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Chapter 277 - The Only Time He Had Given Up (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 277: The Only Time He Had Given Up (1)

    "I might be wealthy, but it's not like I'm not running a charity either. I am not obligated to wait for you to take your time to return the money. Even if I could accommodate you, Grandpa doesn't have that sort of time."

    "If you're truly sincere about returning the money, I'll give you two choices! The first one is to return it immediately! The second one is to…" Gu Yu paused for a moment before lowering his voice, "…pay me back with a child."

    Xu Weilai had always thought of herself as somewhat eloquent. However, every time she entered into a dialogue with Gu Yu, she was left utterly defeated.

    He rarely spoke to her, but on the infrequent instances when he did, his every word and every sentence attacked her at her weakest points. She was always rendered speechless and unable to counter him.

    Then again, Gu Yu had fought for everything that he currently had by himself!

    However, wasn't asking to use her child to pay off a debt akin to asking her to treat the child as a commodity?

    "Of course, after giving birth to the child, whether or not you still want a divorce is entirely up to you! I have no objection if you want to stay, but I won't keep you either if you want to leave! Regardless, my child will always need a mother, and the Gu household will always need its mistress!"

    His blunt words carried a depth of meaning and an underlying threat within them.

    Xu Weilai was left speechless.

    If she gave birth to a child, how could she ever leave? Besides, he had already made himself very clear. The moment they divorced, he would remarry. When that happened, her child would be in the hands of another woman and would be calling another woman Mother.

    How could she ever agree to that? She had no choice in this matter at all!

    Gu Yu was indeed a ruthless businessman worthy of the possession of his lawyer's license. He had calculated everything down to the smallest detail. The moment Xu Weilai stepped in, she would be shackled with no hope of ever escaping.

    Annoyed, Xu Weilai mumbled, "Gu Yu, aren't you being too… shameless?"

    Not only did Gu Yu not lose his temper, he even smiled and lowered his head to bring his handsome face right in front of hers. The two of them were separated by mere inches, and their breaths mingled together.

    The corners of his lips turned up in a smile, and he lowered his voice as he said, "Xu Weilai, I told you this before. The victor has power. You have no right to bargain here. However, I will give you some time to think it through."

    At the realization that he wasn't forcing her to decide on the spot, Xu Weilai heaved a sigh of relief. If he had insisted on an answer, Xu Weilai had no idea what she would say.

    Before her sigh had even concluded, she heard the man's voice again as he said, "But my patience has its limits."

    Once again, Xu Weilai was left speechless.

    Xu Weilai no longer had any idea what to say. The way Gu Yu was forcing her into a corner had been why she didn't want to make an enemy out of him in the first place.

    Who on earth could withstand this?

    Outside the window, a large cluster of fireworks went off in the sky, illuminating the night sky every now and then. The countdown had reached zero, and a new year had begun…

    For three years, he had spent New Year's day alone. This year, she was by his side, within his reach. She wasn't going to suddenly disappear into thin air.

    Gu Yu's eyes gradually glazed over. Seemingly trying to ascertain that Xu Weilai's presence wasn't a mere dream, he suddenly cupped her face with both his hands and kissed her on the lips.

    Xu Weilai's mind suddenly went blank. With much effort, she hurriedly rushed out a few words in between his kisses, "Gu Yu, you just said that you'd give me some time to think it through!"

    Was he going back on his word so soon? What had happened to the value of a man's word?