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Chapter 276 - I Have No Intention of Getting a Divorce (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 276: I Have No Intention of Getting a Divorce (2)

    He hated her so much that he had told her she wasn’t worthy of his wedding ring on the day of their wedding. From henceforth, every word he said to her had been unkind. She remembered it all so well; it wasn’t something she would ever forget.

    With that in mind, why did he want to have a child with her now?

    The room was so quiet that she could hear both of their breathing. Their breaths were slightly heavy, both seeming to be restraining themselves.

    Gu Yu stared at Xu Weilai’s face that was mere inches away from his. As he looked into her dark eyes, his gaze seemed to penetrate through them right into the deepest recesses of her heart. She felt as if all her emotions had been laid bare to him, and there was nowhere she could hide.

    The words “I want it” had already reached Gu Yu’s lips, but when he opened his mouth, they changed to become: “Grandpa would like us to have a child as soon as possible.”

    During the New Year’s Eve dinner, Grandpa Gu had broached the topic while Xu Weilai was there.

    When Grandpa Gu had seen Da and Er, longing had filled his eyes. He yearned for Xu Weilai’s belly to grow and produce a chubby little baby.

    He had then proceeded to look pointedly at her slim waist with a sigh of desolation.

    Xu Weilai had been expecting Gu Yu to respond that way. She swallowed convulsively and ignored the disappointment stabbing her in the chest. “I don’t want to,” she calmly replied.

    She had no say in either her life or her marriage. The one thing she did have a say in, however, was the decision to have children!

    She was willing to endure and compromise on anything except when it came to having a child.

    “Gu Yu, I know Grandpa is rushing us to have a child. I can understand your desire to have one as well, but we’re destined to eventually divorce–”

    “Xu Weilai!”

    The man’s voice was loud with a chilly tone as he interrupted her. After pausing for a few seconds, he moved his lips and ground out, “I have no intention of getting divorced!”

    Even though he had been furious when he had to marry her, he knew clearly in his heart that he had never objected to it. Otherwise, not even Grandpa Gu could have forced him into the marriage.

    He was just unwilling to admit that he had been waiting for her to return. He had been waiting for the Xu Weilai from before to come back and declare to him, “Gu Yu, I want to marry you.”

    Even though they had spent days following their marriage torturing each other, he had never even considered the notion of divorce.

    Gu Yu’s words made Xu Weilai’s heart sink.

    She never imagined that Gu Yu wasn’t intending to divorce her. Did he intend to be bound with her in matrimony for the rest of their lives despite never loving her? Why would he want that?

    She didn’t think that Gu Yu was one to allow his grandfather to direct his life against his will!

    Gu Yu lowered his eyes and concealed his thoughts. He remained quiet for half a minute. When he spoke again, his eyes had resumed their usual impassiveness with an additional dash of frostiness.

    “Xu Weilai, I have no interest in engaging in an extramarital affair or have any illegitimate children. My child, the future heir of the Gu Corporation, will have to be borne to my wife!”

    Gu Yu pulled his lips into a sardonic smile as his cold fingers caught hold of Xu Weilai’s chin. He moved his lips and continued, “You don’t want to bear my children? That’s not a problem. Return the money, then.”

    Return the money…

    The topic had changed so quickly that Xu Weilai was having trouble keeping up. Her mind was still stuck repeating his previous words as she looked at Gu Yu with dazed eyes.

    Gu Yu applied more force to his fingers and tilted her head up. As his dark eyes met hers, he spoke to her in a tone that was identical to the one he used in a business transaction, “Since you want to discuss the terms and conditions of a divorce with me, I’ll gladly discuss them with you!”