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Chapter 291 - Senior Officer, Just You Wait for Your Pretty Girl

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 291: Senior Officer, Just You Wait for Your Pretty Girl

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened and he looked at her. Jian Qi was behaving strangely and it was indeed suspicious.

    He might have to ask her most intimate friend.

    “Instructor Tang, don’t you think I’ve become much prettier now?”

    Jian Qi smiled. Then, she blew at her hair on her forehead smugly.

    Her devious smile made her look like a little gangster.

    “Are you charmed by my beauty? Do you want to kiss me?”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, what kind of person are you?

    ‘Your bandage has just been removed from your arm a few days ago.’

    ‘Why would you go and annoy Boss?’

    Tang Jinyu was still staring at her frostily. He bit his lips. “Jian Qi, your body is almost healed, right?”

    “Do you want to fight with me for three hundred rounds?” Jian Qi’s eyes brightened at that. She sounded so eager and excited. She was acting just like a gangster now. “I could do it with this little frame of mine!”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, what kind of coffin do you like? I’ll go and book one for you.’

    “Five kilometres run.” Tang Jinyu’s voice was extremely cold.

    Lightning was about to laugh at her secretly when Tang Jinyu suddenly turned to stare at him. “You go and run with her.”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Boss, I’m just passing by…’

    ‘Why did I get into trouble still?’

    It was an unavoidable disaster.

    “Instructor Tang, don’t you believe in my petite body?” Jian Qi smiled wickedly. She was rather annoying.

    Tang Jinyu’s cold stare did not waver. His elegant and frosty voice became colder still. “Do you want more?”

    “That’s enough. It’s just a warmup. I don’t have to run so much.” Jian Qi broke into a bright smile. She then went for her run immediately.

    Lightning obeyed his order and ran after her.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened when he saw how delightful she seemed.

    After that, he returned to his study.

    He grabbed his phone and made a call. It rang twice before it was picked up by the receiver.

    A woman’s clear voice was heard. It was a surprise for her. “Brother, why did you call me? Is something wrong?”

    It was office hours. Tang Jinyu rarely called her under normal circumstances.

    Even if there was something he wanted to say to her, he would call her when he was off duty or when she was resting.

    “Am I disturbing you?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “No, nothing like that as long as you want to talk to me.” Tang Yiyi smiled and said.

    Tang Jinyu went straight to the point. “Help me to talk to Coco. Ask him everything about Jian Qi. I want to know everything about her entire life. Get into the details.”

    Tang Yiyi soon became delighted when she heard that.

    “Brother, did you finally fall for her?” Tang Yiyi made fun of her brother. “Or, did you succumb to your feelings for her after her relentless efforts?”

    “Tang Yiyi!” He warned her with his cold voice.

    Tang Yiyi still smiled happily. “Brother, don’t worry. As you younger sister, I’ll definitely help you to pursue my future sister-in-law. I’ll provide every resource I have. You said that you want to know everything about her. I’ll certainly dig up every little detail from Coco.

    Tang Jinyu reminded her. “I don’t want Jian Qi to know about this…”

    “Don’t worry, senior officer. I’ll get it done secretly. Coco won’t even know about this.” Tang Yiyi promised.

    Certainly, Tang Jinyu knew about Tang Yiyu’s abilities. Although she seemed just like an innocent little flower in front of him, he knew that she was actually a cunning little fox.

    “Senior officer, just you wait for your pretty girl. You’ll get her for yourself at last.” Tang Yiyi smiled and said.

    Tang Jinyu kept quiet for two second. Then, he said rigidly, “Are you done? Do you want a piece of my mind?”

    “Brother, I’ll hang up now as I have some other things to deal with.”

    Then, she hung up the phone.

    Tang Jinyu smirked and smiled helplessly. She sure retreated rather quickly.