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Chapter 485 - The Eagle Clan’s Old Nes

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 485: The Eagle Clan’s Old Nest

    Adviser Jun suddenly scowled and firmly pulled A’ze to one side. Then he looked at Yun Jiuge warily and said, “Miss, I don’t know which clan you belong to, and where you found Our Highness.”

    “You don’t have to know which clan I belong to. All you need to know is that Your Highness has already signed a Master and Servant Contract with me,” Yun Jiuge said, to deliberately test their attitude towards A’dai.

    “Impossible!” A’ze immediately cried. “How could Our Highness sign a Master and Servant Contract with someone else? It’s absolutely impossible.”

    Adviser Jun was not as agitated as A’ze. He carefully looked at his own Highness, and soon found that his prince’s small eyes were sluggish, which was obviously not his normal state.

    “Miss, why don’t we go to Eagle Cliff and talk further?” Adviser Jun extended a sincere invitation to Yun Jiuge.

    “Your prince doesn’t seem to want to go to Eagle Cliff,” said Yun Jiuge, patting A’dai’s head. She asked him whether he wanted to fly to Eagle Cliff.

    A’dai shook his head decisively and then turned his tail to fly in the other direction.

    Adviser Jun and A’ze followed immediately.

    A’dai flew to a vast precipice not far away, and soon landed comfortably inside a large round shaped nest.

    The big nest was built with thick layers of smooth white stone and padded with yellow hay on top. It looked extremely comfortable.

    “This nest was laid out by His Highness. He likes to lie in there to sleep the most,” said A’ze as he helplessly watched A’dai lying inside the nest with his eyes closed. He was absolutely certain that this was their heartless Highness.

    Adviser Jun glanced at his Highness and smiled at Yun Jiuge as he said, “My name is A’jun, nicknamed Adviser Jun. May I know what your name is, Miss? And how do I address this brother?”

    “My last name is Yun, and this is my guard, Ye Zi,” Yun Jiuge briefly introduced.

    “Oh, so it’s Miss Yun and Brother Ye Zi,” Adviser Jun said and nodded politely.

    “Yun, do we have a Yun clan here?” A’ze looked up and down at Yun Jiuge strangely and pointed to Zi Shang next, saying, “This brother does not look like he’s from Ye clan!”

    “Shut your mouth. No one will think you’re dumb if you don’t speak,” Advisor Jun said, glaring at A’ze.

    The towering and strong A’ze immediately kept quiet and sheepishly retreated to one side, looking terribly stupid.

    “Miss Yun, may I ask how you found Our Highness? And how did you sign a contract with him?” Adviser Jun continued to ask.

    “Before I answer this question, I’d like to ask you what’s going on with your Eagle Clan. I’ve met members of the Leopard Clan and Lizard Clan on my way here. They don’t think too well of you all!” Yun Jiuge skillfully deflected and volleyed the question back.

    “Darn, it must be Little Leopard and Big Ears. Never mind that those two guys betrayed our Gulai God to run to that Divine Envoy — they actually spread rumors and bad words about our Eagle Clan everywhere. I must kill them,” A’ze roared angrily.

    A’jun still remained relatively calm and explained to Yun Jiuge, “The ones you mentioned must be Xiao Hua, the prince of the Leopard Clan and Da’er, prince of the Lizard Clan. Because of some disagreements over tribe development, our relationship with them has always been strained.”

    “Is that so? Let’s hear it,” Yun Jiuge said with a smile, making it clear that if they did not come clean, they could forget about getting more information on A’dai’s situation.

    “In fact, everyone in the Orc race knows about these matters, so there’s nothing we can’t say,” Advisor Jun went on.

    There were a total of 79 tribes of all sizes in this Chaotic Secret Realm. Due to the abundance of food in the past, there was no conflict.

    Until more than a decade ago, black colored Death Energy Rain suddenly began to appear in the Secret Realm. Those people who were drenched by the black rain would soon lose their lives.

    After which, the rivers in the mountain were polluted and the meadow became a waste land. A large number of herbivores died. As food became scarce, competition became increasingly intense. Fighting continued to occur.

    “Hang on, can you tell me precisely when it happened more than a decade ago?” Yun Jiuge asked. She remembered that when Li Wei left Lei Kingdom, it was 18 years ago.

    “It seemed like 18 years ago. What’s the problem?” Adviser Jun looked suspiciously at Yun Jiuge.

    “No problem, go on speaking!” Yun Jiuge answered. At that time, Li Wei should have been at the Secret Realm while he was being pursued by Qiu Sen and the others. Could that be related to the sudden appearance of the black energy rain?

    “Well, because our Eagle Clan was able to fly, we fared better than the other clans. They often came to us for help, but we had limited abilities too. Later on, conflicts started to arise and relationships became worse,” said Adviser Jun. Although Adviser Jun made it sound simple, Yun Jiuge was aware that the conflicts must have been very intense.

    But she did not care about this. She was more concerned about how A’dai managed to go outside of the Secret Realm.

    “A month ago, a black vortex suddenly appeared in the sky. Prince Ling Fei flew in while we weren’t paying attention. As a result, he went in and never returned. That vortex disappeared as well.”

    At this point, Adviser Jun could not help but sigh. At the time, their Eagle Clan was worried sick and could not find their prince anywhere. In the end, they spent a lot of gold to consult an elder who was best at divination in the Tortoise Clan’s tribe. He said the prince was no longer in their world.

    They thought the prince was already dead. They did not expect the prince to suddenly return and also bring back two outsiders who did not look like the local orcs.

    It was a month ago when Nangong Yue had brought Qiu Sen and the others into the Secret Realm. That hole was likely to be the crack in space that remained when they went in.

    The fool, A’dai, was really bold to have broken in like this. He had gotten away lightly by becoming a dim-witted creature.

    Yun Jiuge helplessly watched A’dai who lay inside the nest contentedly with his eyes closed.

    If he had not met her, perhaps the fat A’dai would live on muddleheadedly outside.

    “Miss Yun, we’ve finished with our account. It’s your turn,” Advisor Jun said.

    “As you can tell, we’re not people from this Secret Realm. In fact, we came in from Shiwan Grand Mountain outside. Your prince must have hurt his head when he crossed the boundary of the space and deteriorated to a beast instinct,” Yun Jiuge explained, pointing to her temple.

    The passage discovered by A’dai should have been a Space-time crack. He was extremely lucky to have only become dim-witted by passing through it like that.

    “I wonder if Miss Yun is able to help our prince to restore his wisdom?” Adviser Jun asked nervously.

    The prince was important to them, and an idiot would not survive in the Chaotic Secret Realm.

    “I can only try, but there’s no guarantee,” replied Yun Jiuge. Although A’dai was a lot better after he returned to the Chaotic Secret Realm, Yun Jiuge did not dare to make a guarantee.

    “Miss Yun, as long as you can save our prince, our Eagle Clan is willing to pledge our allegiance to you,” Adviser Jun said solemnly.

    “Woah, A’jun. If Elder Bai were to hear your words, he’d definitely kill you,” A’ze yelled in a hurry.

    Their Eagle Clan had existed free and unfettered for so many years — there had never been an instance of them pledging their allegiance to someone else. And, they did not yield even in the most difficult of times. If they were to casually find a master all of a sudden, wouldn’t they become a laughingstock of the other Orc races?