!" She wailed out and reflexively retracted her arm.

    A shiny droplet of sweat, like the glassy autumn waters, dripped down her face before falling onto her soft neck.

    Liu Jizhen's smooth voice traveled over. "Second Junior Sister Zhou, may I ask what's your status? When has a hall head from Quintessence Courtyard not have the right to punish disciples at will?"

    A slight chill went down her spine. Liu Jizhen's dagger was a high-grade mystic weapon.

    Zhou Yinru could not believe what had just happened.

    She lifted up her hand and saw a thin scratch around her wrist that was oozing out fresh blood.

    "Senior Brother Liu!" Fu Shangqing quickly stood up. "Let's talk it out!"

    Liu Jizhen simply laughed before withdrawing the dagger. "I had no idea the sect rules of Nine Jade Palace had succumbed to such a low level during the twelve years I resided in Green Jade Valley. Fortunately, it's just me and my disciple that has seen what happened today. If an outsider were to know of this, ha!"

    Fu Shangqing's face turned red then white as he listened to Liu Jizhen. He finally had no choice but to lower his upper body and raise his clasped hands towards Liu Jizhen. "It is insolence on my little sister's part. This junior brother will get Miaoru to teach her when I get back. I plead for Senior Brother Liu to not take this matter to heart."

    "Liu Jizhen is but a cripple nowadays, so it doesn't matter if it's taken to heart or not. I hope that the sect leader will cherish the prestige of Nine Jade Palace as it took a hundred years to build up and was not easy."

    "Yes, this Junior Brother has understood Senior Brother Liu's advice."

    Liu Jizhen was not in any position to say much with how Fu Shangqing lowered himself to him, thus he asked, "We have settled the matter, so may I ask everyone if my disciple and I can go now?"

    Wen Shijie acted as if he were dead, keeping his silence.

    In the end, it was Fu Shangqing who answered, "Naturally."

    Liu Jizhen nodded and extended out an arm towards Lu Mingshu. "Let's go."

    The teacher and disciple duo took two steps before Liu Jizhen abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned back. "Oh right, there's a matter I wish sect leader can help me with."

    "Please speak Senior Brother Liu." Fu Shangqing was extremely polite.

    "According to your lineage, Mingshu is your daughter. However, you've never done your part as a father. This being the case, I hope you don't exercise your right as a father too. My meridians are already crippled and are now in dire straits. I only have this one disciple to count on to take care of me till old age."

    Fu Shangqing was stunned and regained his senses shortly later. "A teacher for a day is regarded as a father forever. Us Martial Practitioners place greater importance on the inheritance from a teacher to their disciple compared to the relationship between a father and child. For her, Senior Brother Liu will naturally be more important than I am."

    "Very well." Liu Jizhen smiled before holding Lu Mingshu's hand and relaxedly left.

    When the teacher and disciple finally disappeared, Zhou Yinru called out flusteredly and exasperatedly, "Brother-in-law! Haven't we agreed to make her take the blame? Don't tell me you could not bear to do it? If this matter falls through, do you know how troublesome it will be afterwards?!"

    Fu Shangqing let out a breath. "Little sister, go back and ask your sister if she will support your decision or mine."

    He turned back and clasped his hands together in the form of greeting towards Wen Shijie. "Senior Uncle Wen, I apologize for causing you trouble."

    Wen Shijie hostilely waved his hands. "It's but a small matter. Sect Leader does not have to be so formal." He paused for a moment before continuing, "But, Second Miss is right to be worried about the troubles that will arise from the failure of this matter."

    "It will also be troublesome if we provoked Liu Jizhen." Fu Shangqing sighed, "An Tongchen is still waiting outside!"