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Chapter 223 - Goodbye, Grandma

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 223: Goodbye, Grandma

    The majesty exuding from her body was so great that even the string of beads twisted in her hands and the sandalwood fragrance in this room couldn’t conceal it.

    It could be seen that she was a very powerful old lady.

    Her eyes were still bright with vigour, if it were an ordinary little girl being on the receiving end of the old lady’s gaze, she would be so fearful she wouldn’t understand it.

    Apart from these, the old lady also has a kind of honourable disposition inherent to her. The style of a well-bred lady, she was absolutely the gold of a distinguished family.

    Even though she was old, she still looked exquisite.

    However, such a powerful aura makes no difference to Su Cha.

    The moment she saw her, Su Cha’s expression was not shaken at all. With a light smile, she gazed calmly at the old lady.

    Meeting for the first time, she sized her up normally, without any emotion.

    Her hand was also held by Bo Muyi. The old lady’s gaze first swept from Su Cha’s face to her hands.

    Bo Muyi also had a cold expression, and was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth and said, “Grandma.”

    Although there was no kindness, there was also no disrespect.

    The old lady nodded slightly.

    Bo Muyi introduced Su Cha, “Grandma, this is my girlfriend, she’s called Su Cha.”

    The old lady’s deep gaze turned back to Su Cha again, Su Cha smiled lightly and said, “Grandma, I am Su Cha.”

    She also followed Bo Muyi’s way of addressing, she was neither humble nor overbearing, nor overly intimate or pleasing, as if she had the same attitude as Bo Muyi.

    When faced with such an old lady, she was not at all frightened. This made the old lady’s eyes flash with a little surprise.

    However, she did not show it. Just like facing Bo Muyi, she spoke with light meaning, “This is the girlfriend you had to run and see in Yonggu Town, not caring about matters in the Imperial Capital?”

    These words sounded neither good nor bad. At least this old lady was deeply mindful. If she had any opinions, she never showed it.

    A strange light flickered in Su Cha’s eyes, the smile on the corner of her lips seeming a little weird.

    She didn’t care about the old lady’s attitude, but she thought it was quite interesting.

    Bo Muyi also faced the old lady, and admitted without shying away, “Yes.”

    Su Cha was his girlfriend.

    He held Su Cha’s hand tightly, not willing to let go at all. “I brought Su Cha to see you just to say hello, Lookout Pavilion will be her home in the future. Grandma, you should be clear on this, right?”

    “You say this as if you come to say hello, as if anyone would dare to bully your girlfriend.”

    The old lady glanced lightly at Bo Muyi, but she was not angry. She said, “Tonight, let’s have a meal together? Treat it as welcoming your girlfriend.”

    Such a powerful old lady, facing Bo Muyi, she had no imperative tone, but instead spoke with a negotiating attitude.

    Su Cha also knew that with Bo Muyi’s character, it was absolutely impossible to talk to him in this tone.

    Bo Muyi first glanced at Su Cha. He didn’t respond until Su Cha nodded. “Sure.”

    He sounded a little unwilling.

    Surprise was written on the old lady’s face, but she said nothing and waved her hand. “Then go back, I’m going to rest.”

    Neither good nor bad could be seen from her attitude

    Bo Muyi also nodded and took Su Cha away.

    Leaving, Su Cha maintained her politeness and said, “Goodbye, Grandma.”

    She saw the old lady pause, before getting up and going towards her bedroom.