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Chapter 388 - Snatching a Companion Egg

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 388 Snatching a Companion Egg

    Ordinary stone beasts were only half the height of a human. They looked like Pekingese, and their bodies were grayish-white rocks.

    However, the stone beast that the students were attacking was different. The stone beast's body was as crystalline as white jade, and it was also much taller—about the size of a racehorse.

    When the Mortal students attacked the stone beast, they unleashed Primordial Energy Skills with their fists and palms, but the strikes were almost useless against it.

    As the chances of dropping a Companion Egg at the Mortal stage were very low, these students didn't have any Companion Beasts and could only rely on their strength to fight head-on. However, the effects were clearly not the best. A student was even injured by the stone beast.

    Seeing that they were his schoolmates, Li Xuan went over with the Thundergod Sword and cleaved the stone beast to death with one strike to prevent them from being injured by the stone beast again.

    The stone beast was cleaved into two by Li Xuan. A crystalline jade egg fell out of its body—a Companion Egg.

    "Holy sh*t, I'm that lucky?" Li Xuan looked at the Companion Egg in surprise.

    Although it was a Mutated Dragon Gate Stone Beast and it was only at the Mortal stage, the chances of a Companion Egg dropping at the Mortal stage were almost identical to winning the lottery. He really had good luck to have it drop.

    The students also stared at the Companion Egg. Mortal Companion Eggs were rare to begin with. Furthermore, it was a mutated species, so its stats were definitely good. Who wouldn't want one?

    However, the Mutated Stone Beast was killed by Li Xuan. They didn't dare to snatch it, but they were also unwilling to give it up. After all, they had discovered the Mutated Stone Beast first.

    "Distribute the Companion Egg among yourselves." Li Xuan wasn't too interested in the Mutated Stone Beast Companion Egg. He had only been helping out and had no intention of splitting it.

    The few students were overjoyed when they heard that. Two students were still hesitating, but the other three students scrambled for the Companion Egg.

    The three of them didn't give in to the others, and soon it became a snatching fest. The other two students also joined the snatching competition when they snapped out of their daze.

    Who didn't want to have a Companion Beast? Ordinary students might not be able to advance to the Legendary stage in their four years in college. Firstly, the Primordial Energy Arts they cultivated were lacking, and secondly, there was a lack of resources and thirdly, their perceptivity.

    Typical Primordial Energy Arts required one to gain insights before advancing to the next level. The Lost Immortal Sutra was quite an outlier to allow advancement simply by having the stats reaching a certain value.

    Li Xuan glanced at the students who were vying for the Companion Egg and curled his lips. He said to Zhou Wen, " Reality is just that cruel. No matter how good their relationships are usually, once it involves personal interests, schoolmates and friends are nothing. Both of us should be happy that we didn't end up having to vie with them."

    Zhou Wen shook his head and said, "That's not necessarily the case. We also need to vie for things. It's just that the things we are fighting for are a little more advanced. There's no difference in essence. The degree of sorrow doesn't lessen just because of its higher level."

    "That's true. In this world, it's hard to tell the difference between humans and fiends," Li Xuan said with a sigh.

    Clearly, he had been reminded of his family matters. Even if they were biological brothers, he couldn't rely on him.

    "Let's head elsewhere to take a look." Zhou Wen didn't wish to continue the topic. Once the dimensional zones' restrictions failed, similar things would happen. Many people would do anything to survive.

    Just as the duo was about to leave, they suddenly heard a bird's cry coming from above. The pale golden feathers on the chick standing on Zhou Wen's shoulder stood on end, as though it had encountered an enemy as it looked into the sky.

    Zhou Wen was alarmed as he looked up and saw a golden bird swooping down from the sky like a golden cloud. Its target was them.

    "Duck!" Zhou Wen felt a sense of danger as he roared at the students. At the same time, he pulled Li Xuan back quickly.

    The few students were still vying for the Companion Egg, but no one paid attention to Zhou Wen. The golden bird descended like a golden cloud and before it arrived, a terrifying hurricane rolled down from high above, sweeping the five students flying hundreds of feet away. Some struck into stone statues while others fell to the ground. Immediately, they vomited blood and couldn't even get up.

    The giant bird swallowed the Companion Egg in one mouthful, but its claw didn't land. With a flap of its wings, another hurricane suddenly appeared. It instantly flew into the sky and soon vanished.