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Chapter 932 - It’s an Unforgivable Mistake

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 932: It’s an Unforgivable Mistake

    Avrora had begun learning how to ride horses ever since she was a child and hence, her horseback riding skills were rather impressive. When she fell off the horse, she managed to protect the vital parts of her body and hence, did not suffer any severe injuries except an ankle sprain and numerous abrasions. She had also gotten a great fright.

    Avrora sat on the ground, appearing extremely disheveled and pathetic after falling off from the horse. She was the most pampered heiress in the Moville Family and the greatest beauty of Russia. She was the princess amongst the aristocrats and she had never been put through such humiliation and unfair treatment since she was a child.

    She thought about herself falling off the horse, losing the competition and even ended up sustaining injuries. Her loss was like a bolt out of the blue. She was a prestigious princess who had never suffered defeat before. How could she possibly lose to a horrid Chinese woman?

    However, she had no choice but to face reality regardless of how much she refused to admit it. She had to accept the fact that she had lost to a horrid woman belonging to a race that she had always despised and looked down on. She had to accept that Wen Xinya was an expert at horseback riding and had merely deceived her at the start so as to lure her into the trap.

    This vicious yellow-skinned chicken is way too cunning to have set me up.

    Avrora was filled with anger and resentment. However, the thought of her losing the bet and the transferral document belonging to the Moville Family, made her shudder. She had stolen that document and Duke Moville’s stamp from his study. If he were to find out, she wouldn’t be able to face the consequences.

    She had used Duke Moville’s most prized document of authority as a stake for her bet, and she even lost it during the competition. She was certain that Duke Moville would not spare her and might even kill her. She was well aware that nothing mattered more to Duke Moville than power and rights. When necessary, he would even sacrifice everyone for those things.

    She could not help but shiver uncontrollably.

    She had gone through painstaking means to win the favor of her grandfather, and he even agreed to let her marry the man of her dreams. Yet, everything was ruined by Wen Xinya.

    Fortunately, she managed to react in time and allowed everyone to spread the word about her falling off the horse.

    The most important thing to do now was to get her hands on the document.

    After getting an idea, Avrora began to calm down gradually.

    Avrora was incredibly annoyed by the wealthy heiresses and socialites who were surrounding her and showing their concern. While attending to the women, she whispered to a maid beside her, “Hurry and get Anna to come here.”

    Before the competition began, they had both handed the items over to Anna.

    Now, she definitely couldn’t let Anna hand the items over to Wen Xinya.

    Soon, the waitress arrived with Anna.

    Pretending to be elegant, Avrora said, “Where are the items that we handed to you before the competition began? Hand them to me!”

    That silly woman Bella actually thought that handing the stakes to the judge was the fairest thing to do. Little does she know that Anna is my servant and she has always been loyal to me. I was just doing that to prevent her from getting up to any tricks.

    Anna fell onto the ground and got on her knees. “Miss Avrora, that Miss Bella has already taken them away right after you lost the competition.”

    The thought of Wen Xinya strangling her made Anna shiver and break out into cold sweat. Wen Xinya’s hands were just like a terrifying slithering snake around her neck.

    Upon hearing her words, Avrora’s face grew sullen and her eyes widened in shock. “What? She took it away? You dimwit, who told you to hand the items over to her?”

    Avrora flew into an uncontrollable rage. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would have taken the items away in advance. She felt extremely indignant, angry, uneasy and terrorized. She was filled with a complicated mix of emotions and vented all her frustration after finding out that piece of news.

    Anna was scared soulless and she began bawling loudly. “Miss Avrora, I didn’t want to give it to her, but she forced me to do it by strangling me. I obviously didn’t want to give in, but she snatched it away from me.”

    Anna came from a humble background and her family had the lowliest status of all aristocratic families. However, she was intelligent and sucked up to Avrora, after which her status rose. When Avrora got her to safeguard the stakes earlier on, she was over the moon because it meant that Avrora trusted her. However, she plunged from heaven to hell within just the blink of an eye.

    Avrora would definitely not let her off easily.

    Avrora turned as pale as a sheet. She gave Anna a tight slap and said, “You silly dimwit. You actually gave my things to an outsider without my permission. It’s an unforgivable mistake.”

    Once Wen Xinya had her hands on those items, it would be impossible to get them back. All of her meticulous and painstaking plans were actually sabotaged.

    The other ladies subconsciously shunned and retreated away from Avrora. They shivered and held their breaths in fear. The aristocrats had always subjected their servants to inhumane ways, including berating, insulting and even hitting them. They did not find it strange at all, though they were afraid of being implicated.

    Anna began to feel giddy. She knelt on the ground and pleaded. “I’m sorry, Miss Avrora. I didn’t do it on purpose. It was all that Bella’s fault for threatening me. She said that she wouldn’t be afraid of a small fry like me because she’s not even afraid of you…”

    Avrora sneered. “So you gave her the items just because she threatened you? Do you know what’s in there? It’s the transferral document of the Moville Family. How dare you hand it to others?”

    Everyone felt fearful. Although they were astonished by Avrora’s decision to use such an important document as a stake, they felt that it was alright because they were confident that Avrora would win.

    Yet, Avroa lost the competition and even ended up losing the most important document belonging to the Moville Family. It was an unprecedented event in Russia.

    Duke Moville would definitely not spare her easily.

    Avrora could no longer keep her status.

    They would definitely be implicated if they were to continue hanging out with Avrora.

    Extremely riled up, they sneakily left Avrora’s side.