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Chapter 71 - How Time Flies

Phoenix Destiny
     Chapter 71: How Time Flies

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    Only when Liu Jizhen pulled himself together did Lu Mingshu realize the large difference

    between having a master and not having one.

    Despite his crippled meridians, he could still figure out her problems in one glance with his martial genius knowledge, which he still had, and discerning ability. In comparison, her previous fumbling about had led her to roundabouts.

    With her master's advice as well as the Heavenly Wheel as a guide, Lu Mingshu passionately absorbed all kinds of knowledge like a sponge.

    The spring hunt made her realize how important strength was.

    She won the bet but attracted misfortune. This was all due to her lacking strength and her non-existent background.


    The tree leaves rustled as she entered the Heavenly Wheel, alerting its master of a message.

    Lu Mingshu held onto the leaf as a small circular airflow fluttered out. "Little Sister Seven, you're looking for medicine that would restore meridians? Contact me once you're here."

    That was Brother Six's voice.

    Lu Mingshu previously left a message in the Heavenly Wheel asking if anyone knew of a spirit medicine that could reconnect meridians.

    She replied, "Brother Six, I'm here. Do you have medicine that could restore meridians?"

    Brother Six was indeed around. The Heavenly Wheel was mainly used for learning and exchanging things for her; in contrast, the Heavenly Wheel was mainly used as a tool for transactions with endless business opportunities for him.

    "I don't, but I know where you can get it."

    Lu Mingshu's eyes lit up, i

    "Where, where?"

    "Not long ago I was talking to a client who spoke of a marvel in his world. He was talking about how some sword cultivator had their dantian destroyed into shatters because of intrinsic flying swords. He originally thought they were done for, but who would have expected for them to actually recover and even become stronger than before? A spirit medicine that can restore dantian should be able to restore meridians, right?"

    "Is there any way to contact him?"

    "Hold on." A while later, Brother Six told her that person's Heavenly Wheel number.

    Lu Mingshu left a message for that person. "Brother, I was introduced to you by Brother Six. I heard your world has spirit medicine that can restore the dantian?"

    That person was probably not around because he only replied after Lu Mingshu flipped through the pages of a book.

    "Yes." From the concise and terse reply, the person seemed to have a cold personality.

    "May I know if I can purchase them? How much will they roughly cost?"

    The other end replied quickly and straightforwardly. "You can't purchase them, nor will you be able to afford them."

    Lu Mingshu was stunned. "Brother, why do you say so?"

    "That person is a Great Elixir Cultivator, and you? What cultivation level are you at?"

    Lu Mingshu mentally converted her level. Every world's realm was not completely identical, thus a senior once made a summary on the conversion of realms. The Great Elixir realm was equivalent to the Spirit Realm in her current world. In other words, she was two realms below the Great Elixir realm.

    "Even if my cultivation is insufficient, I might still be able to take out treasures!"

    The other side responded in a clear-cut way. "Can the so-called treasure you're talking about be exchanged in the Heavenly Wheel? If that's so, why can't I exchange for it myself?"

    Lu Mingshu truly couldn't say anything back.

    By mixing around in the Heavenly Wheel for a few years, she now possessed the ability to pick up cheap stuff. She previously thought by chance she might be able to come across a treasure to exchange for spirit medicine if she searched hard enough. However, this adroit person debarred the possibility of this happening.

    The other side continued, "This medicine will be considered rare and precious in any world. That Great Elixir senior probably came across one by chance too. If you want one, I'll still have to ask around for you, and put in who knows how much effort. I advise you to give up. I'll perhaps be more willing to help you if you ever reach Great Elixir one day and have a sufficient amount of treasure."

    Unwilling to give up, Lu Mingshu asked again, "Brother, you're really not willing to help?"

    "My strength is insufficient to provide help."

    With his words, Lu Mingshu realized he was not willing to agree.

    "Can we keep in contact? If I'm able to take out a sufficient amount of treasures one day, I'll look for you again?"


    Once the conversation ended, Lu Mingshu clenched her fists.


    Lu Mingshu listened to Liu Jizhen and no longer attempted to solidify her closed apertures, but instead focused on preparing her inner breath. This one step quickly turned into half a year.

    By the time her inner breath had stabilized to the point where it rushed through the closed apertures by itself, Liu Jizhen finally taught her a new technique.

    It became clear at this time how valuable having a master was.

    Now that she had stabilized her inner breath, she successfully solidified the true energy of three closed apertures merely on the first day of learning the new technique! There was in total one hundred and eight closed apertures and thirty-six of them were more relevant. As long as the thirty-six closed apertures had solidified true energy, it would be considered as Harmonization Realm. The remaining seventy-two closed apertures would just signify a firmer foundation with a more solidified amount.

    Thus, even if two people were in the Harmonization Realm, there would still be a difference in strength as well as potential. Some people only solidified the thirty-six closed apertures. Although they would still be considered as being in the Harmonization Realm, there was no possibility for them to enter the Spirit Realm. In theory, the more solidified closed apertures one had, the larger the chance they had entering the Spirit Realm in the future.

    Liu Jizhen wanted her to cultivate her inner breath, before solidifying her closed apertures in one shot. She hoped to solidify all hundred and eighty closed apertures and then rush into the Spirit Realm with the fastest speed.

    It's not a long term plan to depend on someone else for support. Although the line of Shengyang wasn't in any difficult predicament, their relationship with each other was not considered close. As for the line of Willow Woods, they were close because they owed favours to the previous generation. If one wanted true stability, they would still have to rely on their own strength.

    As days passed by, time flew by quickly due to her full concentration on cultivating her strength.

    Ever since the incident at the spring hunt, Lu Mingshu had not attended any more seasonal encirclement hunt.

    With the Heavenly wheel, she always had a place for training experience.

    The first few times she didn't how she traversed to another world, but afterwards, she slowly discovered how. The Heavenly Wheel could absorb the sun and moon's essence. Every so often, it would activate during the full moon when it was most energized. Thus, she only traversed to other worlds on full moon nights.

    Thinking about it, it was also a full moon when she received the Heavenly Wheel, but she still did not know why she was the one who discovered the Heavenly Wheel.

    She could freely pick the world she wanted to travel to. Every time the Heavenly Wheel turned, it would trigger a new combination and be lit up by spirit lights. She only needed to remember the combination to be able to go to the same world.

    Liu Jizhen originally disagreed about her not attending encirclement hunts, but with how the teacher and disciple lived together around the clock, some things were bound to be revealed.

    For example, those strange small spells of hers, or the herbs she always gave him to nourish his body, as well as those injuries that would strangely appear on her ...

    Liu Jizhen stopped caring about those when he discovered she did not lack in training experience.

    He was not the type of master that regarded a disciple as a personal belonging that had to take the path he had set out for her and was not allowed to have even the tiniest secret. It did not matter if she had any secrets; it would be acceptable as long as she continuously improved.

    Four years passed by in the blink of an eye. In these four years, Lu Mingshu did not leave the valley beside the few times she visited Gao Xiang. She did not meet even one outsider.

    With the unceasing sect dispute going on, practically no one remembered her existence in Green Jade Valley ...