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Chapter 221 - Far Beyond Her Imagination

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 221: Far Beyond Her Imagination

    As Su Cha explained her situation to Le Anqi, things were not very calm on Huo Zhongwei’s side either.

    She called her teacher. “Teacher, that Miss S is unwilling to meet us. I only know that she is a college student. She said that she just entered college, she should be my junior. If I may guess, she just graduated from third year of high school, and is preparing to enter college. She probably doesn’t want to reveal her actual information.”

    Although Su Cha deliberately obscured information about herself, Huo Zhongwei had a special ability, and was particularly good at guessing some information. After scrutinising a little, Su Cha’s real age was apparent.

    “Just graduated from high school?”

    Over the phone, Huo Zhongwei’s teacher was quite shocked, but after thinking for a while, she said, “It’s fine if she doesn’t want to meet.”

    However, this also made her a little suspicious.

    She thought of the embroidery pattern she had seen, and she couldn’t believe it. In this world, the Tang Embroidery that had been lost could appear again.

    She was shocked and unsure.

    Now that the other party was unwilling to meet, it was as if she poured a pot of cold water on her eagerness. Huo Zhongwei’s teacher said regrettably, “Let’s do this. You keep in contact with her. Just notify me if there’s any news.”

    As she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

    Huo Zhongwei was thoughtful after hearing the regret in the teacher’s words.


    Huo Zhongwei’s teacher was a member of the Imperial Capital Embroidery Union. In the field of embroidery, her fame didn’t compare to some masters, but in her work she was quite established.

    She was called Deng Lan.

    She was more senior in years, had much experience, and knew much in the circle.

    Even after learning embroidery techniques for so many years, she dared not say that she mastered it.

    It was regrettable that such an amazing embroidery technique as Tang Embroidery had been lost, it was the pinnacle of people’s admiration.

    Over the years, Deng Lan had heard about Tang Embroidery, but they were all the work of others. She had never heard of someone who had a true grasp of Tang Embroidery.

    Hearing her student suddenly mention it, she did not believe it.

    Normal people wouldn’t believe it in this situation.

    Why would a person with the skill of Tang Embroidery showcase themselves on such a platform?

    Although the current entertainment channels had become part of people’s lives, many mobile apps, especially entertainment-related ones, were not popular with old artists who had traditional skills.

    It was rare to see top masters in this area open a Weibo account or appear in the media or anything similar.

    Of course, now this old concept was gradually changing, going public didn’t mean a worse lifestyle, but in Deng Lan’s eyes, for a master to upload her own embroidery video onto Meiyin was simply inconceivable.

    And her students said that this seemed to be Tang Embroidery.

    Deng Lan didn’t believe it, and even sneered.

    Because of this and her recent involvement in a work in production, she didn’t watch the embroidery video Huo Zhongwei sent at all.

    Now that she was now idle, and suddenly interested, she wanted to see the standards of this so-called master.

    Then, she was slapped in the face.

    Deng Lan remembered her astonishment while watching the video, at the end she was in utter disbelief and shock.

    Although she did not know the complete embroidery technique of Tang Embroidery, she also knew that the person in this video showed the mysterious and complicated embroidery stitching method, far beyond her imagination.