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Chapter 933 - He Who Intends To Punish, Will Find A Way To

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 933: He Who Intends To Punish, Will Find A Way To

    Wen Xinya noticed from afar that there was something amiss with Avrora. Hence, she obviously didn’t send herself into the lion’s den. Instead, she headed to the dressing room to change back into her gown before touching up her makeup.

    There was only one open-spaced washroom on the second floor.

    Wen Xinya headed upstairs to hear that a few wealthy ladies were gathered together chit-chatting.

    Wen Xinya could not help but be amused and thought to herself, Women of all backgrounds love gathering together during toilet breaks to gossip with each other, especially during such events. It’s as if the washroom is their secret haven where they can break free from all the rules and etiquette.

    They gossiped about everything, from how boring and senseless the event was, to which gentleman was the most handsome, had the best figure and was best in bed. At last, they began talking about the youngest and most elite gentleman, Rex.

    “Rex always put on a mask whenever he attends events. I’d really like to see what he really looks like. I wonder if he’s very handsome!”

    “I’m guessing that he’s definitely hideous. That’s why he hasn’t dared to show his face to everyone!”

    “However, this Rex is so young and yet, already so wealthy and powerful. Even if he’s ugly, I’ll still fancy him.”

    “Psht, even if you like him, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will fancy you.”

    “This Rex has always abstained from lust and rumor has it that he’s gay. Yet, a lucky woman managed to climb onto his bed.”

    Wen Xinya could not help but burst into laughter at this juncture.

    “But that woman whom he brought with him is really something. It’s no wonder that she could impress him and bed him!”

    “Even Avrora is no match for her. Of course she’s impressive! Fortunately, I had foresight and I could tell from the way she dealt with Anatoli, that she is not to be trifled with. I was careful enough not to join Avrora in going against her.”

    “Avrora has always been victorious and has never been embarrassed like this before. She provoked someone else and ended up shooting herself in the foot. She even ended up losing the competition. No one has been as embarrassing as her before. I reckon everyone will hear about this before the banquet is even over. She’s going to suffer a terrible downfall in no time!”

    “That’s not as severe as I thought. Avrora is in hot soup this time. I wonder what she even did to make Duke Moville agree to let her use the transferral document as a stake. However, he definitely won’t let her off easy now that she lost it. He may dote on her, but he doesn’t pamper her enough to sacrifice his family’s reputation.”

    “Yeah! I bet she won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

    “We’d better stay in our lane and avoid hanging out with Avrora. If anything were to happen, we might just get implicated. Didn’t you see what happened to Anna? It’s not always good to be associated with these big shots.”

    Wen Xinya did not expect Avrora to be so unpopular within the upper-class circle. As soon as she got into her trouble, her peers gathered together and gossiped about her in a gloating manner.

    However, it had nothing to do with her.

    She decided that she’d better go show some concern about Avrora’s injuries and of course… she also had to make sure Duke Moville’s motive for giving her that ancient painting.

    Wen Xinya touched up her makeup in the washroom before heading to the washroom.

    At this moment, Avrora had a sullen expression on her face. She only had a few friends left by her side and Anna had already been dragged away.

    Pretending to be concerned, Wen Xinya said, “Miss Avrora, I heard that you fell off the horse. I’m so sorry. I just went to get changed in the dressing room before heading to the washroom to touch up my makeup. Hence, I didn’t find out about it immediately and couldn’t rush here in time to ask you about your condition. Are you injured?”

    She was dressed in the gown that she arrived in and her makeup was fresh too. Anyone could tell that she was speaking the truth.

    Watching her behave angelically, Avrora said, “Thanks to you, Miss Bella, I fell from the horse. However, I only got a fright and didn’t suffer any major injuries.”

    How dare this damned woman show up in front of me.

    Previously, when she found out from Anna that Wen Xinya had already taken the items away, she got her maid to go look for her. However, she did not manage to find Wen Xinya on the racecourse. Feeling anxious, she immediately headed to the most secluded area in the residence. Most of the invited guests were her close friends and there weren’t many guards either. Hence, not everyone had heard about it yet and she had to get the document back before anyone found out. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to answer to Duke Moville.

    Wen Xinya patted her chest gently and said, “Thank Heavens you’re alright, Miss Avrora. I can finally have peace of mind.”

    Avrora stared at Wen Xinya with an icy cold gaze in her gray eyes. “I heard that you’ve already taken away the stakes from Anna.”

    Wen Xinya laughed and said, “I managed to win you by luck and I won the stakes, Miss Avrora.”

    She knew that Avrora must have thought about getting the stakes from Anna as soon as she recovered from the shock and hence, she snatched them away right after she won the competition.

    Avrora grimaced, appearing extremely terrifying beneath the dim lights. “Miss Bella, you’re going against the rules by doing this. The competition is between you and me. Anna is only a middleman and the testifier of the outcome of our contest. The loser should be handing the items over to the winner personally. By taking them away without permission, it’s akin to stealing.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said nothing.

    With an austere and daunting expression, Avrora continued, “Miss Bella, you probably don’t know that theft is a serious offense in Russia, especially if you steal from the aristocrats. You’ll be issued with a heavy fine and a jail sentence of more than a decade.”

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Miss Avrora, I’m not that easily intimidated. Everyone saw that I won against you during our competition and there was no rule that says that winner will have to hand the items to the loser personally. I just took away what I deserve. How can you call that stealing? I’m not easily manipulated either!”

    Avrora must be dreaming if she thinks she can control me. She must be too angry to forget my status.

    However… Avrora had never seen her as a threat, despite the fact that she was the matriarch of Lucifer.