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Chapter 302 - Please Don’t Force Us to Take Further Action

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 302: Please Don’t Force Us to Take Further Action

    The receptionist had changed and was no longer the sweet warm lady whom she had met the last time, thus, Ning Meng explained, "I'm Huo Beichen's wife."

    The receptionist nodded. "I know, but without any prior appointment, you cannot go up. Why don't you give Mr. Huo a call?"

    Ning Meng sighed. It looked like she could not give him a surprise anymore. She took out her phone and gave him a call. It was ringing for quite a while, but he still had not picked up. Ning Meng paused before going back to the receptionist.

    "It seems like he's busy, he's not picking up."

    She then sent him a text: [Lord Chen?]

    Huo Beichen did not respond, and Ning Meng sighed again.

    "Miss, can you just let me go up?"

    Her relationship with Huo Beichen has changed after all.

    The receptionist had heard a rumor that Mr. Huo was not one who could be won over easily, hence, CEO Huo had set a rule where she was not allowed to go up. Since she was not able to get her call through, the receptionist thought that this confirmed the rumor.

    The receptionist remembered that the previous receptionist had followed this rule from Mr. Huo by preventing her from going to meet him, and she had now been promoted to the Personnel Department. Thus, she was adamant about sticking to this decision.

    "You can't, Miss Ning. Please leave."

    Fine. She decided not to press on. It was Huo Beichen's fault for not explaining to his employees anyway. The people around her had started to turn their attention toward her and she was getting embarrassed, and so, she decided to head toward the resting area.

    "I'll wait for him here."

    Huo Beichen was busy so he had not noticed her message, but he should see it in a bit, right?

    Seeing that she refused to leave, the receptionist made a sarcastic remark. "Miss Ning, CEO Huo will not see you. Why don't you stop putting on your thick face and stop waiting here!"

    The lady receptionist was quite slim and looked confident, carrying an air of arrogance with her.

    "Some people just don't know their place. Is there really any meaning for you to come to the company and wreak havoc here once a month? You were able to marry CEO Huo, for goodness sake. How many chances like this could you get across your many lifetimes? A smart person would just sit at home obediently. Do CEO Huo a favor and just sit back and relax. I've not seen someone as stupid as you. All you do is go around and cause trouble. No wonder CEO Huo has never returned home since he married you!"

    Ning Meng was confused. The last time she had come, the lady receptionist had not allowed her through because she was just following Huo Beichen's orders, but she had not insulted her. She had not done anything this time, and yet, this receptionist was scolding her?

    Ning Meng's eyes darkened as she mocked her. "You are of the same species as my Xiao Tiantian, why on earth are you trying to catch mice here?"

    The receptionist was stunned. "Say what?"

    Ning Meng coldly laughed. "Like a dog catching mice. You're being a busybody!"

    Ning Meng took a step forward.

    "What has my relationship with Huo Beichen got to do with you? So, you think that you're on top of the world by insulting me? How is it that you're finding fulfillment in doing this to me?"

    The receptionist was utterly speechless at the spite that was thrown to her. After a while, she regained her senses and her voice went high at that instant as she shouted at the intercom.

    "Security! There's trouble here!"

    So, she decided to scream because she could not win a spite war?

    After the receptionist had shouted at the intercom, two security guards rushed over. The employees at Huo Group were highly efficient. Both guards obviously did not recognize her and held her from both sides.

    "Will this lady please follow us out. Please don't force us to take further action."

    The receptionist coldly mocked her. "Miss Ning, I'm sure you wouldn't want to cause a bigger commotion than this!"