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Chapter 292 - She Does Not Want to Complicate Matters

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 292: She Does Not Want to Complicate Matters

    As someone who was unrelated, Lightning was rather sad.

    In fact, Crocodile was always the one who would be punished. He never knew that such a day would come to him too.

    He tilted his head and looked at the excited girl beside him. He was rather puzzled.

    “Big Sister Qi, why are you so happy about being punished?”

    Jian Qi smiled and said calmly, “This is only a warm up. I’m still waiting to go back there and fight with Instructor Tang for three hundred rounds.”

    Lightning then kept quiet. ‘It’s better to run quietly. Why did I need to make matters worse?’

    Jian Qi then smiled no more as she looked at Lightning who appeared annoyed beside her. There was an indiscernible look in her eyes.

    She did not ignore how Tang Jinyu looked at her just now. He was trying to see right through her.

    It was quite dangerous given how he gazed at her with those soul-piercing eyes of his.

    She knew that Tang Jinyu was a wise man. As such, she needed to be careful.

    However, she did not know that he would be suspicious of her just because of how she treated her left arm with extreme care for the past few days.

    Although their discussion had ended, she knew that Tang Jinyu would try his best to investigate the incident so long as he had found something suspicious.

    In fact, Tang Jinyu must have looked into her background completely.

    Surely, he did not find anything against her. If not, he would have asked her about it.

    Now, he became suspicious of her again. He might not give up that easily if he did not find anything.

    Moreover, Coco was the only one who knew the most about her past.

    Jian Qi did not know whether Tang Jinyu would go after Coco. However, she would definitely do the very same thing if it were the other way around.

    If the others were to ask Coco about her, Coco would certainly not reveal anything about her. But, Coco was Qiao Bo’s agent now. He was close with Tang Yiyi too.

    As such, Coco would be unable to deal with them if Qiao Bo or Tang Yiyi were to approach him and ask him about Jian Qi. He was a really easy-going person after all.

    Especially Tang Yiyi.

    She was as cunning as her brother.

    Jian Qi could not help but release a heavy sigh as she was running.

    She did not have a phone with her there. Even if she wanted to make a call, the contents of the call would certainly be revealed and supervised. Moreover, Tang Jinyu would become even more suspicious if she took such a step.

    Therefore, she could only pray that Coco would not reveal everything like an idiot when cornered by them.

    With that said, she knew that she could not depend on Coco.

    In addition, these were merely her conjectures. She was hoping that Tang Jinyu would not turn his attention to Coco.

    “Big Sister Qi, are you having a stroll?” Lightning was running far ahead of her now. He stopped and shouted after Jian Qi playfully.

    Jian Qi came back to her senses and quickened her pace. Then, she ran after him.

    She was hoping that she was thinking too much.

    However, Tang Yiyi carried out her plan quickly.

    That night, she invited Coco to meet her on the pretense of talking about Qiao Bo’s work. Then, Tang Yiyi catered to Coco’s preferences and ordered two bottles of red wine which Coco had been yearning for. Those two bottles of red wine were almost finished by Coco alone.

    Tang Yiyi then fabricated an excuse of wanting to design a movie for Jian Qi. It was how she opened up the topic with Coco.

    It was the middle of the night after a few hours of talking. Tang Yiyi sent an email to Tang Jinyu after she reached home.

    Tang Jinyu returned to his study to deal with other things after the training. He then saw the email from Tang Yiyi.

    He clicked on the email. Soon, his eyes darkened slightly…