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Chapter 222 - The Old Lady

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 222: The Old Lady

    Although the works embroidered were simple, their simplicity was even greater proof of the unfathomable nature of her technique.

    The finished product was vivid, exceeding the limits of Suzhou Embroidery, one of the current embroidering methods.

    This is Tang Embroidery?

    Deng Lan couldn’t believe it. She had seen the work of Tang Embroidery in the museum. It was a picture of a mountain and rain, three meters long, the treasure of the museum.

    It was only an illustration, yet it could give people the illusion of being in the rainforest, having their body and mind cleansed by rain.

    After so many years, Deng Lan couldn’t forget the shock she felt that day.

    This was the pinnacle representation of Tang Embroidery, and this was the power it had.

    This was something many embroidering methods could not achieve.

    The video was so short she could not find out much, but it was enough to surprise her.

    She didn’t dare to draw a conclusion now on whether the other party was the successor of Tang Embroidery.

    But the other party’s embroidery technique was clearly awesome and extraordinary.

    However, hearing that the other party was just a high school senior, Deng Lan was slightly disappointed.

    A high school senior, how was it possible?

    Her first reaction was that the other party was probably lying, otherwise why didn’t she dare to meet? Or the video owner was someone else, and Huo Zhongwei found the wrong person.

    But it was an urgent matter. She needed to identify the vein which the embroidery technique belonged to. She needed to find a real embroiderer with a high reputation, had a professional status in the embroidery industry, and even an understanding of Tang Embroidery.


    Su Cha did not know that the waves started to appear in the Embroidery Union because of her. She was eating with Bo Muyi at noon.

    After the meal, Su Cha sat while contemplating something, Bo Muyi could also tell what she was thinking, and said lightly, “She has not rested yet, let’s go see her.”

    Su Cha grunted in response, took Bo Muyi’s hand, and he led her to the old lady in Wang Ge.

    Su Cha did not understand the situation of Wang Ge. It seemed that Bo Muyi should be in control but in Wang Ge this old lady must also be one of the masters.

    There was no pressure on Su Cha to see her boyfriend’s grandma.

    She had been Empress Dowager in her previous life, and had seen all types of people. The highly respected wealthy families could only bend down when they saw Su Cha.

    Although the situation was different, it was absolutely impossible for Su Cha to have any thoughts of fear that the old lady would not like her.

    Even if she didn’t like her, as long as Bo Muyi did, it was enough.

    On the way, Bo Muyi did not tell her anything about the old lady’s dislikes, he probably didn’t even care what the old lady thought about Su Cha.

    Arriving at the east courtyard, Su Cha saw that there were many people of all kinds.

    The servants who carefully cleaned the courtyard and various types of houses, greeted Bo Muyi as ‘young master’ upon seeing him, but did not dare to raise their heads. Naturally, they also dared not look at the girl beside Bo Muyi.

    The largest courtyard between the east and the place where Bo Muyi lived had a high-profile atmosphere, but it was filled with a calm sandalwood fragrance.

    Entering the living room, the modern Western-style sofa brought people back to reality. Su Cha saw that an elegant old person wearing a brown moire cheongsam was sitting on the sofa, she was about 50 or 60 years old. Even with the wrinkles on her cheeks, the old lady’s powerful aura couldn’t be hidden.

    She closed her eyes and pinched a string of beads, when she noticed that Su Cha and Bo Muyi had entered the house.

    The old lady suddenly opened her eyes. The pair of clear and bright eyes which did not match her old appearance looked sharply at Su Cha.