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Chapter 303 - What a Tearful Story

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 303: What a Tearful Story

    Ning Meng pulled her body away from the security guards. She was one who rarely became angry, however, this time, she was rather irked. She looked over coldly at the receptionist.

    “Are you sure this is what you want to resort to?”

    The receptionist nodded and ordered the security guards.

    “Why are you still not chasing her out? Can’t you see that people are watching already? Are you planning to stir up more disturbance here?”

    The security guards nervously moved toward Ning Meng when they heard this, but before they could get closer to her, four men-in-black suddenly turned up and quickly surrounded Ning Meng. Stephen glared at the security guards and angrily rebuked them.

    “How presumptuous!”

    Stephen was the most top-notch ace after Fei Bai among all the guards within Huo Group, but as he had only been by Ning Meng’s side ever since he was recruited, the two regular security guards did not recognize him at all.

    When they saw the four professional bodyguards, the two regular security guards were completely stunned, but they still had their sense of responsibility and thought that they were there to cause trouble. They did not dare to retreat and instead called other guards for backup through their walkie-talkies.

    “Come quickly to the reception! Some people are causing a ruckus here!”

    As soon as they had sent out this request, more security guards soon flocked from all over toward their direction. Stephen shielded Ning Meng from the front and acted as though he could take down a thousand men.

    “Missus, don’t be afraid!”

    His responsibility was to protect the Missus. Who cared if they were from Huo Group? They had not a hair of relationship with him! If he needed to fight, so be it!

    At the same time, this piece of news had reached the top floor. Huo Beichen was having an important international conference regarding the development of Huo Group on a global level, and so, his phone had been put on silent mode and was placed in his pocket. He had not noticed the updates at all.

    Qi Shan was helping to arrange matters outside. A beautiful slender young woman from the Planning Department had walked in, her fingers, on one hand, were gripped as she looked toward Qi Shan.

    “Personal Assistant Qi, try and guess how many sweets are in my hand? If you guess it correctly, I will give you two of these and promise to fulfill any of your requests~”

    Qi Shan rolled his eyes. “Three pieces.”

    “That’s right! I’ll give you these two first, and the third one tomorrow. You can make your request now~”

    Qi Shan did not take the sweets and sighed instead. “Which department are you from?”

    “The Planning Department.”

    “Okay, sure. My request for you is…”

    Her eyes sparkled in delight, but then, she heard him say, “Please resign.”


    Qi Shan sighed. “What a silly girl. How could our company have hired such a person of low intellect?”

    The lady looked at him and then held her face in tears, running off. Qi Shan held his chin. Someone from the side asked him, “PA Qi, have you never had a girlfriend in your life?!”

    When Qi Shan heard this, his face became depressed.

    “That’s right. I’m quite handsome and am an excellent person. Why is there no one who wants to chase after me? Luckily Zhen Shanmei is willing to be with me, otherwise, I would be a lonely bachelor for the rest of my life. Sigh. What a painful thing to talk about. I should go look for my girlfriend and pour out my sorrows.”

    Everyone in the room was rendered speechless.

    So, the strait-laced mummy’s boy was finally not single anymore? This was a miracle of the century! As his colleagues were teasing him, Qi Shan’s phone rang. When he picked it up, he heard the report of the happenings at the reception area and he became furious.

    “Hmph! I’m coming down immediately. I want to see who is this blind person who dares to go wild in Huo Group!”

    He then led a few others to go downstairs.