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Chapter 488 - Zi Shang Posing as A Serpen

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 488: Zi Shang Posing as A Serpent

    “Miss Yun, please forgive me, but I cannot agree to that. I can’t watch helplessly as you take the risk,” Elder Bai refused.

    Yun Jiuge was now the Eagle Clan’s only hope, which made her more important than his own life.

    And because A’dai’s behavior earlier had set the tone, Yun Jiuge was also now seen as an impulsive and unreliable person by Elder Bai.

    “Elder Bai, I dare to go because I’ve the confidence. To be honest, my guard is also a human-snake hybrid. I won’t be in danger with him around,” Yun Jiuge said as she looked at Zi Shang.

    It’s your chance to shine now.

    When this guy first appeared, he pretended to be a large serpent. So, he’d better not wuss out now!

    “So, Brother Ye Zi is a human-snake hybrid?” asked Elder Bai, who was a little unconvinced.

    Human-snake hybrid clan members had scales on their hands. This man whose face could not be seen clearly was too clean.

    “I belong to a clan of serpents,” Zi Shang said, going along with the story. Next, his cheeks began to grow fine black scales, which soon spread all over his body.

    Those scales gleamed as brightly as gems. They were dazzlingly beautiful, like an intricate work of art, which was fragile to the touch.

    When Zi Shang saw that Elder Bai had an even more suspicious look in his eyes, he banged his fists directly on the wall.

    The rocks ruptured, and whirls of dust rolled. A big hole appeared in the wall.

    “Do you believe it now?” asked Zi Shang, looking like he would put a hole through anyone who did not believe him.

    Elder Bai was so frightened that he nodded repeatedly and said, “I believe you. Warrior Ye Zi is indeed strong. There’ll definitely be no problem with you protecting Miss Yun.”

    “We’ll go to the Blue Lake now then. Oh, does A’dai know the way?” asked Yun Jiuge, who had thought of a particularly important issue.

    With A’dai’s muddled brain, he’d better not carry them into a ditch when the time came!

    “I’ll let A’ze and A’jun accompany you. The two of them often go to Blue Lake and are the most experienced.” These two men were Elder Bai’s most trusted aides. He was generally reluctant to send them out.

    But now the situation was special. He would feel more at ease with the two of them guarding Yun Jiuge.

    “Okay,” Yun Jiuge replied. She then followed Elder Bai out of the warehouse. She immediately saw A’dai squatting at the door overlooking the cliff in confusion.

    There were two large trees made of red bark and a huge cowhide rope tied between them.

    A’ze and Advisor Jun were on his left and right, introducing Eagle Cliff’s surroundings and the troubles he had caused in the past.

    “Your Royal Highness, that’s the catapult you made. When you put on a stone on it, the stone can fly far. When the other tribes wanted to attack our Eagle Cliff at the time, this device helped a great deal. Even though Elder Bai scolds you all the time, he’s also immensely proud of you,” said Advisor Jun as he turned to Elder Bai and asked, “Isn’t that right?”

    “Nonsense! This brat caused trouble every day. If he could stop for a moment, I could have lived a few more years,” Elder Bai replied. He spoke with a nasty tone but the look in his eyes was still kind. One could see that he still loved A’dai dearly.

    “Caw!” Bullsh*t, bullsh*t!

    A’dai started howling like a wild beast. But unfortunately, no one could understand what he was saying except Yun Jiuge.

    Elder Bai could not help but sigh when he saw A’dai’s behavior.

    The prince, who was a chatterbox before, could not even say a word now. He only knew how to howl. Elder Bai really did not know what to do.

    “Your prince is so much better after he came back. He was worse when he was out there,” said Yun Jiuge who felt that A’dai was already particularly good now.

    “Miss Yun, please, you must save our Royal Highness,” Elder Bai implored.

    “Elder Bai, don’t worry, I’ll do my best to save him,” Yun Jiuge said, nodding, “Although A’dai is my mount, I’ve always regarded him as one of my own. Even if he wants to stay in Eagle Cliff eventually, I’ll set him free.”

    Yun Jiuge had always been very indulgent of her own Spiritual Beasts.

    “Miss Yun, you’re such a good person,” replied Elder Bai. He was initially a little worried that Yun Jiuge would deliberately not save the prince in order to control him. Now that he heard her words, he suddenly felt that he had misjudged her.

    “Good people don’t live long. That’s not a compliment,” Yun Jiuge said with a laugh. She then touched A’dai’s head, “A’dai, do you know how to get to Blue Lake?”

    “Caw?” Blue what?

    A’dai craned his head and looked doubtfully at Yun Jiuge.

    “A type of black and extremely sweet grass is planted there on the territory of a group of human-snake hybrids,” Yun Jiuge explained.

    “Caw, caw!” The delicious grass, I know where it is.

    A’dai nodded immediately.

    “A’ze, A’jun, you accompany Miss Yun and Warrior Ye Zi to Blue Lake to find the Gaga Grass. You must protect and keep Miss Yun safe,” Elder Bai instructed in a low voice.

    “Yes,” they answered. Even though A’ze and A’jun did not know the reason, they nodded without hesitation.

    Soon after, Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang sat on A’dai’s back and flew toward Eagle Cliff. They encountered a lot of Eagle Clan members flying back along the way.

    Each and every one of them was painfully thin. The food that they held in their hands was very scarce.

    “Don’t you have any females here?” Yun Jiuge could not help asking.

    “How can that be? Do you really believe the words of Xiao Hua and Da’er!” A’ze pointed to several caves with great dissatisfaction and said, “Our Eagle Clan has no females. They are all married in from the outside. They don’t know how to fly and can only stay inside the caves. They don’t normally come out.”

    Yun Jiuge followed along A’ze’s line of sight to look over and indeed saw several females.

    Among them, one of the faces was very long and looked like it belonged to the Horse Clan. There was also one with long horns who was very tall. She should have been from the Cattle Clan.

    She even saw a sister from the Rabbit Clan.

    With her lengthy black hair, long and soft ears as well as red eyes, she was petite and lovely. She was waiting for the return of her partner at the cave mouth.

    A young Eagle Clan member was flying towards her, carrying a large bundle of green radish.

    “They look good.” At least they looked better than the Eagle Clan members flying in the sky.

    “Of course, our Eagle Clan is incredibly good to our own females. That sister from the Rabbit Clan was rescued by A’gu from the vicinity of Death Swamp. He goes out every day to help his partner find food before he starts hunting,” A’ze said proudly.

    “It seems I’ve misunderstood you guys previously,” said Yun Jiuge, really feeling a bit ashamed. A male who could save rations for his wife and child was absolutely a good one.

    “That’s alright. It’s good that the misunderstanding is resolved. Miss Yun, you’ve to find a partner like this in the future.

    Like our prince. Even though he’s a little unreliable, his abilities are first-class and he always manages to bring back a lot of food.

    And, he’s the only human-beast hybrid in our Secret Realm who can fully transform. Even Elder Bai says he’s a child doted on by God,” said A’ze, who kept praising how brave and powerful his prince was.

    “I believe that,” replied Yun Jiuge as she ruffled A’dai’s messy feathers on his head.

    As a glutton, it was in his instincts to find food.

    Didn’t being her mount count as being cherished by God?

    “Caw, caw, caw!” A’dai seemed to know that everyone was complimenting him. He shouted a few times, full of mettle. Then he sped up to fly ahead.