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Chapter 70

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 70: Origin of the Sword Technique

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    Gao Xiang stepped into Green Jade Valley while he mounted the wolf, yet the deeper he entered the more he felt something amiss.

    The messy bushes on both sides have all been trimmed. The former crooked small wood huts have been pushed down and there were workers now building up the foundation of a new building. The whole scene was buzzing with activity.

    Gao Xiang almost thought he had stepped into the wrong valley.

    "Young Master Gao?" a servant girl that was currently washing clothes at the pond quickly got over to greet him.

    Gao Xiang fixed his stare on her and asked with uncertainty, "Are you Lu Mingshu's that … What're you called?"

    "This small one is called Hui Niang."

    "Oh! Hui Niang! You're here to see Lu Mingshu? What are they doing?"

    "This small one has already been transferred over to Green Jade Valley," Hui Ning explained heartily. "They are building a house. Our Courtyard Leader said it's better for the body to stay outside as the lighting in the cave isn't good."

    "That's great!" Gao Xiang understood the meaning hidden behind her words.  Senior Uncle indeed doesn't need to live a life of self-mortification! He's still a Courtyard Leader no matter what; as long as the people of the line of Shengyang hasn't died out, no one will dare to confiscate his commonly distributed items.

    Just in time, Lu Mingshu walked out of Heavenly Ascension Pavilion. "Gao Xiang."

    Gao Xiang latched the wolf onto a rock before walking over. "How are you doing?"

    "Great!" Lu Mingshu and he walked towards her room.

    Gao Xiang commented on her cheerful vibes, "Look at how big your smile is now. Tsk! To think I was worried about you! Where's Senior Uncle Liu, do I have to go and greet him?"

    "My master isn't around; he's out to meet some friends."

    "Oh." Senior Uncle has indeed changed, he's actually meeting friends now.

    "Look, your silly Roe Deer is here too." Gao Xiang unlatched the leather pocket behind him. "Isn't it chubby?"

    It was not just chubby, but so chubby it was a little unexpected. A mere few days time was all it took for this cub to weigh much more than it used to; its fine and soft fur had also grown out. Its dark eyes seemed to have recognized Lu Mingshu, and its tongue poked out to lick her finger.

    "It turned so pretty!"

    "Yeah! My Martial Grandfather said some cubs will look vastly different in their adulthood, so it's hard to differentiate. But this is definitely not a Roe Deer."

    "Is it hungry? It keeps licking my finger. What has it been eating these few days?"

    "Milk! I got someone to get a sheep. I'll send it over later so the both of you can have milk."

    Lu Mingshu stared at him. "Are you serious?"

    "I am serious!" Gao Xiang felt wronged. "Martial Grandfather said only by drinking more milk will we grow tall."

    The two played with the cub for a moment longer. Gao Xiang told Lu Mingshu that he named it ‘Little Daze' because it looked foolish. The two then built a nest for it.

    Gao Xiang spoke as they constructed, "Do you know who testified against you?"


    "I said that it's suspicious how you even saved them when your relationship with others isn't good."

    Lu Mingshu remained expressionless. "Who else can it be? Aren't we clear of that person back then? Who would it be but that person?" The young girl that had been scared shitless and only rushed the group to leave when she heard Lu Mingshu was going to lure the Specter away.

    "It's indeed her!" Gao Xiang clenched his teeth angrily. "There's another person you probably didn't think of."


    "Le Xiaoyi."

    Lu Mingshu furrowed her brows but did not speak. Although she was a little surprised, it was not too much of a shock. Ever since Le Xiaoyi was sent back after getting injured, she looked at her and Gao Xiang as if they were her enemies.

    "We have to teach them a lesson if the chance arises!"

    "Don't waste your time." Lu Mingshu shook her head. "Who are they to make us spend our time and effort on them? I just want to enter the Harmonization Realm as soon as possible now and then finish my apprenticeship."

    Nine Jade Palace's rule was such that, if one passes the test and graduates from apprenticeship, they would be able to go out of the sect for experience training. In this sect where pandemonia reigns, everything reeked of oppression.

    Gao Xiang pondered for a moment. "You're right, it's best you do not create trouble now. Leave it to me!"

    "..." Lu Mingshu originally wanted to talk him out of the idea, but decided to give up after some thought. Given Gao Xiang's temper, if he did not let it out, he wouldn't even be able to eat. "Take it easy, don't go overboard. You'll only be lectured if you let Senior Uncle An step in for you!"


    With how strict his master was on him recently, Gao Xiang left after a while.

    When Lu Mingshu went out to check on the progress of the building. She then spoke a few words with Hui Niang.

    Now that Liu Jizhen had pulled himself together, he got Hui Niang and Ah Sheng back. They only had to do chores in Green Jade Valley from now on and didn't have to bear with the unfair treatment anymore. Thus, Lu Mingshu could also fully concentrate on her training now.

    Lu Mingshu was very contented with such days. Her master was no longer dispirited, while Hui Niang and Ah Sheng had a place they could call home. She no longer had any requests, except ...

    Once her shoulder recovered, she also familiarized herself with the sword technique Liu Jizhen taught her.

    It was just that she felt a nagging feeling in her mind every time she was done practising.

    She told Liu Jizhen about that feeling, "Master, I seem to have seen this set of sword techniques somewhere."

    "You've seen it?" Liu Jizhen who was reading by the side looked up. "Where?"

    Lu Mingshu hesitated for a moment, before speaking, "In the few days where I had gone missing, I've actually woken up once to realize I was in a cave. On the cave wall, I discovered imprints of a set of sword techniques."

    "What? Then do you still remember the sword technique?"

    "I remember." Lu Mingshu demonstrated the steps of the sword technique one after another.

    Liu Jizhen abruptly stood up when he saw her moves and asked once she was done with the demonstration, "Do you still remember where it is?"

    Lu Mingshu shook her head. "I was still unconscious on the way there." She hurriedly asked when she saw his expression, "Master, is there any problem with this set of sword techniques?"

    Liu Jizhen sat back down, and calmly spoke, "Do you know what's the set of sword technique I've taught you?"

    Lu Mingshu pondered. "The sword technique taught by master has a considerable amount of similarities to the <Cloud-treading Sword Technique>, I heard the inheritance of every line was expanded from the foundation of <Goddess Cloud-treading Swordsmanship>. Is this the <Goddess Cloud-treading Swordsmanship> of our line?"

    "You're right."

    Lu Mingshu found it strange. "Could it be that a senior of our line had once gone into seclusion training in Jade West Mountain Forest? But these two sword techniques are a little different. As if …"

    "The set of sword technique you practised should be a new sword technique evolved from the foundation of <Goddess Cloud-treading Swordsmanship>." Liu Jizhen smiled. "I don't know if I should say it's because your luck is astonishing. The Grandmaster of our line has already disappeared for thirty years …"

    "Ah?!" Lu Mingshu was greatly alarmed. "Master are you saying that the person that left behind this sword technique is a Grandmaster?!"

    Liu Jizhen nodded. "If I'm not wrong, it should be a Grandmaster. This should be the new sword technique he created after he entered the Void Realm." *

    Lu Mingshu did not know what to say, T

    "This set of sword techniques should match the technique we give to our line's Inner Breath to practice. With the two matchings, the wielder would learn a profound technique as a result. Do you still remember what I told you earlier? Don't solidify your closed apertures yet; wait till your Inner Breath has settled down. The cultivation method I've imparted to you, together with this sword technique, should be able to let you succeed in one attempt."