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Chapter 278 - The Only Time He Had Given Up (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 278: The Only Time He Had Given Up (2)

    Remaining silent, Xu Weilai's cheeks turned crimson immediately. She opened her mouth, intending to add, "Gu…"

    She had barely gotten one syllable out when Gu Yu lowered his head again.


    Gu Yu hugged her tightly in his strong arms, seemingly afraid of something. The way his arms tightened around her was as if he needed to absorb her into his body. In his arms, she felt a little out of breath.

    She lifted her hand and tried to push him away, but he didn't even budge. He even seemed annoyed by her gesture…

    The sound of the fireworks outside boomed constantly, but the bedroom seemed to cocoon the couple in their own world.

    Xu Weilai had no idea if Gu Yu's sour mood was due to their discussion moments before. She simply sprawled out on the bed like a fish that had been thrown to the shore, unable to control her panting.

    She felt the man on top of her get up before scooping her up in his arms and walking to the bathroom.

    He placed her inside a bathtub filled with hot water and got in after her. Gu Yu had a big build, and his limbs were long. Although the bathtub was quite huge, he took up such a huge portion of it that Xu Weilai found herself squeezed pitifully into a small corner.

    Xu Weilai was tired, drained, and slightly annoyed. Not wanting to bathe with Gu Yu, she mustered whatever strength she had left in her to try to get out of the bathtub. However, Gu Yu's huge hand clamped around her ankle and dragged her back down into the tub.


    Whenever he was angry, he would never express it with words. The only way he would convey his anger was through his actions!

    When Gu Yu carried Xu Weilai back into bed, Xu Weilai had already passed out from exhaustion. Gu Yu cradled her in his arms and gazed at her intently with his dark eyes before lowering his head and gently planting a warm kiss on her forehead.

    He was selfish in not wanting to lose her again. Hence, he had resorted to unscrupulous methods and hated himself for what he had become.

    The only time he had ever decided to give up on Xu Weilai had been three years ago.

    That night, he had stayed up all night, sitting on the couch and staring at the ring and cell phone on the coffee table. Eventually, he had forced himself to choose the cell phone and call off the engagement.

    He had indeed believed that Xu Weilai was nothing more than a mistake in his life that could be corrected; he thought that he could erase this mistake. After all, there was nothing beyond his ability. However, he ultimately realized that he had overestimated himself!

    He had also underestimated his love for Xu Weila., He had always believed that he could never be conquered by love. Unfortunately for him, without even realizing it, he had fallen deeply into Xu Weilai's trap, and was unable to extricate himself from it…

    Worst of all, he had not been hoping for Xu Weilai to accept his decision when he chose to call off the engagement. He had been hoping that Xu Weilai would say to him resolutely, "Gu Yu, I still want to marry you."


    The next day, when Xu Weilai crawled out of bed, her body was aching all over. Out the corner of her eye, she saw the red packet lying on the bedside table and recalled the black card inside. Mixed emotions flashed in her eyes.

    She surmised that Gu Yu had given her the black card to put up a good show for Grandpa Gu.

    She decided not to covet things that weren't meant for her. As long as she didn't get greedy and covet them, she wouldn't harbor any hope. That way, she wouldn't get hurt…

    After she showered and walked out of the bathroom, she saw Gu Yu entering the bedroom. Dressed in a tracksuit, it was evident that he had just come back from his morning run.

    After hesitating for a moment, she discreetly took the red packet and walked over to Gu Yu. She held the red packet out to him and said, "I'm returning this to you!"